Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Welcome once again to Would You Wear It Saturday where my friend Jennifer and I bring you a couple of mannequins we have discovered around our towns and ask you what you think.  We want you to explain your answers for the benefits of all the readers…explain why you like it or why you don’t.  Readers love the comments as much as any blog post!

Spring is popping out all over!

So, tell us…..


Then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her choice.  Afterwards you might want to check out the slide show below.  You have to admit, the idea of warmer weather is enough to make many of us want to……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..



  1. To me, this is matronly due to the print, so as shown, no, I would not wear this. If the coat/jacket was a solid color I would. I could see this as a pastel for spring, or a deeper solid color for fall or winter. It also looks like they picked one that is too big for the mannequin, and would look much less like the coat is swallowing her/it up if it was a better, more tailored fit. The style is nice, it’s just too big and frowsy (to me) in this print. They should pay more attention to proportions when dressing mannequins, it would make the clothing so much more appealing. Some stores get this right, which is why you have to go to the mannequins for smaller sizes when you can’t find them on the rack. I like the red pants almost out of view in the photo.

  2. I don’t normally wear much pattern, but the colors & pattern of the coat actually appeal to me. However, I wouldn’t wear it with the patterned top. THAT much pattern is way too much for me!

  3. Hi Pamela. I like the brights (the colors) here on the topper/coat but not the print. Too much. As someone earlier said, much like drapes or upholstered fabric.
    The pant underneath are nicely pale, and a break from my usual winter black, grey, navy, burgundy.

  4. I would not wear this. The colors are all wrong for me. Also, I do not like this print because it looks like upholstery fabric. The coat is too boxy and long for me at 5’4”.

  5. I would wear it after having it altered to 3/4 length and paired with a solid color (red?) sheath, bare legs and some fancy sandals, heels or flat. I would put gold buttons down the front. Oh and shorten the sleeves to wrist length

  6. No, no, and I almost said “he()” no. It’s just too busy, and the jacket is shaped so boxy, matronly. Maybe in a breezy kimono material it might work with jeans.

  7. I cannot wear anything with orange in it. But even if it was in a more flattering color, I just think it is too much pattern. I love patterns, but typically limit it to a blouse or other top.

  8. I like tailored, classic clothes. That print is big and busy and I would not wear it. I don’t like anything on this mannequin not even the purse.

  9. I wouldn’t wear it. I usually love everything with flowers on it, but this reminds me of old sofa fabric.

  10. These pieces are totally not my colors, too warm. Jacket/duster is too busy and too long for me also,although I do like floral patterns. It’s a definite NO for me!

  11. I might. It’s outside my normal conservative clothing but it looks fun and could be the signature piece in my wardrobe! I love the colors and clean lines- a simple sheath dress or tapered leg pant and top in the same color or tone (brown or tan maybe?) would look good.

  12. I might wear it. I just don’t know -where- I’d wear it, as my lifestyle has few of the occasions where this might be appropriate.

  13. I would not wear the jacket/duster because of the large colorful print as others have mentioned. This type of print seems to be everywhere for spring. I consider it pretty trendy and do avoid making such purchases. I’m trying to think about how clothing items fit into my current wardrobe and how frequently I will wear a new purchase. Saying all that, I do love prints and sometimes do enjoy a trendy piece that gives me a boost.

  14. I won’t say no I wouldn’t wear it. But I would have to change it to a shorter jacket. I actually had a jean jacket style jacket in a similar print. I loved it. I got rid of it a few years ago and since have wished I still had it. I like the color combinations in these pictures. It helps me shop my own closet and this one will definitely do that.

  15. I’m not overly find of pattern but this jacket appears to be in an exquisite fabric. The crew neckline would make my neck look shorter and my shoulders look wider. Howerever, I might try it over a pair of black pants and a black turtleneck. It’s really stunning.

  16. No I would not wear it. It’s not only a huge floral print it’s the boxy style. I’d look like a sofa. I do sometimes wear florals but feel you have to be really careful with them or it’s matronly looking. Geometrics are much more forgiving of that attitude as long as they’re one or two colors. Just my two cents worth. I like the crossbody bag and I like the color of the top underneath.

