Confidence Is Powerful at Any Age

Let’s begin this new direction for me (see THIS POST) with this statement:  Confidence is Powerful at Any Age.  I am surprised by the women I meet who do not believe that statement.  They see confidence as only necessary for women who work; they see confidence as pride; they see confidence as superficial.; or they see confident people only as loud and annoying.  But, believing in ourselves is important at any age, no matter what we are doing, and includes the total package of looking and feeling our best inside and outside.

If I am confident with who I am and how I look, then I am going to:

  1. Get out of the house and experience life
  2. Join organizations and causes to make a difference or experience things I love
  3. Believe I can accomplish great things at any age
  4. Be more willing to share advice and experience with the younger generation
  5. Smile more often and display a positive outlook
  6. Attract others to me because I communicate I care about me and others

You may believe in who you are, but if your outside says to the world I do not care or I am a mess, then you have limited your opportunities and abilities right there.  For those of you who are retired, there are so many opportunities available to you to make a difference in the lives of others.  Do not allow a defeatist/low self-esteem attitude to hold you back.  No matter your size or age, you can look amazing NOW!


Stylist Stacy London writes this, “Look at every stage of life as an opportunity to reinvent your style, and, as its own unique opportunity, period. It is a new reason to get busy with yourself.  You may no longer be the cute girl but get to know this kickass woman now.  She’s got something new to offer you and those around her – just as she did in her twenties, thirties, forties, etc.”   (I highly recommend you read her book, THE TRUTH ABOUT STYLE.  Order HERE)

 Because I was confident I was able to land a middle management communications position at age 64.  When you walk with your head held high, and a smile on your face, there is just no telling what doors will open to you.  Do not allow excuses to hold you back…work though them and overcome them.

Do you struggle with confidence or have a story to tell of how it has served you well?  Please share.


As stated on Friday, I am going back to dressing for me, so I needed a new pair of bootcut jeans and Chico’s 40% off sale was the time to pick these up.  This is the So Slimming Girlfriend Jean.  I use to wear this style in the early years of my reinvention, because the dark denim and full length pant was the most flattering on me. When I wear garments that fit and flatter, confidence naturally happens.  The jacket and top are long past Chico’s purchases, and accessories are Soft Surroundings.  The copper leather ballet flats are a past purchase by Cole Haan at Dillards.  This works for Casual Friday at work, or for just about any situation if I were retired…casual chic.  Just taking time and care to accessorize can really up your style…and confidence!

I was blown away by the response through comments and in my email from FRIDAY’S POST.  You are a very special group and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.


New Feature:  My Opinion On Yesterday’s WOULD YOU WEAR IT Mannequin:  I was surprised when I saw this look at Chico’s.  Usually, their mannequins are very polished, but this one was disheveled (a bit of a mess)…blouse was askew and too many accessories around a garment that already speaks loudly.  Now, I would not personally wear the sweater for two reasons: 1. It is too hot for San Antonio . 2. Horizontal Stripes make me look larger and are not flattering for a larger bust.  I only own one horizontal stripe and the design and fit of the top make it flattering.  For those who like the sweater, the pants Chico’s styled it with online look super cute and come in all sizes including petites.  I put them in yesterday’s slideshow.  Readers know how much I love Chico’s…this one garment just isn’t for me.

Now, for today’s slideshow!


  1. Great article Pam. I have to say that I have grown more confident with age. In my 40’s I decided that I would challenge myself each year to do something new or something that scared me. I’ve traveled alone, gone white water rafting, ran marathons, took up golf, gone back to school to name a few. Now at almost 65, I’ve gone back to work after being retired for a few years. Going on a job interview for the first time in almost 20 years made me quite nervous LOL but I was confident, relaxed and even had the interviewer laughing. Age and experience has given me the confidence I wish I had in my 20’s. And I get compliments on how stylish I dress from even the younger gals at work!

  2. I am going through a style revamp, not really a reinvention. I don’t struggle with feeling confident, but rather have a quiet confidence. I like how you said you are going back to dressing for you. Being true to and knowing who we are is a key to having confidence. Trying to make ourselves fit (figuratively) into the latest trends just for the sake of appearances, or copying someone’s style that runs contrary to who we are will not inspire that lasting confidence. Having new experiences and trying different things as life evolves inspires confidence for me. As you point out, it comes from the inside and is more than just fashion. Sitting around fearing taking a new step will hold us back. This was a very helpful post for me at a time when I’m heading in new directions, trying to adjust to a major life change and feeling a new sense of excitement about what the future holds. M6 story is still being written.

  3. I so agree with you, Yvonne…I wish I had experienced this level of confidence younger. I allowed so many things to hold me back. Never too late, right?

  4. You have me excited for you, Karen. Can’t wait to hear what you share with us going forward. This can be the most exciting time of life. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful post today, Pam. I’ve been following your blog for several years — it’s so helpful and my go-to place for inspiration! I turned 60 last year and while it was difficult to realize I’m not the size I was at 40, I’m not the person I was then either! I like where I am right now and I’m looking forward to the changes ahead instead of fearing them. I must give you a great big thank for being here on this exciting journey!!

  6. You are so welcome, Beth. I am really honored to be taking this journey with so many amazing women. You guys rock! Let’s enjoy each day and all it can bring!

  7. I really enjoyed this post,Pam, you look really wonderful and really you. I think one of the best parts of getting older ( I’m 66) is knowing who you really are, what you like and don’t like, what you want and don’t want, and the confidence to trust your own judgement. If you feel like a change of style, or a return to a previous style, then get going girls, it’s YOUR life, and as my very wise mother used to say ” You only come through this way once!!)

  8. When I was getting ready to retire, a co-worker said I was lucky because I would be able to stay in my pajamas all day. That thought appalled me because life is meant to be lived no matter what age. I’m happy to say sitting around in my pajamas has not been on my agenda in nine years.

  9. I started following your blog a couple of years ago because I was struggling with how to dress myself for the life I was living, a former stay-at-home Mom, now empty-nester whose husband had just retired…..I was floundering…discovering your blog and the community of women that have been drawn to it has been such a gift! I love and value the support, camaraderie, advice, commiseration and inspiration that you and your followers bring to each post. I can honestly say that it has given me the confidence to feel comfortable with my own personal style choices, to own them and enjoy them. Thanks so much for all the inspiration and for creating such a pleasant, nurturing, informative, supportive place to visit.

  10. I just arose to begin my week. What a wonderful message to begin the day. Thank you for sharing… this is amazing!

  11. LOVE this outfit you are wearing and the JOYFUL smile and attitude! Also – so glad you are weighing in on the “Would You Wear It?” I often wonder what you (and Jennifer) really think about these outfits! I’m like – SHOULD I like this outfit? What does Pam think? Blessings!

  12. I am going to weigh in the day after so we get a true reading of what everyone thinks! I don’t want someone not to comment because I said something different from what they think.

  13. I read that Chico’s is closing some stores. Too bad, really, but that seems to be the way of retail fashion. I am still mourning the loss of several department stores after that Macy’s takeover. “Going shopping” used to be a different kind of experience from what it is now. When I was a child, it was an occasion to dress up a bit and eat lunch somewhere at some fabulous tea room. Times change.

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