Happy Mother’s Day With A Podcast!


I hope all of you who are mothers, step mothers, mothers -in-law, and grandmothers have a wonderful day planned.  We will be with family for the dedication of our youngest grandson at church.

For those who may have a quite day and perhaps be interested in a little podcast listening, I joined Jen Thoden of Your Color Style as a guest on her regular podcast last week.  It is now available on her website.  So, if you would like to listen to me talk then go to her link with Pamela Lutrell.

I hope you enjoy it!

May everyone have a very special Mother’s Day…full of blessings and love! 

And, of course, SMILES!


  1. Happy Mother’s Day Pam. Your day with the baby dedication sounds wonderful, a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day. I listened to the podcast and really enjoyed it very much! Glad you covered so many topics because it’s always inspirational to hear your thoughts. As a firm believer in the Foundational Five, because it really does work, I’m glad you also spoke on that. So glad I listened to this!

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