How to look like you lost weight…When you didn’t!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I had a request for this topic so decided to begin our week with it…how to look like you lost weight…when you didn”t!   I have been practicing the appearance of a smaller size for years…many think I am less than I actually am.  I do not practice it daily, but prefer how I look when I do follow easy guidelines.

Remember, it is all about the eye line.  You want to elongate the outfit and guide the eye line downwards, head to toe. You do not want to chop up the body into tiny sections, but keep it flowing..

So, here is why this outfit does that

  1. A V-neck top elongates a look and opens your neck and face.
  2. The jacket hits near the top of the hip, and includes seaming that brings it in at the waist.  It is more fitted than boxy.
  3. The zipper on the tank top acts like a long necklace to elongate the look.
  4. Darker pants, that go to at least the ankle, and fit well make you look slimmer.
  5. Dark shoes allow the look to elongate further.

This would be a perfect time to discuss what I thought about the mannequin on Would You Wear It Saturday (HERE).  The outfit is cute, but the way the pants are designed with the different stripes cut off the leg line and possibly would add the appearance of weight.  I might try them on just to see if I am right.

Now, about my purple knit jacket.  I have owned it for several years and have another in a different color.  Macy’s still carries them and these are great jackets.  I will wear jackets whenever I retire.  They look so good with jeans and nice pants.  I have them in the sideshow below.  I wish you could see the design on the sleeveless top…it is a soft grey with a very light white design which adds so much to a simple style.   I hope to bring you some additional ideas for slimming your look later…but these work…give them a try.

Anyone else want to share your ideas?  Please join in and, of course………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………




  1. Maybe? But I would need to try them on to know how flattering they are. Thanks!

  2. What a beautiful look this is! I especially like the purple with the black pants. Very slimming Pam, this really works! It’s a version of column dressing, which is always slimming! This is a gorgeous look!

  3. Love the purple on you. A long necklace might do the same to draw the eye down as the zipper on the tank, right?

  4. Is your purple jacket on the slide show in a different color? You mentioned that Macy’s still has it available.

  5. I looked for it and could not locate it the second time so perhaps it is sold out. I will call my connection at Macy’s and see if she can give me a link. Look again in the Weds post. Sorry about this…but I will find out for sure.

  6. Love the outfit! You look great! Purple is definitely one of your colors! 🙂 You’ve really discussed some of the ways I try to “Dress Slim” – elongate the leg, etc…..but I do have a comment. I do NOT like the way stores always put so many “Peasant-style” tops in their Plus dept! First of all – yes, they do FIT us plus ladies with the extra gathered material and elastic neckline – but it makes me look HUGE. All that material! Add embroidery and bright colors, and I feel like the circus is in town, cause I’m wearing a tent! (Plus I’m 5’10!) Just wanted to mention that as something I stay AWAY from in my attempt to “Dress Slim”! Just wondered if you (or anyone) had thoughts on that style? So glad you had a nice visit from your daughter&grands! Blessings!

  7. I think the point that we should make time to try things on that we’re not sure about is a good one. You can’t do it on a shopping trip where your arms are full of groceries or children are in tow. It’s probably an indication of the shallowness of my life – too bad- but sometimes I schedule a shopping trip without my husband or friends, and with plenty of time, dress so I can easily disrobe, and make an effort to try on things that I would pass by otherwise. It’s better than ordering on the Internet, where you know you’ll have to bundle up the return, and you can always cap the trip off with a Cinnabon 🙂

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