11 Months on Chamonix and Brighter than Ever

It has been 11 months since I began using Chamonix skincare products exclusively and I am still a huge fan…my skin has has never been brighter.  I simply love these products! All natural, plant based and I really believe they are helping me to be my best self at at 65 and three-quarters…but who’s counting?  I have tried several of their products and have not been disappointed with any of them but my top recommendation remains the ones below….

I begin each morning with a light exfoliation and this Genucel DFS Serum..  It is incredible and made from plant cells.  I really believe this is what brightens my skin the most and keeps it hydrated. After I use the serum, I use these products:

I put the Genucel XV Anti-Wrinkle Treatment on next.  It really does go a long way…I only use a dab under my makeup.  Then I use it again at night for my night cream.

This is what I am using under my eyes….The Triple Action Eye treatment for bags & puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet.  It also helps the areas around my eyes to be brighter.

I use the serum on my neck first, and then follow it up with this new jawline treatments.  I am super pleased with this combo.  I needed a tighter neck!

I cannot recommend Chamonix products enough.  They are excellent and since beginning the treatments, I use nothing else.  Happy Friday, everyone!


Disclaimer  I was gifted this product, but the review is written with my own words.


  1. Hi Pam,
    What is your opinion of the Immediate Effects and the Eyelid treatment?

  2. I like the eyelid treatment and use it almost every day. Since I am over 60, I liked the Genucel cream better than Immediate Results. I saw more results with Genucel. Thanks!

  3. Please show a side by side photo comparison. I am looking to change up my skin care routine and would love to see the change.

  4. Let me see what I can do. May take a little time to get something that reflects what I see.

  5. Hi Martha, Stop by my post on Sunday (May 19), I am going to post a before and after picture for you!

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