  17. I would not wear the pale colored outfit underneath
    I have been contemplating something like coat for a while but in a more of a blue/purple spectrum
    However, I wouldn’t wear this coat
    My bust is a little lower than on the mannequin and if I closed it, those two big attention getting flowers would be in a most unfortunate position

  18. I would pair it with a neutral fitted trouser or a beige sheath dress and little pointed heels. With the proper tailoring I think it would be a beautiful outfit maker. I think the crossbody bags is wrong. Everything including the bag needs to be neutral and unadorned. I would carry a plain sachet or a short handled bag. I think with the right jeans and shirt this could be a cute outfit as well.

  19. Love this! Definitely a statement jacket. Also would likely wear it with black underneath. Where is it from, please?

  20. I’m afraid this would be a case of the coat wearing me instead of me wearing the coat. It’s gorgeous, but too much pattern and color for me.

  21. I would wear this in a heartbeat with slim black pants and a black top. That jacket would be a statement piece but needs solid color underneath. It’s too busy the way the mannequin is styled.
    With a solid column of color, that jacket,small stud earrings and a simple gold bracelet…..perfect outfit!

  22. I like 3 piece outfits: pants, top, and jacket or vest but the wide shoulders and boxy silhouette wouldn’t be a good match for my frame and I’m not fond of large floral prints…so this is definitely not the 3rd piece for me

  23. No to the coat/topper. The colors are not right for me, & the print is too overpowering for me. The pants might be ok, but the blouse is not a good color for me. It is a very dramatic outfit, but it’s just not right for me.

  24. I like the coat, but I would wear it with all black. It’s too busy with the pastel pants and the printed top.

  25. I love bold pattern and would likely wear it if the colours were a little more on the cool side. I would wear it over a solid column of black or maybe cream depending on my mood for contrast.

  26. I wouldn’t wear any of these pieces with the possible exception of the shoes because I like the color. The coat looks very boxy and matronly with that print, and I dislike pants that are skinny from waist down and then flare out at the ankles. I have very skinny ankles and that look does not flatter me. The outerwear and kimonos featured in the slideshow have much more appeal to me.

  27. I LOVE the fabric but think that the coat is too boxy for me. I suspect they have made it like that on purpose. In a more fitted coat, you would have darts and seams that would make the fabric pattern go out of sych. I also agree that the clothes underneath need to be in one (dark) colour to show off the coat in all its glory!

  28. I’ve got to agree with the sofa comments. I love the print, but fight my urge to look like furniture!

  29. First off, the manikins posing is freaking me out a bit, “made me look” so I guess they are doing their job!
    Yes, the colors in the topper are perfect for me, I’d wear it. I’d need to be sure the shoulders were correct, they seem a little big.
    I’m tall and curvy, so I can carry something like this.
    For the pants, I can’t wear pale pink. That is a color that washes me out, even as bottom half, even with the colorful topper.
    As far as looking like I’m dressed in upholstery fabric, don’t tell anyone but I have used home decor fabric in sewing clothing before. Also, sheets and tablecloths on sale at Target can be wonderful sources for fabric, and look great. It’s all in the execution and attitude.

  30. I like to “tone down” fancy toppers like this one with a pair of casual jeans and solid dark boots. I like the contrast of feminine and flowing material mixed with the casualness of comfy jeans! So, yes, I might just purchase a flowery topper soon!

  31. Jackie you have some solid comments. I would consider the length before shortening as I’m 5’5″ so may be able to pull it off but the sleeves are too long. Would probably pair it with an ivory/white shell and jeans. I’ve always loved jackets. I’m not adverse to the bright color either. Guess I’m a little crazy!!

  32. Betty nails it! I love the contrast of feminine with denim/leather. I love the colors and print! I guess I’m reacting to a long drab winter as I usually choose muted colors.

  33. Absolutely – love the jacket. Not a huge fan of what’s underneath it – probably pair with a complementary solid colour shift dress.
    Keep going back to look at the picture – would be thrilled to have the jacket in my wardrobe. Such glorious fabric!!

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