It is probably way past time for a style re-fresh, and to establish at new style story at this stage of my life.  As I said in THIS POST last Friday, it has only been recently that I realized my original reinvention time was about 15 years ago.  Time does fly when you are having fun!

The way I turned things around then was to understand that my choice of clothing sent messages to the world about me.  When I controlled the messages and kept them consistent, then I developed a personal, uniquely- Pam, style.  However, in the past four years, I ceased to do the “mirror check” as I became busier through two jobs, and added grandchildren.  Before that, I would look in the mirror each day and ask if my outfit communicated my five chosen adjectives.  If it did not, then I went back to the closet.

So, I am returning to the mirror check, and a developing new way to look at my adjectives, which will keep me uniquely Pam.  I have learned so much about myself in the past 15 years and I finally began to understand why I like some garments, and why I do not like others.

I first developed my Foundational Five Adjectives to help me develop a personal style, the adjectives were this way.

  1. Strong…Does the piece give me a feeling of strength…in charge…professional success? Strength to me means Intelligence and confidence.
  2. Chic…Do I feel chic, dignified, elegant, respected?
  3. Dramatic…Is there a creative touch to what I am doing that is unique to my artsy side and joyful fun? 
  4. Current…Do I feel “young at heart” in an appropriate manner?
  5.   Savvy….Will I be taken seriously and look intelligent

 I have learned that the order I place them in is now important.  Strength was at the top because my professional life was  so important.  It still is, but over the years I have learned that my creative side is what I love the most.  So, here is the new plan with a bit of tweaking….

  1. Creative: Is my creative, dramatic touch communicated in what I am wearing
  2. Current: Do I feel “young at heart” in an appropriate manner?
  3. Approachable: Does my style communicate friendliness in a down to earth manner
  4. Chic: Do I communicate respect for myself and others, and dignity
  5. Strong: Does my outfit say that I am an intelligent strong woman

So, there it is for now my CCACS plan.  You can see by today’s outfit that creativity does not have to be “in your face.” When I combine creativity with the other adjectives, it becomes communicated in quiet strength.  The creativity here is displayed by the fun sleeves on the top, the colorful glass blown beads, the check on the pant, and the cuff on the pant.  Those are creative details.  Yet, I will have many outfits which will be louder in the creative department, and I am going to step out of my comfort zone and wear some of those to work.  I want to put my traditional professional style to bed…unless a critical meeting pops up where I believe a suit is called for.

I like what Joanna Gaines recently said, “I finally believed it was actually a beautiful thing to be unique and to be different.”  Yes, it is…one of the joys of our world,  all the different people…birds…butterflies…sunsets…flowers…etc., etc.  Your unique style messages will not be mine.  But if you will select five and check your outfits daily to see if you are communicating those five adjectives, then you will develop your own unique style and become known for it.  I have friends and family give me gifts that are spot on, because they know clearly what I like from what I wear.

You can hone in on a new style and develop it in retirement.  You only need to decide what you want to say to the world about you at this stage of your life.   I cannot wait to hear from some of the 50 who sent for the 8 Steps to Reinvented Style in the past few days…please share your adjectives with the rest of us.

Looking forward to sharing outfits with you that I have styled with the new adjective direction in mind!

What do you want your clothing to say about you today…where you are right now?  I hope some of you will share.



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