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Happy first Saturday in May, everyone, and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer!  We go about town and find mannequins which make us wonder what our audiences would think of the styles.  Then we ask you to tell us if you would wear the look or not.  I apologize for the picture through the window but this white topper caught my immediate attention when walking through the mall.  This is a retailer which caters to all ages and sizes of women and I suspect many of you have shopped there.  So, I wondered what you would think of this.

Give us your personal opinion about why or why not it works for you and then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think about hers.  After that, I hope you will look at some of the beautiful pieces I have in my slideshow…might be a Mother’s Day gift wish list item there.  Let’s begin, look over my mannequin wearing white, and tell us






  1. Strange? Over jean shorts? Hmmmmm. This just doesn’t speak to me, in either color. It reminds me of a silky robe. I guess I’m out if the loop on what us fashionable . I would wear this over a short nightgown in similar fabric.

    What are they thinking?

  2. Really?!I would never wear this! It looks too flimsy to wear out and ONLY perhaps over a swim suit as a coverup would it be okay!

  3. No to the white duster. I really don’t like the skin showing between the waist ties and the jean top, and the patches on the jeans = NO! The dress/top on the left looks interesting. I would like to see all of it in another color.

  4. I would never wear any item in the greenish color on the left. I would not wear the outfit on the right because the proportions of the top are off, and I don’t wear distressed jeans ever.

  5. I wouldn’t have a place or a reason to wear this. It’s a no for me. All the skin showing…just no. It would be okay around the house as a robe, I guess, but that is clearly not it’s purpose. I think for a teenager who likes a bohemian style, this might work. Ripped jeans have never appealed to me. I don’t understand why that look continues to hang on. I have seen young women in ripped jeans that are extremely revealing, and it looks cheap and trashy. The one in the foreground, also a huge no. The color….who would be flattered by that color? And the baggy style…I have never liked a drawstring waist. To me, it cheapens the look of the garment. The bow looks all wrong…but it’s the color here that is really bad. “No” on both! I know you only asked about the white one, but the other one being so out there…

  6. I like the border on the white jacket but that’s about it. Hard to tell, but the fabric looks like it is linen, which means it would be wrinkle city in about half an hour.

  7. I’d wear this over my swimsuit in a heartbeat. Nice amount of coverage, yet it doesn’t look too hot.

  8. Uhhhh….no. Looks like a robe that is missing some parts….looks like it would feel like wearing some kind of a straight -jacket. I hope I don’t sound too critical (but I probably do), but this “topper” looks like a waste of money. The sash and wide sleeves (not to mention exposed belly) just does not cut it with me.

  9. The duster would be adorable on a young, trim woman or a fit middle aged person I could see this being worn to a summer lawn concert. It’s the type of look that requires confidence to pull off.

  10. Absolutely not! It looks like a bathrobe gone wrong! Though there is nothing that I like about it, for me the worst part is the bare stomach area which would expose surgical scars that I would rather keep covered.

  11. Well, you did keep your comment very personal. Thanks for sharing Elaine.

  12. I love white linen tops but not this. Maybe if it has a more complete front.
    However, I do like the green one. I would wear this in a different color with leggings.

  13. Looks like it would be nice as a swimsuit coverup but just not suitable for my lifestyle. I’m afraid my friends would think I’d finally gone over the edge. So that’s a no for me.

  14. Thanks Donna…we don’t want anyone thinking we have gone over the edge!

  15. I can see the white top as a poolside cover-up for one of my granddaughters but it’s definitely not something I would wear. I can’t imagine why the stylist thought this should be worn over jean shorts!

  16. No and No for me-with those sleeves I wouldn’t wear it even as a beach coverup (and it would leave your stomach sticking out). I would look like I was wearing my grandmother’s tablecloth! And I too, as one of the above ladies remarked, wish the distressed jeans look would go away.

  17. Oh my … I have to say no to both.

    The white top is extremely trendy. Overall, I don’t think it is a flattering style and I would only work on very young and very thin women.

    The top/dress on the other mannequin looks okay but the color is not appealing to me.

    This is always such an interesting post, Pam! Thank you!

  18. This is a younger person’s top. But, I suppose a very fit middle age woman whose tastes run to a bohemian style could make it look very stylish. Alas, that person is not me (never was me, to be honest!). If I had to wear it, I would be constantly fussing with it, rearranging the tie, making sure it didn’t drag on the floor if I sat down, etc. Nope – let’s leave it on the rack.

  19. No to both. The color of the dress would be most unflattering on me. The white topper would drag the ground on me, & I certainly would not want my midriff exposed since I don’t have the abs for that. As others have noted, it does remind me of a robe. The practical side of me refuses to pay good money for distressed jeans. I can hear my mother’s voice in my head saying, “What possessed you to buy jeans with holes in them?”

  20. I would pass on these. IMHO, they’re for a younger girl who wants to dress very trendy. On a lady my age (who usually goes with a more classic style), they would probably look like they are (or should be) a swim cover-up or robe.

  21. Oh, my! The thought of my stomach hanging out of that white thing. Never in a million years.

  22. I like the boho look to the topper, but I don’t know if I could carry it off. I definitely would have worn in the 70s! The color of the other one is weird.

  23. I would pass on both of these fashion mannequins. One as the colour is unflattering and the other as it shows too much skin and it is jusst not me!

  24. Hi from Italy!
    No, I don’t like it. I don’t wear shorts and I would not wear it over a swimsuit, It doesnt cover enough ? To say the true I think it could be ok for a top model only

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