Natori: Creative, Silky Loungewear and Lingerie


Please, have a seat and let’s talk about loungewear and lingerie.  I confess this is an area where I have needed upgrades.  My family has ridiculed me often over ugly sleep shirts and frumpy nightgowns.  But, I never wanted to spend the money on anything I saw.  If I was going to spend money, I wanted my loungewear and pjs to say the same things about me that my day clothes do…and I just had trouble finding it.  Until now!

I am excited to introduce you to Natori, a new brand to me for creative lingerie and loungewear. My friends at Dillards introduced me to Natori.  But, though I met the brand there…I have not been paid a penny or given product for this post.  I just wanted you to know about the brand.  This brand has the look I wanted…and the feel and comfort of the fabrics is lovely.  It is comfy and cool for sleeping.  After doing a little research, I found it in several places.  This PJ set above is from Amazon.  Here are the links:

Abstract Palm

Solid Knit Night Gown

Congo PJ Set

But, at Dillards, I originally was introduced to this exercise bra…and it is amazing.  It took awhile for me to be convinced that I needed a higher priced workout bra, but I love it.  The support it gives me during my strength training classes is awesome.   I also found the silky loungewear tunic below that you saw in another post a couple of days ago:

Honestly, I would wear this out in public and I do not think anyone would know I found it in a lingerie department. I also think a look like this is good for a dinner party at home, a book club evening, or even a date night.   Natori has the designs and fabrics I have been looking for.  My husband thanked me…so I know I am on to something. (OK, perhaps I have put this off a little longer than I should) This brand has some very high end prices, but they also have very reasonable prices as well.  You just have to shop and you will find the same prices on items that you will see in other lingerie brands.  But if you want something super special…you will find it as well.  Enjoy the slideshow below…and don’t do what I did…don’t wait too much longer to up your loungewear game.




  1. I was introduced to this brand during a bra fitting at Nordstrom. Wonderful quality. It’s generally higher priced for my budget. As you suggested, I watch for sales and have also had good luck finding pieces at Nordstrom Rack online.

  2. Very pretty!! I am one who seeks out pretty pajamas. End-of-season sales are great for stocking up for the next year. The print on the ones you are wearing is beautiful! I’m a firm believer in feeling good about what I’m wearing, even for sleeping! Like pretty underwear, even if no one sees it, I know and it makes me feel feminine and pretty!

  3. I am desperately trying to find pretty sleepwear. I prefer short sleeved or sleeveless nightshirts or gowns. I am a hot sleeper & pajamas are just too warm. Most of the gowns I have spaghetti straps which are always falling down on my arms. I have several lovely robes & lots of pretty under garments, but my sleepwear could use an upgrade. Any suggestions?

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