Am I smiling too big?  I am so excited it is a three day weekend!  So let’s talk leisure…well, athleisure-style and how I wear it to work.  Athleisure is when designers use the inspiration of athletic wear and design any pieces…evening wear included…to wear throughout our lives.  I only own this one pair of pants…silk joggers I purchased at Chico’s about three years ago when the trend first hit everywhere.

I hope you can see the design of the pants at the bottom and how they match a jogger pant.  I ie these because they do not have the athletic stripe on the side so it is easy to wear them for work. The military jacket I am wearing is also Chico’s and is very lightweight making it perfect for spring warmth.  You can see we are having our typical summer pattern of clear skies and full sun.  If you love it, I highly recommend San Antonio!  I like this style for my work, it shows I am put together, professional, and creative.  The pants are very comfortable.  I am glad I did not assume they were only for casual style.

Looks like summer is upon us…anyone have incredible plans for the weekend?  Please share!  And if you are styling athleisure wear in a fun way, share that as well!  As always, I have a slide show below and will see you tomorrow for Would You Wear It!

Keep Smiling!!



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