Great Foundations in Your Closet Make Life Easy

Happy Sunday and, Yes, it is time to think easy like Sunday morning by focusing on great foundations in the closet.  What makes a great foundation? Pieces, usually neutral, which will go with a variety of different outfits; they fit really well; and make us feel confident every time we were them.  I have to be careful with my most confident foundation pieces, because I am tempted to wear them often…like really often.  I would wear these dark wash jeans from Chico’s to work three times a week if I could…I like styling them that much.

Thee lightweight navy cardigan from Talbot’s is a great piece as well.  I can wear it all year long…serves me well in the summer in my heavily air conditioned office and it goes with many, many other pieces.  You really need to have a solid foundation of these types of items in a working wardrobe.  It keeps you fresh, confident and provides fun with styling.  I have one pair of black pants I got a few years ago at a boutique and I am close to wearing them out they fit so well.  Locating another pair is a good problem to have, but I am not quite there yet.  This sleeveless floral top is one I found a Marshalls a few years ago and though it is fitting a little large right now I can still wear it.  It also looks good with my jeans and a white blazer.  I was meeting a friend for lunch during my work day (thanks for taking the pictures, Iris!) and that is why I have my large black leather James Avery work tote.  Normally, I do not carry a bag this large to meet someone for lunch



A touch of fun to this outfit is the colorful beaded necklace recently sent to me from Chicos Off the Rack.…such a great place to find Chico’s jewelry for discount pricing.  My shoes are the Metallic Gold Nuture shoes from Dillards…find below…so comfortable and cute!!  The outfit, the shoes, the company, the location, and the healthy lunch had me laughing!!



What is your favorite go-to garment right now?  A piece of clothing you would cry over if something happened to it?  Please share!


A reminder:  I do not comment on the Would You Wear it Outfit on the day of the event.  I now comment on the day after.  This may surprise you…since so many did not care for the outfit, but if this garment is offered in my size, I want to try it on.  I like the fact that it allows me to show some leg in a modest way.  It would be perfect for a Fiesta party (which begins soon in San Antonio), or a trip with friends to a lake house this summer (much better than shorts and a tee shirt), or a summer evening dinner on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Alicia gets what I am saying!  In this area of the country, the style and the print are perfect.  I could see it have the potential to be flattering and age appropriate (so I do disagree that it is a style for teens only).  If I try it on, I will let you know how it went.  

Big Announcement!

Join me on Tuesday for a special announcement about a great giveaway I hope many of you will want to enter.

There are so many cute dresses and spring looks out now, I found a few for the slide show below.  Please comment with your go-to garment answer from the question above!  Love you all and…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



Disclaimer:  I was gifted the necklace from Chicos Off the Rack, but the words are my own.


  1. I like the outfit you are wearing. You look thin! The Talbots cardigan is a perfect topper, and something I wear a lot of through the year in different weights. My go-to garments change necessarily with the seasons. This past winter (that we are still in, though now and then we get some warmish days) after I retired, my go-to garment for more casual days was my black leggings from many years ago that I got at Coldwater Creek when they still had retail stores. They fit somewhat looser than traditional leggings and have worn like iron, no stretching or fading in all this time. I have a large amount of tunics and sweaters to get through the endless winters so these leggings are a real workhorse garment. In fact, I was wondering what I’d do if they were to wear out, so while I no longer shop at Coldwater Creek, I bought another pair of these leggings from the catalog to have in reserve for the day my current ones give up! I am a skirt and dress lady, so when it warms up, I have a white denim skirt from Talbots with eyelet at the hem that gets a lot of wear since it goes with all my summer tops. Easy to toss on a jacket or cardigan for A/C. And sundresses…just can’t pass by a good one! What you are wearing in today’s photos would definitely be a go-to for me too!

  2. Coldwater Creek seems to be testing a return to store fronts. They just opened one here… I will go check it out soon. I completely understand about love for the right pair of leggings. I have a pair by Joan Vaas I got a Marshall’s years ago and I know I will wear them into the ground I love them so much! Happy Sunday Karen… thanks for being here.

  3. Right now I am currently obsessed with my monkey feet shoes…I have one pair nude ballet flats with red bottoms and they are so comfy…work appropriate and go with everything

  4. Pam, you look like you feel great in that outfit! And it’s super flattering 🙂

  5. Thanks Iris! I think you can rock style in flats! And I am loving the sneaker trend!

  6. Loved this posting. You look great and the outfit shows your terrific figure and your lovely smile tells the story of your confidence. Again, looking good Pamela.

  7. Pamela, I am seeing a much thinner Pamela in these flattering photos & wonder if you might be ready to wear some figure-hugging outfits in photos to come….it seems “time” to me! ((: )

  8. It is close to time, Marlene. But, I have not purchased anything new recently, so it will need a shopping trip. But, I have goal I would like to reach before I go shopping…I am getting close to the shopping goal. The good health goal is still a ways a way, but I am determined. Thanks

  9. Pam you look so cute! Slimming up fast, Girl! It may not seem that way to you, but the pics show fast progress! When you get to your personal goal weight, try trimming your hair to just below chin length! I think a shaggy bob would look adorable on you! Show off more of your face and smile! – those chico’s jeans finally became available in my size. I can’t wait to get them. …and now I am obsessed with those metallic sneaks!

  10. Go to pieces: jeggings (traditional denim blue and white) from Talbots, Pure Jill black slim pants from JJill, tees from Talbots, open front cardigans from various manufacturers that are in solid, basic colors and are not too heavy, reversible tanks from Chico’s. Denim jackets in blue, white and black. An oblong leopard print scarf that literally goes with every color, even though it is beige, brown and a bit of orange (how does leopard print manage to do that?). The shoe item that has not only been a go-to but has several friends purchasing is a pair of OluKai sneakers. These have a very soft back that can be worn up like a traditional sneaker, or pushed down and worn as a mule. It sounds gimmicky but it’s not, and the soft back means no blisters … ever!

  11. I love the second picture of you. You look so carefree and ful of fun. LOVE IT!!!

  12. I’ve been missing your blog. I had signed up, but never received any emails. I finally bookmarked your site so I can keep up with you. I really like your new haircut. You always have good ideas for Texas gals.

  13. You are looking great Pam! You are so right about the basics. My only trouble is finding those really well fitting pants. Its tough! What I am missing the most right now is the pair of light weight, dark wash, bottom lifting, skinny denims jeans that fit me to perfection thst I completely wore out and I cannot find anywhere. ? On the hunt!

  14. So sorry about the email issues, Sue. I am glad you bookmarked it and let me know about the other issues. Welcome back! Will look into this.

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