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Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer!  When I started Would You Wear It, I did so because I wanted this audience to help retailers and fashion merchandisers succeed.  Though I obviously spend a great amount of time online, I really love to shop in store and hate to see so many retailers forced to close locations or even their entire brand.  Good marketing is one of the primary tools to helping businesses succeed.

But, Would You Wear It became a place for women to get advice from other women on how to wear particular garments.  It has

been a favorite because girls love to talk clothes with other girls?  Right?  Today, I want you to think about giving advice to the retailers as well as your “girlfriends” here.  What would you say to a store manager about this display?  There is at least one for sure manager who reads this post weekly and she is with a major retailer.  This is not her store, but we can all learn from one another.

Just be constructive, ladies.  Being rude about displays or clothing other women like doesn’t help anyone.  Let’s practice constructive, kind advice when we comment.  So what do you think about this one.


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  1. I used to work for J.Jill. Our mannequins were dressed from detailed instructions from the brand. We would steam the clothes first. Then, you use pins to take in the clothes to give them the proper fit. And, you must accessorize to make the outfit look complete and give it character. Yes, this takes time. But more importantly, it created sales!!

  2. Of late, semi formal and formal attire has taken a back seat in my life. I simply have no place to wear such looks. Most of our family weddings have already “happened” and it will be awhile until my friends’ and my own grandchildren tie the knot. Restaurants around here have morphed to really casual and even the playhouses seem to attract a more classic wardrobe…Blazers, nice slacks or skirts with cami and cardigan dressed up with the right jewelry. Dresses like these? Just don’t see them!
    If, however, I Were to choose one…Id go with the peach dress.

  3. Well, first off, I think the peach outfit would do much better with a steaming to get rid of the wrinkles. I am not a fan of the torn hem look on anything so that would be a no for me. I was thinking that the floral was beautiful but I would tuck in the top and belt it with a slight blouson look, and that made me think perhaps they could offer two alternatives of the same dress to show versatility. I would definitely wear the floral (tucked in with a belt). It looks so fresh.

    1. Sorry Pam, I didn’t mean for my comment to be taken as a slight against you and my deepest apologies! I guess I am angry that a fashion designer or manufacturer would pass this sort of rubbish onto us. I respect you and your blog and enjoy it very much, I am truly sorry. My bad!!!

      1. Judy, I appreciate the apology very much. I read it to be more than you apparently meant it. I did not want anyone to think I selected this because I was promoting the look. I was pretty shocked when I saw it on display. Thanks for your clarification! All smiles! ?

  4. I don’t have to even look long to say a resounding “no!!!” This to me is how I picture ‘matronly’. The color of the pinkish dress is, to me, an unflattering, muddy color. Both dresses have a loose, kind of sloppy style. And those shoes/sandals with the pink dress are so wrong, what were they thinking?! I would pass right by these two. The length, “style”, and colors of each garment are a big no for me! I do like some things in the slideshow, however!

      1. I would consider the outfit on the left. It appears to be a top and skirt. I like the print for summer. The out fit on the right….no way! It is the opposite of the outfit it is paired with. The dull , dusky color is difficult to wear. It is shapeless and looks tattered and unfinished. A good steaming might help, but overall it is most unattractive!

  5. I like mannequins when they include accessories, especially a purse. This dress is a pretty color but I think the multitude of layers is distracting.

  6. No to this dress. Too much material and the color is not for me. The layers on the skirt – too much. I would look like i’m hiding something in this. I don’t like the top either too gauzy. The sandals are all wrong for this. Happy Saturday!

  7. I like long dresses but neither of these would suit me – wrong colours and shape. Also, I like dresses I can wear to work and for other occasions.

  8. I might wear the peachy top, I do like the gauzy look of it. The skirt is a bit too much with the layers & the torn hem, I just don’t like that sloppy look.

  9. I would pass on both of these – primarily because my life doesn’t include fancy dress occasions. Of the 2 the patterned one drew my attention first, the peach solid color one seems too busy for a shorter heavier woman. I’m with others that a good steaming would help but I also would be concerned that every time I wore it I would need to steam it first- too much work.

  10. The first words that come to mind here are ‘ill-fitting’- never a look you want to go for! The skirt looks poorly finished. The top is not bad and I think the color of the top is nice, more peachy ? than the skirt which appears mauve, and as someone else said, kind of ‘muddy’. Same color on top & bottom here would be an improvement. I would not wear it, as I don’t need anything that makes me appear bigger than I already am, and I think this shapeless dress would do just that.

  11. The whole display is just dull, and even though just a dress, it looks somehow messy. I know a lot of stores can’t do anything creative because their corporate offices dictate what is displayed and also due to theft issues. If, for example, a pair of shoes or bag were propped next to the mannequin, they would be shoplifted. I understand their issues, but on the mannequin, they could have added a necklace, maybe a bracelet, or a nice bag with a shoulder chain strap. Metallics or a contrasting dark color (chocolate?) might do a little to revive a garment that is just fleshy looking on a blah mannequin. That said, I think retailers and manufacturers spend too much on special occasion/trendy/unusual looks to stand out. Inevitably these end up on clearance. Yet, I buy mostly basics several times a year at near regular price, and at most, one really special occasion/just this occasion dress a year. I spend quite a bit on clothes since I like them and work full time, and I’m increasingly drawn to on line shopping because that’s where the quality basics seem to “live” these days.

