Lighter, Chic, Warmer Weather Workwear

In South Texas things are heating up and it is time for me to think about my lighter, warmer weather, chic workwear options.  I am thrilled to be shopping in my own closet again and discovering pieces I had forgotten.  This black, Chico’s tunic is one of those.  It was too tight to wear so it went to the bottom of the closet….so, I am thrilled to have it back in my life.

It looks great with many colors of pants underneath, but I particularly like the look of my Eileen Fisher crepe light grey pants with silver jewelry.  This tunic has so many features I like to wear:  a perfect warm weather sleeve, a V-neck, black, and light fabrics.  It has good seaming to allow a flattering fit.  All of my accessories have been around awhile…My husband did get the black leather work bag by James Avery Craftsman for me for Christmas…and the only new accessory would be the ballet flats……


Love these! They are by Clark and I am actually getting them in silver as well.  It has taken a long time for me to realize that my hammer toes are happier if I go up a half size in my shoes.  Finally, I am discovering comfort again.  Clark is a great brand for comfort and style.  I have them in the slideshow below.

Though this is not a suit jacket and trouser pants or pencil skirt, I feel as though it fits my professional life very well and meets all five of the style messages I desire to send with my looks. Those adjectives are creative, current, approachable, chic and strong.  Added Benefits are comfort and very cool fabrics for the humid heat outside!

For those of you who are retired, this is also a really good style for lunch out, nonprofit meetings, book club, etc.  The retired wardrobe should include several options for casual chic wear.  Does anyone else like to wear pants underneath a long tunic?  Please share…and have a glorious Monday!




  1. The tunic/pant look is pretty much my go-to staple. It gets me thru’ many different occasions and appointments. It’s so much fun to play around with different looks using the tunic/pant combo–scarves, little jewelry, big jewelry, etc. And the ease of wear/comfort factor is huge!! No loose buttons or (worse!) gaping at the buttons, no tucking in or out issues. And the air circulation thru a loose tunic in the summer heat is delightful!

  2. It’s a great outfit for warm weather dressing. I have recently changed pant lengths. I’m tall and the mid-calf capris that taper never looked good on me. I like ankle pants &/or wider hems. Also, the length just below the knee is better…. feels like a bermuda short. My tunic tops even go much better with the new pants. Plus, I can wear flats. If my feet are happy, I am happy!! Much to my surprise, I reach for tunics in my closet more than other tops…. especially in spring and summer.

  3. I love white pants, any length, and breezy tops to stay cool. You look great! And I agree feet are happier in proper fitting shoes! Hammer toes can be painful. Have you checked with a podiatrist to have it/them surgically corrected? And a rocking Velcro open-toe boot makes getting around so much easier than crutches 🙂

  4. Pam, you are shrinking before our eyes here! I noticed that in your previous “stripe’ post. Kudos, go girl!, My yo-yo weight is on upswing lately- grrrrr Back to strict keto for me!

    This is a favorite pair up for me. I have many FLAX type tops and wear them with skinny jeans and crops. When home, I’m probably doing loose linen everything as it gets steamy here in SC. Cheers and Happy Monday!

  5. You look fabulous! Absolutely love the tunic with the light grey pants here! Silver jewelry adds punch. So glad you rescued it from closet bottom…….
    Yes, when I worked, it was such a challenge putting together pretty yet cool work appropriate outfits! You’ve got it down!

  6. I love these flats…that is why I ordered a second pair in silver! Thanks Jennifer!

  7. I have spoken with two podiatrists I trust and they do not recommend the surgery. They say it isn’t worth it. So I have pretty decided not to go that route. But thanks Christine.

  8. Happy Monday, Cindy! Weight Watchers is working for me and I really like it. It is a slow weight loss but that is what I think I need the most, so that I maintain it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. This is a look that could take you many places. Perfect for work, a nice lunch, whatever it may be. You must have been thrilled to get that black tote for Christmas!! That’s beautiful! I just spent a long weekend in North Carolina and saw ads on tv for James Avery. I’ve never seen them at home. Congratulations on rediscovering things in your closet. What a lift that gives!!

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