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Happy Saturday and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer. We go out and about…me in Texas and Jennifer in California…and search for mannequins that make us wonder what you would think about them.  We do not look for mannequins we personally like or look for ones we think are horrendous…we are just looking for ones which we want to get your opinion about and generate a good discussion on fashion choices.

After you comment here, please go over to Jennifer’s A Well Styled Life and give her your opinion.  I also hope you will spend some time with my spring fashion slide show below…this weekend I am showing some great pieces for a song!

I will tell you if I would wear the dress above in my post on Sunday.  So, look at these pictures and tell us, ladies,………………………………………



  1. No, I would not wear this or the one beside it. The featured dress has a style and print that is definitely not me. The print itself is too large for me. It’s similar to carrying an oversized handbag, we have to consider our height and size when choosing prints and accessories as they can overwhelm us if they are too large (as fog me in this case) or can make us look too large if the print is too small. All about proportions, and this one would overwhelm me. I find the style odd for a summer dress. I don’t care for the top at all, and the see-through bottom looks silly. I know that is currently a thing, but I don’t find this flattering. It breaks up the line of the dress, and looks like you’re trying to conceal something. The other dress with those huge flowers is pretty bad. Much too dark for spring and summer with those dreary flowers and the sleeves with the ties look more for little girls. The cut of the dress would add unnecessary bulk. Just no to both!

  2. Good morning! – What pretty colors! I love the print…..buuuuutttt – nope, I can’t see me wearing a romper (?) under a flowy long top (?) . This look is cute, maybe for sitting by the pool at the resort at the tropical paradise, but it won’t work for my day to day life running errands and house cleaning….not even on the occasional date night with the hubs☺️. -cute idea, but sorta impractical, except for my Real Housewife alter ego ??

  3. No. I wouldn’t wear that at all! It’s too much. As an « Over60 » it’s just not my style. Either I’m wearing a maxi or a mini—not both at the same time. The pattern is just too busy but would make a stellar tablecloth !!!

  4. At first I thought this might work as a cover up over a swimsuit, but I don’t think I would even wear the garment in that way. It is suffering from an identity crisis: it it a dress, a top, …?

  5. No to both dresses. The flowers on the short dress are too big for me. The longer dress – I don’t like the short slip showing or the top part with the button. The embroidery is nice. If this was a long straight embroidered skirt with a full liner, I would consider.

  6. I would wear neither fashion. I love the print on the right but it is far too busy for me. And the left hand one is too short for me unless I could pair it with leggings or skinny jeans.Just can’t visualize this. Thanks for sharing, Pam and enjoy your weekend!

  7. I’d be more likely to wear the denim dress, as a housecoat.

    I do not like sheer dresses with tight slips underneath. I”m not a fan of the Kim K. look. It’s the voice of my mother whispering, “that looks trashy.”

    If I did wear it, I’d have at least a knee length slip under it. You do find vintage dresses that are sheer, ladies had to wear something comfortable pre A/C, but they were covered up underneath. A person can hardly find a regular slip anymore, you have to go to the old lady section. I have a sleeveless cotton tank dress that I sometimes layer under sheer things.

  8. At first I thought there were two separate pieces (vest and long skirt). If that was the case, I think the vest would be cute with a long top underneath and then maybe black leggings. Many have already commented about too much print, and I’m just not a skirt/dress girl at all. Pretty though 🙂

  9. I’m too short and heavy for this, besides I just wouldn’t be comfortable in it. My 19 year old granddaughter looks cute in them! Pretty colors though.

  10. Yes I’d wear it to a fiesta event here in Texas…it’s perfect for feasts . And as it’s hot here the shorts let’s you be comfy while still being dressed for event. I’m from Chicago and it would be a no up there but here in Texas it would fit in and be georgous. And still give me plenty of coverage

  11. The dress on the right is definitely making a statement, but not for me. The one on the left is more casual and may have been cute on a younger me. Thanks for posting these each Saturday. It is fun to look at the mannequins.

  12. This makes me excited. I have a maxi dress with cutouts that I got a couple of years ago. I thought it was going to have to go, but now I have hope of wearing it this year again. I would wear both with modifications. The longer one either long or short. I saw one last night on a Cityline video that was really cute. The dress was more midi with an A-line skirt. It wasn’t a romper under, but another shorter dress. I like the top. I don’t like to wear low cut tops. I like more coverage. The other one would be cute. I took a second look and I think it might work without any modifications. I am shorter so, what is short on the mannequin would be just right for me.

  13. My teen daughter and her friends wear this style dress. Usually, it is a skirt underneath and the garment is one piece. One teen has a dress that is open in the front with shorts or more like a romper.

    No, I would not attempt to wear this style. I will leave that to the teens, LOL.

  14. This one is a definite no! The only thing I like about it is the colour combination. The outfit would probably look okay on my long, lean frame, but I can’t think of a single place where I would wear it without feeling completely self conscious and out of place.

  15. I like the print and style of the dress on the right. If it was lined in place of putting a romper underneath, I’d wear it in a minute. I don’t quite understand the combination.

  16. Sorry, but neither of these looks are me. Not at all. The long dress just doesn’t appeal to me. No one around here dresses like this, and even if they did, my tastes run to more simp,e, classic lines. There is an occasional print out there that Ill give a look, but not many. Not this one.
    The shorter dress sleeve is what turns me off from the other shorter dress.

  17. My peek-a-boo days are over! (They were once great fun. No regrets.) A no-see-thru skirt in this luscious print would make it doable.

  18. Oh my goodness, no! I’m not sure what kind of statement the outfit on the right is trying to make, but it is not one that I want to make. Someone mentioned the denim dress as a housecoat, & I can see that. I can imagine wearing it while sitting on the patio drinking my morning tea but can’t see it fitting in anywhere else in my life.

  19. The embroidery all over it makes it look low cost, makes it drape incorrectly, and doesn’t have the basic elegance I seek, even in casual wear.

  20. No to both. What a shame.

    I think the denim with florals would have made a terrific jean jacket. As a dress with those short elastic sleeves — ugh!

    I love the print on the right, but not as featured. It would have made a great blouse or even as a maxi dress, but with a black under panel. The sheer look doesn’t work.

  21. I wouldn’t wear either one! The denim dress would look awful on me. My body just doesn’t look good in loose mostly shapeless tops or dresses. I bought a really cute chambray shirt a couple of years ago because it had pintucks for a little shape in the front and a cute plaid back. Even though the fabric is soft, the boxy lines of the top make me look 10 pounds heavier. The long sheer dress has awkward lines. I think the embroidery is too heavy for the fabric and I would have done either an empire waist or a column w/o a waist. A sheer hemline is not something I’d consider wearing!

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