This past weekend it was time to dress my house for spring.  I usually do this before Spring break, but the onset of the flu delayed it this year. 

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.     

Marie Kondo

I saw this quote and it made me think that the same is true of seasonal decorating.  I like to refresh my décor for seasons because it brings me happiness with my space.  The seasons I decorate for are spring/summer, fall, and Christmas.  In between Christmas and spring, I have a few items (a wreath, candles, and pine cones, etc.) that I use for winter decorations. The first item to change is the picture over our hearth in the family room.  My wonderful snowy winter scene goes away; and this bluebonnet painting given to me by my mother appears.

This year I wanted something to go above my china cabinet in the breakfast area.  I have looked at many options from the Farmhouse script quotes to paintings.  Last Saturday, I was walking through Marshall’s and this painting immediately grabbed my attention.  It came with a story:

I love this and it complements my French country/farmhouse aesthetic. It also carries the blue from the fireplace to the table topper, to the dishes to the painting.  All of my crocks are originally from my grandparents’ East Texas farm.

Of course, I change my wreath on the front porch…and welcomed this wonderful bird I have named Zachariah.  He’s cute and welcomes me home each day.

The sunshine and light air just cry out for fresh flowers in the house.  I saw the tulips at my HEB grocery floral department and had to have them…and daisies are just my favorites.  The next change will be sprucing up the outdoors, but for now I will just light a lavender candle and relax!

Happy Weekend, everyone.  Make your space a happy one and………

Keep Smiling!

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