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This may be a lifesaving post for someone, so please read with intention.  Omron Healthcare is having a special sale on their critical in-home healthcare supplies.  With a code they are providing to my readers, you can save until midnight on May 31 up to 30%.  This offer is with Stroke Awareness Month in mind which is also ending at the same time.  I am wearing my Omron Evolv above.

This little blood pressure device really turned my health around about a year ago.  Tracking my blood pressure on a daily basis at home, opened my eyes to the potential danger that lay ahead for me. What actually resulted after this project was a job change, because the stress from the job I was doing at that time was literally killing me.  You can read the final post in a series HERE.

I cannot say enough how important it is for someone busy as I am to have this device at home.  I am just not going to take the time to do this at the pharmacy, or special stops at the doctor.  Having it at home made the difference.  The Evolv is a great device because it hooks to an APP on your phone and you can keep your records there.

My husband loves the Omron TENS unit for pain management.  He is an off trail runner and always has an ache and a pain somewhere on him.  He says he recommends this unit and believes it has helped him.

But, if you struggle with up and down blood pressure…and are concerned about strokes or even heart issues, I do encourage you to consider an in-home blood pressure device.The new ones even monitor EKG.   Remember, this is a limited offer until midnight Friday, May 31.  If you use the code, FEELING40, you will receive an additional 10% off of the sale price which is 20%…so that is where the 30% off comes from.  I hope everyone remembers

Take Care of Yourself and KEEP SMILING!!


Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post but the words are my own.


  1. It’s really important to know our numbers. Another thing about doing this at home as opposed to frequent checks at the doctor is “white coat syndrome.” My blood pressure is typically higher at the doctor because I’m a nervous wreck when I go. I worked with lots of nurses so we checked frequently at work. Just better to do it when you are relaxed for a more accurate reading. I had a cardiac nurse tell me that readings aren’t the same for everyone. One person’s ‘elevated’ may be another person’s normal. So it’s important to know our personal normal and then track. This post is a good reminder. It’s important to look after our health so we can live our best lives.

  2. I was in the same boat several years ago. The stress of my job was playing havoc with my blood pressure. My doctor told me to get out of the office at lunchtime, walk around, decompress. When our office moved across country, I worked through the move, but declined to go to the new office. The relief was palpable. It took several months before I felt like myself again. Nothing is worth that sort of stress – life is too short and we need to take care of ourselves!

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