Welcome Spring!  It officially comes in (for some like a lamb, for others like a lion) today.  What better way to celebrate than with a vibrant colored style!  I told you last week that I was going back to wearing outfits which fit my body better.  But, I do own a few of these flowy jackets which I call my Color Explosion Team.  They all have watercolor splashes of color and look like pieces of artwork.  They are perfect for warmer evenings out or weekend brunches.

I wear all of them over a column of color to slim the figure better…I most often wear black columns made of pants and tank tops.  Many of my pants are fitting looser right now, so I need to remedy that soon.(Love it when I can go down a size!)  But, when I throw one of the color explosion jackets over a column then all they need are fabulous accessories.

Both of these have been in my wardrobe for awhile….the necklace was from Stein Mart and the Italian Leather orange bag was a Marshall’s discovery.  I do not carry it often, but love to pull it out during warmer weather.  This is a spring/summer orange to me.  My multi-colored jackets all look great with white jeans as well…and I am sure I will be doing that type of look soon.

What do you like to wear at the beginning of spring?  What puts a smile on your face?  Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s Party!”  I love that.  So many of us are ready to put the dreary days of winter behind and break out some color.  I am still going to be wearing more fitted garments this year, but I will hang on to this one…just love the pattern.  Please share what you like to start off spring wearing and I hope you will enjoy the colorful slideshow below!


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