Another step in my Reinvented Style Journey

I told all of you in January that I was going to do a reinvention touch up this year, and it has been a step by step process.  The most recent step was how I dress to work events.

Recently, I had to work an event downtown in front of The Alamo.  It was going to either be a clear and hot day, or a rain soaked muggy day.  It ended up being a little bit of both.  It is a challenge when I have to work as a reporter…stay cool…professional…and mobile.  Below, is how I typically dressed to work events like this.

However, I wanted to lighten the look, but still be professional, with more color. San Antonio is a colorful, multicultural city and when working a San Antonio event, I wanted a touch of that style. I took the look below and still wore it with my sneakers and my leather backpack bag…free hands are so important when working a camera and taking notes.


You will notice in the first picture I also wore this with a black tank.  It is that slimming, column style I like and I felt perfect in this look.  I never got hot…OK, maybe a little (but from sun, not clothing)…and my sneakers kept me on the move easily.  They looked great with this look.  I am pleased with taking my event wear up a little and it provided the needed confidence to walk up to key people and interview them.

Is there any part of your style you have really changed up lately?  Please share if you like, and enjoy the slide show below.






  1. That’s a beautiful jacket, love the color! I like the column of black underneath and use the column dressing a lot myself. It’s something that always works. While the former look is still very nice, this is more interesting. I can sure think of lots of places to wear the black, white and jeans. I’m finding that I still take time to dress nicely each day even though I’m no longer working away from home. I had purchased quite a few tee shirts in good colors thinking they’d be more or less a uniform when I was home, and I’m not wearing them very often! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of dressing up. It seems to be a confidence booster and makes me more productive!

  2. The shell accessories really make this look. I’ve added a bit more neutralish pink (the blush kind, or one with a bit of beige, not true pink) to my wardrobe, which I usually wear with leopard, navy or chocolate. I’ve also traded out my totes for clutches when going out, even casually. I’m on the hunt for a larger, neutral, saddle brown clutch that will accommodate a true wallet. It’s been surprisingly hard to find at a reasonable price point.

  3. Now that I have the basics, I decided to purposely add color to my wardrobe, too. That colorful jacket is perfect for you! Still love your newer hairstyle, too.

  4. You look marvelous. Love the look! Love the lime(? ) jacket! Is an older piece or still available? Thank you!

  5. Hi Connie,
    Thanks so much. This is an older piece. Wish I could find it for you!

  6. This is a Chico’s necklace and one of my favorite pieces. If I find one (the bag), I will let you know, Linda.

  7. I completely agree. I am much more productive on the weekends if I fix up a little. Good point, Karen.

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