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Happy Saturday, everyone, and welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and my friend, Jennifer!  On this day, we post mannequins we have seen around our towns and ask you if you would consider wearing the look as styled on the display.  We also ask that you completely explain your answers as to why or why not you would wear the look…the comments are perhaps the most popular part of this collaboration.  After you comment here, jump over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her choice.

I also have more in the slideshow below from Chico’s 40% off sale…that is 40% off of everything in the store…and if you are a Passport member it will be 45% off and no shipping.  It costs nothing to be a Passport Member, so sign up on their site if you have done that yet!  So, let’s get started….look above and tell us


SOMETHING NEW FOR WOULD YOU WEAR IT:  I do not usually give my opinion on the mannequin in an effort not to influence anyone’s opinion.  However, I have decided whatever post comes just after this day, to tell you what I think at the bottom of the post.  Look for my thoughts on this style tomorrow.

Have a wonderful, Saturday and…..



  1. I would wear the white shirt and sweater, but would wear slimmer pants than what is shown. With the longer cardigan, the loose pants add too much bulk. But I like the cardigan, and white shirts are something have many versions of! The tie detail on the sleeves of the cardigan is a fun touch! I think the necklaces look all wrong with this. A single long one with maybe a short one at the neck would look less messy. Collar looks messy, but I guess that’s the look they were going for. The necklaces are just not adding anything here.

  2. I love this look! I do agree that the necklace scale is a bit off. I do have a priblem with button up blouses due to a larger bust, but this one might work.

  3. Yes. All of it. A sticky point with me is: Do the stripes match up at seams? Hahaha. IMO, nothing cheapens a piece of striped/plaid clothing more, if it isn’t.

    1. Cindy I totally agree! Stripes and plaids must match at the front and side seams. My mom taught me to look for that as a sign of a well-made garment, and that is hard to find today! I wouldn’t wear the sweater as I would be constantly adjusting it so the stripes would match at the front. I prefer stripes under a solid outer layer to fake the appearance of being slimmer.

  4. I really like the colors in the sweater & the interesting detail on the sleeves. I would wear this outfit!

  5. I love blue but not that sweater. I don’t wear white shirts or 3 necklaces like that. This is a NO for me.

  6. I wear an outfit like this almost every day! No necklace as I usually have many little grands scrambling on my lap to be hugged or read to! The climate here in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming includes cool days and nights even in the summer, so sweaters and jeans are year-round apparel. As long as the stripes match on the seams that sweater is very vesatile! Thanks for sharing the fashion!

  7. Darn that Chicos, I am just drawn to them every time! I really like the sweater’s lace up sleeves and the colors are a way to incorporate beige in my wardrobe which is unflattering to me alone. I’m drawn to the blue, but I’d have to try it on since horizontal wide stripes can make you look shorter and heavier. If it were vertical stripes, it would be a slam dunk!

  8. I love the blue stripes but con’t wear them horizontally. And I don’t wear white shirts but I like the embellishment on the sleeves. Also a long blue necklace would be more my taste for this combo. Love the hot pink pants to the right and the floral jacket in background (which I hope to purchase soon!). Love this store!!!

  9. I love the sweater but as others say, not with these three necklaces. And as mentioned before, a slimmer pant would be my choice, legging would work.
    I like the tan jacket next to the main ensemble. Not sure about me and wiild pink pants, but maybe the pant in blue or green? Or white?
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Stripes across my body, no. Lace up part would catch on things, no. Jewelry too small, no. The rest is ok, but ordinary.

  11. I like this outfit but would never wear it – too casual for work and too fussy for weekends. Agree that the necklaces are a bit boring – a long chunkier necklace with blues to pick up the sweater would give it some pop.

  12. I love the sweater! I would wear it with a v-neck top rather than a shirt and I would wear more fitted pants. Thank you for posting Chicos clothing

  13. I love this sweater. My Chico’s has it styled differently and I would wear like they have it. Chunky necklace and ivory pants and shirt.

  14. Such a wearable outfit. Love seeing denim looks. But as said before, the stripes not matching across the front scream cheap, don’t know how Chico’s let that that happen. It’s bad enough when side seams don’t match but this? A bit much jewelry for an at home or casual look. Those wonderful earrings and the bracelet would be great. I guess they want us to buy, buy, buy.

  15. Yes. I do like this outfit.

    Love the mix of textures here. And, while the necklaces are totally what I wouldn’t think of, I like the look!

  16. I would wear this outfit. I like the colors in the sweater & the detail on the sleeve. A white shirt is always right, but I would either wear the collar all the way up or down & would do away with at least the shortest necklace. This is my go to casual look for cool wear-cardigan, shirt & jeans.

  17. Sure would wear this outfit, I have several of these sweaters and practically live in them. Not the blouse, I have trouble with the button up! Would wear slimmer pants or tights, the sweater length is enough to cover the but….

  18. I really like the sweater. Horizontal stripes are not so bad when they are different colors and widths. The arm detail might be a bit too much for me since the color is interesting enough, but I would still wear it. It looks great with the jeans. I would probably just wear a white tee under it.

  19. I love this one. I would wear it! I like stripes for a modern look. It would work with the jeans or dressier pants for work. I also like the necklace with it to dress it up.

  20. I love the cardi, I live in the UK & I wish we had a Chico’s , fortunately we visit the USA quite a bit so that’s the first store I visit.

  21. Looking at the cardi, I think the stripes likely do match; it might just be pulled a little down on one side. I like to get a lot of mileage out of my clothes, and this would be great with denim. Not so sure with khaki, which was my other thought, as the fabric most khakis come in might be too bulky. The sweater’s stripes would be unlikely to add a lot of width because they are away from the body, not hugging curves. I find the “stripes widen” rule kind of a myth – it depends entirely on the style. I would not push up the sleeves of this, as the lacing is a lovely detail that is lost. It needs a knit underneath, more form fitting, to give the outfit more shape. I would prefer a more organic piece for the jewelry, perhaps in amber or wood. All that said, the next time I’m in Chico’s, I will actually try it on, as I like the sweater a lot.

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