The refreshing breezes of spring are so wonderful. They just blew in the courage for me to try wearing a lighter jacket in a spring green.  Usually I stick with more saturated colors (which I adore and prefer), but my favorite Dillard’s representatives introduced me to this new brand, Ali Miles, and showed me this jacket. It wasn’t the color that captured me at first, but the design and the detailing…all in the details, ladies!  The color, buttons on the side, and the pockets captured my attention immediately.

It can be worn as a stand alone top, but I prefer it as a jacket, which allows for accessories to be in the mix of this style. If you look at the neckline, pockets and seaming on the front, it is impeccable and a joy to wear.   It was this design detail which drew such a positive response from me in the dressing room…then I noticed the color. And I liked it!  I think I can do a lot with it this summer just switching up accessories and the color of the tank top.  This is a great option to my classic blazers.  I am enjoying the season with a shell necklace I got at Chico’s in the past and a shell clutch from a local boutique. I would carry a clutch to a lunch or dinner meeting on the weekend.  For work, I take larger handbags.

I am going to keep an eye on this brand.  She has many of the over sized tunic styles that I personally am trying to get away from right now.  But, if the designer can bring a style like this, then there may be more.  It was also a good price.

Shopping goes so much better when someone is around that you trust their opinion.  I have come to trust the opinion of my friends who work at Dillards in the Shops of La Cantera mall.  They tell me quickly if something is a no…encourage me to try new styles…and help me to decide if a piece works. Don’t shop with someone who only tells you what they think you want to hear.  Sometimes we know immediately what we like, and sometimes we need a sounding board.  I needed that sounding board on this one, and I am so glad I listened and responded to their advice.

How do you feel about the lighter or neon colors out for the season?  Are you in or are you out? Who do you shop with who will tell you the truth about what you are trying on?  I have some ideas in the slide show below.  Thanks for being here.



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