Styling with Pattern, Texture, Color, and Shine

Hello, everyone!  Let’s discuss styling our looks with pattern, texture, color and shine.  These are the components of fashion taught by Stacy London and Clinton Kelley during the time of What Not to Wear.  They taught that fashionable, stylish looks had these components in them.  So, when I put this outfit on last week, I thought…this is a good one to teach about those very pieces of style.

This jacket is a past purchase at Chico’s…I have worn it here before…and one of the reasons I was drawn to it at first was it’s texture.  It also has some shine to it, and has been a great fit…though as I have said before…I have dropped pounds and inches…so it may be one to take to a tailor…because it is a favorite.  The bracelet is also an older Chico’s find and has a little bling to it as well…sitting on top of a green leather strap.

The colors are more saturated and found in the blouse…where the pattern is gold, maroon, olive, and cream.  I wore it with my dark wash skinny jeans.  These are the new sneakers I recently purchased and they have a touch of gold metallic thread in them…so it is all there..the pattern, texture, color, and shine!

My Thoughts On Would You Wear It Yesterday

First, I want to say I loved the idea of that dress on a woman walking down a beach, the woman carrying those shoes, free and easy.  But in that scenario, the woman is not me!  I also agreed with Pat who thought the dress needed more structure.  It has potential for a body shape like me, but the flimsy tie would need to be a wider belt area and the straps and arm area thicker for me to want to wear it.  But, that is why we do the collaboration, to help us all think through these things and discuss.  Just might save some of us a lot of money.  For those giving detailed opinions…I so appreciate you!

Has anyone ever considered dressing with these four components in mind!  I think it is fun to do this…though I am more true to dressing with my adjectives on the top of my mind than this.  But, this outfit did not take me from adjectives…but hit them spot on!

Do you ever think about textures?  Please share……………………………….have a lovely day……………………………….and……………………..





  1. I love the look. Putting a sharp jacket and blouse with dark wash jeans is one of my favorite ways to dress for an outing or casual Friday attire. Unfortunately I see jeans worn in my office building in going camping or to a sporting event fashion.

    1. I actually wore this for casual Friday last week, Nina. However, most of the people around me are in jeans and tee shirts! I love my dark wash denim jeans…would wear more often if I wasn’t working daily.

  2. Hi Pam, Love your look today!

    I absolutely love texture and you have nailed it here! The color combo is wonderful and looks great on you!

    The pattern, texture, color and shine elements are components I’m going to address in my wardrobe. You’ve given a great example here — thank you.

  3. I love this outfit. Today, I shopped my closet and wore a nubby wool Chanel style blazer with fringe on the lapels and added a new leopard print scarf from Chico’s. I wore the scarf over top of the lapels. The inspiration to wear the scarf over top of the lapels came from a shirt a singer wore on the Today Show last week. I get inspiration from your column and am learning how to see fashion ideas all around me. It’s fun and makes me a happier person. What Not To Wear was a great show.

  4. You look amazing!! Could it be the lighter color of your jacket ( I’m not accustomed to seeing you in this color, it’s very flattering!)? Your weight loss? I don’t know, but this is a great look on you! And I miss What Not To Wear.

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