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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We post mannequins we have discovered around town and ask you if you would or would not wear the look as styled on the mannequin.  Please keep your comments constructive and helpful to others as to why or why not the loo works for you.  Then go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her selection.

So tell us, ladies look above and give us your thoughts……………………………………………………………..WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

I hope you will also spend some time with the slideshow below of great looks on the market this weekend!  Thank you so much for being here and I hope the mothers and grandmothers are honored this weekend.





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  1. I would wear this outfit, but not in these colors. I’ve never found a shade of yellow that compliments my skin tone, so I don’t wear it.
    If these pieces were based in blues, I would wear them.

  2. Sorry, but there is nothing about that outfit that appeals to me. The colours are wrong for me and the boho look is not my style.

    1. Don’t apologize. Just tell us why it doesn’t work for you like you did here…no reason to apologize. Thanks Yvonne.

  3. I like the unusual color combination. Not feeling that white fringe though. If I could redesign it; I’d put burgundy tassels/beads in place of the white.

    1. I wear similar outfits regularly. I don’t care for the white fringe on the poncho, the yellow doesn’t work for me. Most likely I wouldn’t wear the hat unless I was going to be out in the sun. I like the general look , just not these pieces.

  4. I like it, other than the bright yellow tee. I’d trade it off for another color from the Ruana. It’s really cute for the dimmer season ahead….it’s still cool here in New England!

  5. I like the caftan idea but the warm colors are off me for. Also like the flow of the tank but absolutely won’t wear yellow! So the color combination would have to change for me to either a pink/cherry red or the Blues (as someone else mentioned). Crop pants would be my preference instead of short. Love the Boho look!! Have a great Mother’s Day Pam.

  6. It’s a bit too much for me-too many showy pieces and I can’t wear yellow. It’s great for a mannequin to show off these pieces and create a vibrant shopping atmosphere. But I do love the red cuffed shorts; they could go with so many things. Very cute!

  7. I’d wear it with a different color T-shirt (yellow looks awful on me) and sans the hat. I like how it all ties together and looks like an “outfit” rather than just shorts and a top.

  8. I like the red shorts but the rest of it is too loud for me. I don’t like the fringe on the poncho or the colors. I am sure it would look great on someone!

  9. I like the flowy ruana, the longer shorts, and the loose long top — all pieces look very comfortable and still keep a look of modesty. Just skip the hat, get a simpler long pendant necklace, and change the rather garish color combo to cool blues/white/green or classic black/white. Sold! ??

  10. I think this is a darling outfit but I never like the way I look in these flowy, caftan-like vests because I am short & busty.

  11. Washington Redskins fan anyone? You’re ready for the pre-season games with those colors. Otherwise — no deal for me.

  12. I would wear the shorts and yellow top. The necklace pulls the look together.no love yellow and wear it often. I would pass on the floral top as I am not a fan of fringe. Loved the slideshow.

  13. I like the components, but not together. The yellow top I’d wear with white jeans, just so bright and a great style. I like kimonos, but the trim on this one looks cheap. I’d like it sans trim. The shorts are a good length and color, but put together, there is just a jarring effect here. That yellow top is my favorite of all the pieces.

  14. At First glimpse, this look didn’t impress me; however, on second look, I do like it! Now, would I wear it? Probably without the hat, the necklace and the wrap, But only because I’m vertically challenged, and need to draw the eye upward not down1 But I do love the colors

  15. I like the outfit at first glance but it feels like it is too much. The Coco Chanel quote of looking at yourself in the mirror before you leave and take off one accessory comes to my mind.

    I would not wear the hat. That is just me, I have never found one that fits me well.

    I love the fabric of the shawl-y item, but the white fringe doesn’t seem to fit with the pretty, vibrant colors in the fabric.

    The bright yellow in the top wouldn’t look good on me. I would probably pick a color from the shawl for a top.

    I don’t know how the shorts would look on me, but I certainly would try them on to see 🙂

    The necklace and matching bracelet seem like too much. I would wear one at a time. There is just too much else going on with the outfit. However, if both pieces were paired with a sold color, like white or peach, summer dress, they would be great together.

  16. Oh, dear. This look is not for me! I find the pieces too “old”, too shapeless, and they appear to be synthetics. I do like the ombre colors of the beads. I would wear them with a simple tee or shirt. Although, the scale might be too big for my petite frame.

  17. I like this look. I’ve been admiring it online. I think the ruana is a way to dress up shorts or other pants. I like yellow and find it with the red to be unexpected. I might try this combination.

  18. I like this outfit. I think it is fun look. I would have to try it on, but I just might wear it.

  19. I love the top, the shorts, and…. the rest is a no for me. I would probably wear a third
    piece of some kind , maybe a cardigan if I could find the right proportion to the rest. The colors are great. The necklace and bracelet and hat are just too…too.
    As for that outer garment: (shouts at mannequin) “Hey lady, the fortune teller called and wants her table cloth back.”

  20. The individual pieces might be OK but the outfit doesn’t appeal to me at all. The fringe on the ruana just looks wrong to me. I also don’t like the combo of the loose shirt and the ruana. The shorts might work but that depends on the length. I wouldn’t wear that necklace and bracelet with the outfit either! I do wear hats but I don’t like that hat with that outfit. I think Lily has it right–the outfit looks old and shapeless!

  21. I would wear those colors together. But I wouldn’t wear the shorts. I prefer Capri or still pants.

  22. I like the floral ruana and I like it with the shorts. The red color is terrific. However, I give a big no to the yellow top. It’s much too bright mixed with the other colors. I think a white top in the same style would look very striking, especially with the necklace and bracelet.

    I’m not a hat person, so I could take it or leave it.

  23. The outfit is adorable, and I might have worn the whole ensemble a few years ago. However, I have given up shorts in my old age. LOL. I’m not too sure about that hat, either. Too much blue in the band. Love the necklace!

  24. This looks like the “wear everything you own”look.
    There is no one thing I would wear.

  25. I like the length of the dark red shirts and could wear those. The yellow top is a bit too bright but I do like the combo of colors. I do not love the fringe on the ruana, it looks kind of cheap. Too many accessories. The Chanel saying from above is one I live by! Understatement is a lot more difficult to achieve than too much…but looks soo much better.

  26. It is bold. I think the silhouette is pretty and feminine, and I like the abstract floral in the ruana. But the colors are a challenge. It’s a climate bias. If I lived in the (mostly) cool NW, I probably wouldn’t notice. But because I live in a city where we often have summer temperatures over 100 degrees, the warmth of the outfit is a little intense. Visually, it looks hot.

    I’m also struggling with the blue and black in the hat band. Those colors aren’t represented anywhere else. I find it hard to believe that the store’s corporate stylist team included that particular hat with the ensemble. It looks like an adjunct addition. Maybe they sold out of the correct hat?

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