5 Ways to Save on Accessories

It is no exaggeration to say that I am passionate about accessorizing.  So, I thought I would share with you the 5 ways I save money on all of the accessories I love…and rarely throw out.

Before we get started, let me stress that you have to be willing to shop…give it the time it needs to be successful.  I love to shop and hunting for fun accessories for a song is a treasure hunt I welcome.  Also, be educated with what trends are currently in style.  This will help you know what to look for to keep your looks current and youthful.  I said youthful…not young…we are not looking for the current trends for our daughters and granddaughters.  It also helps to know what colors are currently on trend.

  1. Chico’s: Many of my favorite necklaces are from Chico’s, but I did not pay full price for them…not even close.  First sign up to be a Passport Member.  It is free and always gives you an additional 5% off, and free shipping.  Then make sure you sign up for emails.  They often have FLASH SALES during summer weekends…it seems more on Sundays.  I have so many necklaces I purchased in the flash sales for $9.99.  Many of them originally were as much as sixty to seventy dollars. I also buy gifts in the Flash Sales! They are currently hosting a buy one get one 50% sale, and while you look through the slides, click on one, go over to their website and sign up for the emails and the Passport Member.  You will be glad you did!   


2. Goodwill or Your Favorite Thrift Stores – In San Antonio, our Goodwill SA is amazing.  The clutch above is one of my favorites.  It is an original Betsey Johnson design I bought at Goodwill For $12.  Thrift shops are where the treasure hunting can be the most fun.  You never know what wonderful piece you will discover.

3. Use the discount stores to your advantage for accessories.  I have found wonderful accessories at Marshalls, Target, Walmart, and Ross.  Again it pays to know the times to shop, and for those of you over 60, check out those senior discount days.  Ross and Marshalls for sure have them.  My Michael Kors slide sandals above were at Marshalls for $16.

4. If you do not want to get out and treasure hunt, then pull up EBAY on your computer.  Set aside time for this one, but again you just never know what treasure you are going to discover.


5. Finally, one of my favorite places to look for accessories is ETSY, which is really an online marketplace for artisan shops.  These are the smaller artists who often have beautiful pieces to sell which cannot be found anywhere else.  Many are quiet reasonable as compared to the larger retailers.

The use of accessories is how I say, I AM CREATIVE, APPROACHABLE, and fun.  I love taking basics and making them ever-new with fun accessories.  I hope this gave you some ideas.



  1. Love this photo of you, Pam! Your hair looks great and you look thinner. And I love seeing you in sandals. Inspiring! Great info on wonderful Chico’s jewelry.

    1. Thank you, Carol. Sadly due to my pesky hammer toes, I am not wearing sandals as much as I used to. They are so unattractive!! My funky feet are a real issue in my fashion loving life!!

  2. Hi Pam,
    Love your suggestions! Would love to see how you store all your accessories for ease of access. Thanks!

  3. I love Etsy and craft shows for unique, handmade and vintage jewelry. I also buy fair trade jewelry. I have used The Pin Project, Me To We and Leakey Collection Zulu Grass. My bag are all thrifted as are most of my scarves. If I can get something unique why buy something mass produced?

  4. E bay is a great place to go to look for old costume jewelry and also jewelry estate sales. It does take time to sort through things but as I am retired that is fine with me. Recently I found some James Avery sterling earrings for under thirty dollars.

  5. I ? accessories! No matter if I gain a little weight! And changing accessories can change the whole look of my outfit! Scoring the bargains makes my ? go pitter-patter?. Necklaces were my fave, but now I enjoy seeing a nice colorful bracelet around my wrist…even my casual jeans feel more spruced up ??

  6. Thanks for the link to NataliyaJewel on Etsy. I just bought 6 statement necklaces from her. Amazing things!

  7. Hi Pam,

    Please let us know how you store your necklaces. I also love Chicos jewelry on sale and can’t figure out a way to store my necklaces so I can easily see which one would look best with what I am wearing each day.

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