Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Yes!  It is Saturday and time for Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer.  My friend, Jennifer and I go out and about and discover mannequins which make us want to bring them to you for a personal response.  All you need to do is look them over, and tell us if you would or would not wear the entire look yourself  and explain why.  The comments are important on this day, so please do not just say yes or no.

The mannequin I want you to comment on is the closest one to you.  Then hop over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her selection.  Remember to keep it personal to you, and be kind.  I also hope you will spend time with my slide show below.  So, look over this springlike outfit and tell us






    1. I’d wear it if the skirt wasn’t too much fabric when I tried it on. I might also pair it with a lighter color denim jacket or a white jacket with fun necklace. Something about the dark denim is too much contrast for me, it almost takes away from the pretty slightly oriental feeling print.

    2. Yes to both mannequins IF the skirts fell right on my frame…..I tend to avoid skirts, unless A line.
      I love the looks on these mannequins though! Thank you….

    3. Yes,I would wear this, the denim just lifts up the whole outfit and gives it a modern chic and youthful look

  1. I wanted to say yes, but as is, no. If the skirts were reversed I’d say yes. The front model, I love the jacket with the dress. If that were a tank and a long skirt with the jacket (it might be a dress??) I like the long line of it but don’t really wear maxi skirts any longer. I don’t like the pattern on the long skirt. I like the long line and think it’s a good look, just not for me. I love the shorter skirt, but the top shown with it has a neckline that I avoid. For me, a scoop or v-neck is more flattering, but I’d wear the skirt definitely, just with a different top! Like a tank, and then add the denim jacket pictured in front! Nice looks this week. I’d just try a few tweaks!

  2. YES I think would wear both looks. I think both skirts look very much like spring and summer. I do think the long skirt would be a better pick for me as I am only 5’6″ . The bonus for me would be that I own a similar jacket and several tee shirts that would look great with the skirts including a white one.

  3. In theory, I like the look. In reality, I doubt I would wear the skirt very much. I’m not sure it would look right on my shirt frame. I do love the denim jacket and white top.

      1. I would wear it if the skirt were shorter and the jacket longer. I like it for inspiration though but would modify it for my shorter, chunkier, nearly 60 year old style. Thanks for asking.

  4. The jean jacket outfit is really cute. I like the print of the skirt but it’s too full for me so I wouldn’t wear it. I like the cropped jean jacket. The o-ring purse is annoying to carry so no. I don’t like the outfit on the right — looks mismatched. I browse Antropologie. They have really cute, very overpriced dresses.

  5. I love the look of a a denim jacket, solid color simple top and patterned skirt. It says fresh, fashionable, polished …. So, yes to both mannequins! I have the denim jacket and white tops so I’d only need the skirts to re-create these outfits which would be perfect for this time of year. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like the look, but not on me. The print is too large, this would look good on some one if you don’t have butt or gut. I would like the short skirt with the denim jacket for me instead.

  7. Yes, I’ve always liked this look and use to wear this type of skirt a lot. But, I’m not sure how it would look on me now. I recently bought a denim jacket that I’ve enjoyed wearing. I’m going to try it out with items other than just jeans

  8. While I like the denim outfit, I would not wear it as is. I can’t wear long fulll skirts on my 5’3″ pear-shaped frame without looking huge and really frumpy. The floral print just makes it that much worse. I would wear the top and denim jacket but don’t need either so wouldnt buy it.

  9. Would wear the shorter skirt with the denim jacket & a tank. Agree with Mary that the purse would be annoying to carry. Trying to love florals just a little bit more this spring.

  10. I love the maxi skirt outfit! I have everything to recreate this outfit except for the cute purse. hmm…. I think I will wear this to church tomorrow.

  11. I do like the look — but I’m too short to carry it off. If the skirt were shorter and less full I would wear it — I love the colors in the skirt and this look would be great for Virginia’s Spring transition weather……if I could only grow about 5 more inches in height!

  12. I wouldn’t wear that particular combination. I’ve got ‘natural’ gathers at the waist, no need for fabric ones as well!
    BUT, I like jean jackets styled with skirts/dresses, so I will be shopping my closet for a simple one color dress/skirt+top combo to wear under my jean jacket.
    Just because I might not personally wear something I see doesn’t mean it can’t be styling inspiration for me.

  13. Yes! I love this look and I would wear it for sure if the skirt was proportioned for petites. Otherwise I would look sloppy. This reminds me of a look that was popular in the 90’s (I think) and maybe that’s why I like it.

