Oh yes, let’s sit down for tea and discuss News for Women of a Certain Age…the headlines I find which may be of interest to women over fifty. Such a lovely place to hold our time together.

Now, the first news item I found when reading last week was that a women in Israel left her full time employment to become a mermaid!  Yep, a mermaid…apparently there is a mermaid community there.  I decided to skip that one and keep reading!  Just wasn’t convinced that many mermaids read this blog.

I found this one on Buzzfeed to be interesting about how people in other countries know we are Americans.  I am talking quieter now…in fact, whispering!

How They Know We Are Americans found here.

I am still confused about the time I sleep…I know what my FitBit tells me.  This article from ABC News about the myths was interesting.  Read about Sleep Myths.

We are hearing more and more about the links between obesity and cancer.  I have friends recovering from breast cancer whose doctors have told them do not ever be overweight again.  So, this recent article from The Washington Post caught my attention about the Links between Obesity and Cancer.

This last one is about the new products and benefits with skin massage…a massage of any type has to be good.  Read InStyle’s article on Skin Massage Here.

Hope your week is going well, and if you would like to leave comments on any or all of these stories…please do!  Thanks for being here, and


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