How to Dress During the Weight Loss Journey

Happy Wednesday!  Today, I would like to acknowledge the challenges with learning to how to dress when experiencing weight loss.  At the moment, I walk into my closet with a Goldilocks- mentality.  Some of my pants are too big…some are still too small…and few are just right!  Since I prefer to wear pants…it is a bit of a problem. You don’t want to be that woman who wears the same pair over and over again to work! The other challenge is that I have been here before, and while I never want to come back, I also may hold on to a few of the baggy pants…just in case. (I know some of you won’t agree with that, but for now I want to make a good sense decision).

It does seem that all of my favorites are currently a little baggy…except for my Eileen Fisher pants which are fitting just right again.

I have much weight to lose so I do not want a major shopping trip right now, but I did want new casual styles for a casual Easter dinner.  So, I headed out to JJill last weekend during a big sale.  I came home with this outfit and one more pair of light-colored jeans.  The fit and comfort is great and it felt so good to have something on that was not too baggy.I did not expect this top to fit like it does and I really like it.  I wore a red JJill knit tank underneath with a brightly colored necklace.  I can wear it without a tank, but I did like the pop of color with the cargo pant.  It really feels good to be in something that fits better…raises my confidence…and keeps me going forward with the new eating plan.

Do you experience difficulty of knowing when to pull the shopping trigger during a weight loss program?  It is hard to know, but I do recommend a small trip if you need encouragement.  This little trip gave me lots of encouragement to keep on keeping on!



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Something else that has given me encouragement is my dedication to the Chamonix Skincare line.  I have been using only Chamonix for about 11 months.  This jawline treatment, as well as all of their all natural, plant -based products is pretty amazing.  Right now, they are having a big spring sale, you buy two products, you get two products.  Take advantage of this!  You will not regret it.  My skin has never looked this good.

The slideshow below features the pants and the top…as well as other items.  Please share about your experiences of when to shop during dieting, and as always……………….



    1. Yes! I love the Weight Watchers app! It is teaching me to eat healthy, even eat some thinks I love and not feel deprived. I am learning a new way to eat…it doesn’t feel like a diet at all!

  1. I depended on consignment shops and even Goodwill during my loss of 50 pounds and learned to love the sustainability movement in clothes. Clothes that became too large went into consignment stores for resale immediately. Buying new clothes that fit, shoes and accessories was the main reward for me during my nine months of weight loss. And now that I’m on maintenance, they are the motivation that keeps off weight. No fat clothes hidden away!

    1. Good suggestions, Carol. I think it is a process of slowly gaining confidence to get rid of the larger clothes. I believe I am on my way.

  2. If the pants are ones you really like you could get a seamstress to take them in for you. They can do wonders. Slacks can be a bit trickery but it’s worth a try.

  3. Being honest Pam, I know you say you still have a lot you want to lose, but truly, you look good. So many things factor in to our overall look, don’t you think? There is height, bone structure, our body make up… I know some reed thin people who eat junk food as a steady diet and never seem to gain an ounce. Not saying it’s healthy, but just that we are all different. I’m hanging on to my one size larger things, just some of them. I don’t want to go back either, just being practical. I’m between sizes (really frustrating) and am seeing that at my current age (65), it is taking much more time to see changes. Add to that how bodies change in general, with things shifting south in many cases, including skin! Know that you look stylish and confident, I mean it. That J Jill outfit is great. I just love that brand. Currently eyeing the new pink jeans and think I’d better not wait! I know you agree that our health overall is more important than a size of clothing. I admit I have far more confidence and a better outlook when I’m thin. You know, I’ve also had those moments when I’ve thought, who am I doing this for?? (Usually when sweating profusely at the gym.) Me, yes, my health, yes, but is there something else? Speaking for myself here, seriously, sometimes I’m afraid of pride. I don’t want that. You have educated me over the years about my outlook and I’m grateful. I have to remember I’m 65, not 25. Hard as that is to accept sometimes!!

    1. I hear you, Karen! I don’t want to be thin and I photograph smaller than I am. For my health I really need to lose about 25-30 pounds more and then I should have no worries with blood pressure and heart. Both of my parents died of heart disease and I am tired of worrying about it. I am not shooting for thin…just healthy.

  4. After being plus size for many years I too am on the weight loss road once again and find myself in a no man’s land (no woman’s land) of plus being too big and misses being too small. I’ve been there before. There is just a weird gap where little fits. It means trying everything on all the time. While I don’t advocate completely revamping a wardrobe midway, it’s also important to buy things once in a while. I find flowy knits the best … buy a little too small, wear until too big. I also concentrate on very plain clothing that I can mix and match. Don’t get over confident investing in shoes … when I lost 65 lbs, I lost half a shoe size! Pants are the worst. They look awful when too big and that happens every 10-15 lbs. Since it’s spring, maybe look into a few longer skirts. Or just accept that part of your journey will involve replacing pants. A pair of black, a pair of navy, and khaki or olive can get you through the work week. People look way more often at your top half anyway.

  5. You look fabulous! I commend you for making up your mind to become healthier. I am also working on my health. But, I also am enjoying the benefit of smaller clothing sizes. You inspire me so much in so many ways. For instance, always looking your best and taking the time and effort to get there. I love your positive outlook! And I can really tell that you have shed some pounds too. You have the loveliest smile. Thanks for your blog!

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