  14. I would definitely wear this, although I would probably pick a brighter top. Not crazy about the “belt” on the skirt but it’s easily covered up with a belt.

  15. I LOVE this but I can’t wear it. Way too much material on that skirt for little me. The denim jacket with print skirt though…yes!

  16. I love the denim jacket and white top, but I can’t visualize myself wearing the maxi skirt. I think it would look great on someone else, but it’s not my style. I don’t like the purse at all. I much prefer a bag with a long strap that I can carry over my shoulder.

  17. Yes! I’d love to wear that outfit! I’m a petite so the skirt would undoubtedly be too long for me but I love the jacket, love the higher neckline of the the white shirt. The colors and design of the skirt are beautiful~

  18. I like the outfit but it is not for me. I don’t wear big flowered clothing due to petite size. I think this would look great on someone taller. I do love the jean jacket and would definitely wear it.

  19. This is too bohemian for me. I’m not comfortable in this much pattern. I would wear the denim jacket and necklace on right mannequin but nothing else in either outfit. Happy Saturday!

    1. Thanks for being here, friend! I am sure you are tired from your travels. We appreciate all you do!

  20. I love both looks,! The floral print feels fresh, and the fitted jacket keeps the skirt proportions from being overwhelming. I’d shorten the front skirt to midi length so it wouldn’t drag on the ground when I sit down. I’m on the prowl for short sleeve fit and flare midi dresses for the summer — nothing is cooler and easier to wear in the heat.

  21. I like the outfit with the denim jacket but it won’t work for me since I’m short and chunky. I don’t like the skirt and white top in the back mainly because the stark white shirt is too much of a contrast with the more muted pastel colors of the skirt. And because I’m short without much waistline these days the skirt would not look good on me.

  22. Yes I love both outfits. The long skirt with denim jacket is a definite. Probably a bit too long for my short frame but it could be shortened without any problem. Love the pattern and the fact that it can be worn with several coloured T-shirts. I would prefer a different bag, perhaps a smaller cross body. I already have a denim jacket and a new yellow T-shirt, must get looking for a skirt. Thanks for the choices, Pam.

  23. That’s a really cute outfit, but I wouldn’t wear it because I’m top-heavy and I’ve never yet found a denim jacket that works for me — they’re all too bulky. I couldn’t wear it without the jacket either (see “top-heavy”) though a light cardigan would work. I love the silhouette, but the print is a little out of my comfort zone. If I could try it on with a cardigan I’d see how it feels on before totally ruling it out.

  24. Yes!! Just as is except I do not like the purse. Being larger in the bust, I do not wear cross body bags. I generally do not like the look, too much going on.
    There are many tops you could wear with the skirt.
    Anthropologie is one of the websites I check out.
    I enjoy your down to earth point of view.

  25. Wow! This is my kind of style – I already have all those things in my closet. I often wear my jean jacket with a flowy skirt and tshirt. I must wear skirts that are long enough to cover the long surgery scars on my legs and this skirt would certainly do that. I see this for a cool comfortable day when it’s warm out but I want to look feminine and current. And with a cute flat sandal with bright polish on my toes!

  26. I like both outfits, however I am short so the long skirt is a no go for me. The short skirt out fit I would tweak by adding v neck t-shirt in white or one with a hint of pink & a denim jacket.

  27. The jean jacket/floral skirt outfit is really great! It looks fresh and modern and I think it’s a look many women can wear.

    In my opinion it has just the right amount of color and trendiness — excellent look this week!

    Thanks, Pam!

  28. I like this look and would get lots of mileage out of the jacket and top. The skirt is a bit trendy, but on the right sale, I might pick it up to jazz up and mix thing up a bit. It’s a bit full, so I would for sure have to try it on. But the colors are beautiful and good for four seasons, which would be nice to get a bit more wear out of it.

  29. No, I wouldn’t wear it. I like the jacket, but I’m not sure the shorter style would look good on me. I don’t like the print of skirt. I don’t wear maxi skirts because I feel like I’m a kid dressing up in someone else’s clothes. The skirt also has way too much fullness for me.

  30. Definitely. I wear this every summer. I have couple of print maxi skirts that I team with a solid tank or tee and pop on my blue or white denim jacket. I also wear the denim jacket over print maxi dresses. Paired with flat sandals, it is an easy go-to look.

  31. I would wear the denim jacket with the shorter skirt outfit. I’m too short and too old fot the long flowy skirt.

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