How to Welcome Spring with a Vibrant Color Style

Welcome Spring!  It officially comes in (for some like a lamb, for others like a lion) today.  What better way to celebrate than with a vibrant colored style!  I told you last week that I was going back to wearing outfits which fit my body better.  But, I do own a few of these flowy jackets which I call my Color Explosion Team.  They all have watercolor splashes of color and look like pieces of artwork.  They are perfect for warmer evenings out or weekend brunches.

I wear all of them over a column of color to slim the figure better…I most often wear black columns made of pants and tank tops.  Many of my pants are fitting looser right now, so I need to remedy that soon.(Love it when I can go down a size!)  But, when I throw one of the color explosion jackets over a column then all they need are fabulous accessories.

Both of these have been in my wardrobe for awhile….the necklace was from Stein Mart and the Italian Leather orange bag was a Marshall’s discovery.  I do not carry it often, but love to pull it out during warmer weather.  This is a spring/summer orange to me.  My multi-colored jackets all look great with white jeans as well…and I am sure I will be doing that type of look soon.

What do you like to wear at the beginning of spring?  What puts a smile on your face?  Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s Party!”  I love that.  So many of us are ready to put the dreary days of winter behind and break out some color.  I am still going to be wearing more fitted garments this year, but I will hang on to this one…just love the pattern.  Please share what you like to start off spring wearing and I hope you will enjoy the colorful slideshow below!



  1. I adore that orange handbag – what a fabulous find! We still have snow and ice on the ground here, so it always feels like spring when I can go out wearing shoes instead of boots and a lighter weight coat or jacket.

      1. What a beautiful spring look! I like the watercolor jacket very much, and that orange handbag is amazing! Perfect look for the first day of spring. The necklace is such a beautiful statement piece. I’m a big fan of column dressing, and my color choice is typically black for the column, with navy following close behind!
        Since winter weather hangs on a little longer in Ohio, I welcome spring with brighter scarves, and start using my deep pink handbag and my favorite bright yellow one. Really brightens up a gray day and is a definite nod to spring. Green things are pushing through now in the garden, so that is encouraging! (Not weeds, thank goodness, although I swear those weeds grow all winter!)

        1. Down here I think weeds do grow all winter! Stay warm Katen and keep wearing the bright color! Thanks for being here!

        2. It’s still pretty cool here in Rhode Island but love the watercolor top you are wearing in the first photo.
          Makes me feel like real Springtime temps are headed this way too.

        3. I love the watercolour look and it is part of my spring and summer wardrobe as are more fitted tops/jackets. I think there is room for both! I dress according to my mood, so that works for me. ?

  2. I have a periwinkle-colored purse that is my absolute favorite spring accessory. I’m not really a “purse” person, but I have to say this is one of my favorite purchases ever! The pop of color is so fun!

      1. I love periwinkle too! We even painted the front door of our gray and white house a fun periwinkle. You’ve inspired me to search out a periwinkle purse.

  3. Love your color explosion flowing topper!!! Perfect for spring. Where do you find toppers?
    I’m wearing Chico’s “Summer Berry” color for this first day of spring with a white denim jacket. It’s still cold in North Texas. Love your necklace too.

    1. Hi Wendy… I put a few in the slideshow below. The one I am wearing is from Dillard’s. But I own ones from Chico’s, Soft Surroundings, my favorite local boutique, and Nordstrom Rack. They serve me well when temps go up!

    1. Happy to Do a post after a time of real lifestyle change. It’s in progress, but let me keep it going for awhile to see if I can sustain this. My working with weights class has helped so much with the change in pants… tightens up my legs! Look for more to come, Nancy!

    1. I love this bag! I thought it was so luxurious when I first saw it. The leather feels like butter. Thanks Jennifer…..get out the pink bag ASAP!!

  4. Great bags! A bag is an easy way to do something wild with color without overdoing it. I really want that striped round one.

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