Chamonix Skincare Review:  8 Months and Looking Spring Fresh

I cannot believe I have only been using Chamonix Skincare products for eight months.  My complexion actually looked amazing on the same day I began to use it.  I am sure you have noticed throughout social media, there are huge numbers of companies in the skincare business.  I am approached by a new one almost every day in my email.  But, after using so many with little or no results, when I saw what Chamonix could do in one day, I was hooked.  I know only use, and currently only promote, one line of skincare….Chamonix.

The enriched antioxidant formula, and plant-cell based technology consistently gives our skin the must needed hydration it needs to look its youthful best.  Here is the Why Chamonix page with more information about the formulas.  Remember, this is plant stem cell therapy we are talking about.

Recently, on a very early Sunday morning, I broke my own rule, and ran down to the grocery to quickly grab items for the week.  Sure enough…it really does happen every time I do this…I ran into someone I know.  We were catching up in conversation, when suddenly she leaned in closer and said, “Wait a minute! You are not wearing makeup! You skin looks amazing.”  Only since I began all Chamonix, does my face have a healthy glow without makeup that I love to see myself.

Here are the products I am currently using daily:

Genucel Serum

Genucel Jawline

Genucel for Day and Night

  1. Genucel for Eyes


As I have done for the past 8 months, I highly recommend.  Chamonix really does help me feel younger and to


See you tomorrow for Would You Wear It?

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post but the words are my own


  1. Isn’t it wonderful to find a treatment that actually works!? Your skin does look great Pam. I know the products are pricey, but we pay more for clothes without batting an eye, so why not good skin products. Just how I see it. Your hair is pretty. I’m always interested to see what you are doing with it because I have had longish, dark hair my entire life, with one exception when I had it very short and regretted that big time. Yours is shorter now and I like it. I’ve been considering having mine trimmed to shoulder length. Was it difficult to adjust to a shorter style? You still have the look of length, but it is a length I’ve been considering. Parting with long hair can be difficult so I just wondered!

    1. Hi Karen, I am paying more for skin and hair products right now and they are worth every penny because of the results!! Chamonix is amazing. Yes, I loved long hair most of my life. I recently have gone shorter because a new hairdresser helped me to finally tame the frizz! She does a conditioning treatment and I switched to great product in between. Now that it is under control, I love the shorter length! I feel like it adds so much to my style.

  2. Right now Im using another line (since 2003) and Im somewhat happy, but after reading your blog, Im wondering if Chamonix might be even better? I use a cleanser, serums (2) and day and night creams, as day cream has an SPF.

    I’m 72 and wonder which products Id have to invest in to get started. My skin is light, combination, and not too wrinkled except under eyes. Thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Paulette, go to their website and spend time reading about the Genucel products. I mentioned three in my post today but if you only want to start with one then I would recommend the serum or the eye treatment. Hope that helps!

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