Happy Saturday, everyone, and welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and my friend, Jennifer!  On this day, we post mannequins we have seen around our towns and ask you if you would consider wearing the look as styled on the display.  We also ask that you completely explain your answers as to why or why not you would wear the look…the comments are perhaps the most popular part of this collaboration.  After you comment here, jump over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her choice.

I also have more in the slideshow below from Chico’s 40% off sale…that is 40% off of everything in the store…and if you are a Passport member it will be 45% off and no shipping.  It costs nothing to be a Passport Member, so sign up on their site if you have done that yet!  So, let’s get started….look above and tell us


SOMETHING NEW FOR WOULD YOU WEAR IT:  I do not usually give my opinion on the mannequin in an effort not to influence anyone’s opinion.  However, I have decided whatever post comes just after this day, to tell you what I think at the bottom of the post.  Look for my thoughts on this style tomorrow.

Have a wonderful, Saturday and…..


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