  12. The dress on the left has such low armholes it would require a camisole. . And what is the point of having to add extra layers to a hot summer day dress? This often seems to be the case now and I think is a reflection of current fast fashion, unstructured to fit one and all. The industry doesn’t adapt to the customer, the customer has to adapt to the industry. As for the peachy dress. I wouldn’t buy it because I have no where to wear it. It looks like a fancy dress but I’m wondering with the odd choice of sandals if the want us to think of it as a bohemian look. There’s a lot going on there but I would love to try it on because with my long lean body type I think I could carry it off and it might look really smashing on me. Unfortunately I don’t go to many summer garden parties which is pretty much the only place I can imagine one could wear it.

  13. I might wear the gauzy, tiered skirt if it was a different color and I was on a tropical vacation. Otherwise the colors and shape do not work for me. Gone are the days when most retailers pay to have employees steam new clothes…and it’s a shame.

  14. I know the wrinkles look is in fashion but it does appear that the pink dress skirt portion needs a touch of steaming . I do love that they have included the shoes in the display. I believe the flowered dress needs accessories ; a necklace or a cropped lightweight cardigan or wrap. Displays are important to me . Most clothing looks completely different on a body. I think both dresses look current. I would probably lean toward the flowered one because I have more of an hourglass figure. The peach dress could be elegant on more of a rectangle or Apple . I think it was nice to see two very different options on display .

  15. I agree with Karen above. This is just a big no! Almost to the point of being a joke. There are so many beautiful options to choose from out there. I love you Pam but this is just an insult. Sorry.

    1. Just curious, Judy. Why Are you making this about me? I am giving you an opportunity to tell retailers what you think about their merchandising… I am not about showing you in this space what I think everyone will like. Why would this be an insult from me?

      1. As I wrote above, I want you to tell merchandisers why something does or does not work to attract the over 50 Female consumer. I will say right now I selected this display because I was shocked it would be done. I think it is horrific as a display. Still surprised Judy would think I was promoting it!

  16. Who knows, this may hit the spot for some beleaguered mother-of-the-bride/groom who needs an outfit in these colors and needs to buy separates because of figure issues.
    It can be frustrating to shop for those kind of one-off events where you have color/style/figure constraints and you’re not in the mood to spend a fortune on an outfit you are not likely to wear again.

    So for me, maybe…

  17. This display would not entice me to even try on this dress. The dress looks wrinkled and the shoes are wrong for the style of the dress. As to the dress itself, I don’t care for the color and the style would not be a good look on my curvy body.

  18. When I was in retail there used to be a person specializing in display who was in charge of all the displays (smallish store). This position seems to have disappeared from stores. It is appalling how garments are displayed, starting with the item not being pressed.
    I supposed all the budget goes in photography for the internet.
    I have been entranced with a display in a window which seduced me into entering a store—not much any more,
    I enjoy reading the thoughtful comments from your readers.

  19. Too formal for my current lifestyle. This is not my color. suggest getting rid of the wrinkles and adding accessories.

  20. I prefer to shop in store because I like to feel the garments & try them on for fit. It becomes tedious & sometimes expensive to return things.
    As to today’s Would You Wear It, both dresses would be a no for me. The pink dress has too much doing on for my taste. I prefer simple classic looks even for dress up occasions, which these days are few & far between. The pleats on the print dress would not flatter my figure.

  21. I prefer formal dresses to be one piece (but others may prefer the two piece) and I prefer a more tailored style (the pink dress just looks like a hot mess to me) so the styling may be perfect for someone who prefer that bohemian look but I wouldn’t be tempted to try it on. Don’t those shoes seem a bit casual for the outfit (or is that a trending look?) I do like a sleeve so the floral dress isn’t my style either (although the fabric is a nice print). The armholes look like they’re quite generous!

  22. I usually go with my first impression….I like both dresses. The peachy/pink could/should have been displayed much better and given pretty accessories (those shoes though!). I picture the dress on a “real” body, with the wrinkles gone and a woman’s curves accentuated. This dress probably looks very pretty and flow-y actually. I like the sleeveless ecru background with the pastel flowers. The long stems give the eye a vertical line to follow (overall flattering). Wearing with attractive sandals, summery clutch, and delicate necklace (clear lucite or crystal necklace with the peach; turquoise or pinkish crystal choker with the patterned dress, and several bangles on the arm), these dresses could be saved! The stylist in the store should really pay more attention to detail to ensure these frocks are truly appreciated for the little beauties they are!

  23. For my petite body type, the only way I could wear either of these selections would be to chose the tops only. I’d need to pair the floral with with a shrug as I don’t do sleeveless anymore, besides the obvious fact of the gaping armholes. The dusty pink top, though not a good color choice for me, looks like it might disguise numerous arm issues many of face (bat wings, crepey skin, etc.) lol Either top might be a nice evening look paired with a pair of black cigarette or slim leg pants. To my taste, the casual shoes paired with the ensemble on the right is a big no. And now to the bigger issue with this display: perhaps as Jennifer informed us, there is no budget anymore for an employee to steam clothing , but why in the world would anyone put the terribly wrinkled clothing on the right on display? This is a real head scratcher.

  24. The color is beautiful however the amount of flowing material for me is too much! It would engulf me. I could see this on a tall (5’10” ) thin woman.
    Thank you Pam!

  25. I am sitting here in a tee I bought in the exact color of the skirt! Obviously, I love the color! I am finding it hard to match with other colors. Even though I like float-y and embroidery this is just too much. Also the shoes look clunky with the float-y pieces. But the colors…sigh!

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