I am beginning to discover some long forgotten pieces of  wardrobe, now that I can wear them again.  This top reminds me of the lessons I have learned over age 50 about wearing stripes.  These stripes are diagonal, and that is my favorite way to wear them.  Next would be vertical.  The design of a horizontal stripe has to be very fitted in order to be flattering or otherwise those stripes just go from sea to shining sea in the wrong direction.

I really like the extra detail on this top with the ruffle in the front and the collar.  I wore it with denim on a casual Friday and that is why I had on the comfort shoes!   It is important to pay attention to how the stripes land…too many women in our age groups go for the horizontal stripe and it often works against us.  I am having fun digging in my boxes…more to come!

What is your favorite way to wear a stripe?  If you avoid them altogether, please share with us why?  I have a few in the slideshow below.  Thank you so much for being here…you are such an amazing group of ladies!  I really appreciate you!


My Comments on yesterday’s WOULD YOU WEAR IT? 

This was one of the few garments with almost 100% agreement on one thing…few were in favor of the color of the dress.  And I agree, I would not wear it because of the color and it would not flatter my figure.  It was also a NO for me.

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