How I Style My New Light Colored Jeans

Yes, it’s Friday and what better way is there than for me to celebrate the return of lighter colored jeans and scarves to my life, so here is how I styled them.  Some of the wardrobe pieces I have not been wearing as often as I use two are these pieces. I  have not owned a lighter pair of jeans for some time, because the darker wash really is more flattering and, I think, takes a denim style up a notch.  They just look “less casual” to me.  But, after losing some weight, I have been ready to introduce light denim back into my casual wardrobe.  And JJill was where I found the fit I liked the best.  I feel good in these for casual wear, but when I want to take things up a notch (yet still be in jeans) I still go with the darker color.

There was a time in my life, my nickname was The Scarf Lady because I wore scarves often.  I guess it was so excessive that I walked away from it …yet, held on to the large collection I own.  Scarves are so wonderful because they can be found at any price point and most often the ones I have found on thrift hunts have been in excellent condition.  Lately, I have returned to scarves again. This silk scarf is a new favorite I think because of the colors in it…soft with a pop of reds.  I liked it with this outfit and actually wore it for casual Friday last week.

Now, I do not wear as many scarves in warm weather only because they are hot around my neck.  However, I am happy to have them back in my life and will be wearing them more often now….especially next fall.

The white top is an Eileen Fisher button knit tunic I got on clearance about three or four years ago and I think it makes a very comfortable and casual topper for a look like this.

So, does everyone here own more than one shade of denim for your jeans, or is there one shade you only wear?  Please share why and how you came to this decision for your style?   The slideshow below is full of Mother’s Day gift ideas…for you…or others!  And, as always….



  1. I know what you’re saying about dark wash denim. It really is flattering (like dark black jeans are also flattering) and dressier. I have light wash jeans that I wear for casual and I like them a lot. To me, there is an element of youthfulness about them. I’m not trying to look or be younger than I am, I have accepted that I’m the age I am. At the same time, I don’t want to look “old”, so I enjoy the lighter washes in jeans to keep my look modern and fresh. Actually, they look really nice with a navy blazer. I like what you’ve done here with your jeans. As for scarves, I wear them all year. My summer ones are very light, and if it’s really hot, I just drape one around my neck without tying it so it’s not as suffocating! Your scarf is a beauty!

    1. Happy Friday! I agree, there is something youthful about the light denim. Thanks for starting us off with a great comment!

    2. I don’t have any light jeans in my wardrobe. I don’t like “me” in them, nit the jeans itself. I just look better in a darker rinse or deep deep baby blue.

      I wear white jeans, capris and tan summer pants if the cut flatters my shape. I have no lighter blue in my wardrobe of pants, jeans or otherwise.

      Yours look good, however. Love the white topper with neck scarf!

  2. I have been wearing dark wash denim exclusively for the same reasons you wear them. I think they look a little dressier and they are more slimming. But as the spring approaches and I’ve been wearing my dark wash jeans all winter , they are starting to look worn and faded….and not in a good way. I think I’ll try some lighter colored jeans/capris for the summer. I’m lucky enough not to have to work in the summer so don’t have to be as mindful of looking “dressed up”… I only usually wear scarves with my coats but have started looking for bigger scarves that double as a wrap or shawl that I can use when the air conditioning is too cold and I don’t want to carry a sweater. They’re so easy to tuck in your bag and look so pretty!
    Thanks, as always, for your suggestions and inspiration!!!

    1. Happy shopping! I did not see as many good options for the lighter wash, but with perseverance I found a pair I like and have a good fit. I think you will enjoy them, Linda.

  3. I love the lighter jeans in the summer with a white tee for causal and a crisp white shirt if I need to be a little more dressed up. Then add your own style.

  4. Great look, Pam! I like to wear lighter jeans in the warmer months, but like you find darker washes more flattering and polished. Fun pop of red in your scarf!

  5. I’m not really a denim wearer altho’ I own a dark wash jegging and a white denim ankle for summer. Just have never jumped on the denim bandwagon–don’t even have the ubiquitous denim jacket. However, I am also known for my scarves. They transform an outfit and pull together colors like a miracle worker. I love shopping for scarves at museum stores especially and have found some beauties. I’ve found that too many of the scarves today tend to get too bulky and have way more material than I need, so I stick with silk for the lack of weight and lack of bulk. Have some lovely cotton scarves just hanging at home—I should really Goodwill them, I think.

    1. Yes…always love what I find at the museum shops. Thanks for mentioning it, Carol.

  6. Surprisingly, as I usually wear only blue denim, but in a variety of washes-the jeans I get the most compliments on are a pale orchid lavender color I got from Chico’s this spring. They make me feel happy to wear them, and look nice with a white jeans jacket or even black tops. I wore them with the white jacket and a scarf this spring, and will continue to wear them this summer. I like my scarves folded diagonally then in a wide strip, laid on the shoulders, then the jacket on top, so the ends of the scarf just peek out along the front of the jacket. This way there’s nothing hot around my neck and if it gets to be too much I just take it off. Also this way the scarf can be used as a wrap if the jacket is too much.

  7. Jeans were not part of my work wardrobe but since I retired 8 years ago I wear them often in cooler weather I have the same brand of straight leg jeans in black, dark wash and a medium blue. I also have 2 identical pair (the second pair was on clearance for $10 and I couldn’t resist!) of light blue but they have a more relaxed fit that I wear around the house or when I want to be very casual. This winter my favorite “jeans” have been the denim leggings from Hue that I bought in a medium and dark wash. My favorite jean for warmer weather is a jean skirt! I have several shades of medium blue, a dark wash and one in black.

    1. When you find a brand and fit that works, why not have them in all shades? You are a smart shopper, Nancy!

  8. I have darker wash ones for winter and all kinds from stripes to peach to pink to white for summer. I agree the dark wash look more dressy, especially with heels and a blazer. Love the scarf. I have several but live in the deep south and seldom wear in the summer. I gave several to a women’s shelter but still have a lot. They add pizazz to the simplest of outfits.

    1. I really am only wearing a scarf like this in spring when it is slightly cooler…I rarely wear them around my neck in the summer.

  9. I only own jeans – different washes/colors/cuts. I buy what fits, firstly. I like light washes with light colors. Even with a variety of colors, I reach for the blues the most.

    1. Thanks Lily…I am sure when the day comes that I retire, I will wear jeans…most of the time. I appreciate you stopping by!

  10. Good morning Pam, as usual I’m late to the party and catching up on your posts. First off you look great! I love the entire outfit. I am not fan of jeans in general, but as I am loosing weight I did purchase a darker pair. I am so condition to wearing dark pants, that is what I still gravitate towards. You last few posts, including the pink pair from the other day, have inspired me to at least look and try on. Now let’s discuss the scarf, absolutely love it! I never thought to wear a longer scarf over to the side as you have styled. Co-workers are continually telling me to stop wearing scarfs because I am “covering up.” This style just opened my closet to a whole new wardrobe selection. Thanks for the tip. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Betty! I can see where the covering up of scarves can be an issue when done too often. I do prefer the open look of a V neck with necklaces. You’ve given us something to think about!

  11. I can spot a Ralph Lauren scarf in no time at all.

    I always go through scarves at thrifts. I think that often by the time families go through clothing that unless there is something they particularly remember and liked they donate everything.
    My rule is that I don’t buy anything that isn’t silk and I can tell, even if the label is cut out, if something is silk.

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