Fashion Inspiration: Watching What Other Women Wear

There is inspiration all around us, and while the blogs are a great place to see what women are wearing, I also love to watch women around me and learn and receive inspiration from them.  This past week was a gathering of the San Antonio chapter of Fashion Group International and I have been honored to be a part of this organization for a few years.  Such vibrant, inspirational women…and you may be surprised to know, all very kind and down-to-earth.

I have introduced you to this lovely lady before, Xitlalt (marketing director of our local Neiman Marcus).  She is my personal style icon and such an inspiration in the areas of community service and mentorship to others.  I always make note of what Xitlalt is wearing.  This is a simple pair of white pants, with a beautiful white top, 3 different gold necklaces, and a large silk scarf thrown over the look.  She is also wearing several gold bangles.  Now, while her selections were probably much more higher end than mine would be, I immediately thought…I can do this!  I could style a very similar look and make it work…and I plan to try.  She always inspires me with her chic, creative style.  Because of Xitlalt, I am in search of the perfect pair of metallic sneakers…she wore them to an event in New York recently and I loved the entire style.

Here, I was inspired by the color and her shoes…oh yes, great shoes!

These lovely ladies inspired me with their accessorizing!  I never would have tried that bow with that top…but I love it and might try it now.  Maybe I am a little bit of a fashion stalker, but this is how I learn, grow, step out of my comfort zone, and have some fun with fashion.  It is women around me who always inspire me to do just that.  And, make note, all of these ladies have lovely smiles as their number one accessory!!

I wanted to share with you what Xitlalt had on her Instagram this past weekend.  She inspires me in many ways.

Tell me about someone in your life who inspires you or if you have a style icon, please share what type of style they are helping you to try yourself.  I have selected in the slideshow below some items which might achieve looks like you see here.  Hope you enjoy seeing real women out leading their lives!




  1. I like to people watch also, but you can take it to the next level. Thanks for the great shots and I can certainly see why Xitlalt is such an inspiration. You are the reason I purchased my first kimono. Not just the shoes in the second photo, that necklace is gorgeous. Thanks for more inspiration Pam.

    1. I am also a people watcher. It is so interesting to see how other women are dressing, and sometimes I do see something I try with pieces in my wardrobe that I had not considered before. Whether online or in person, I’m looking for components that I have that can be used in new ways. My style icon has always been Grace Kelly. Her simple, classy style inspires me still. It’s fun to see the events you attend. You captu6such a good variety of styles! I really like the top you ate wearing very much!

  2. I am inspired by women everywhere I go. There are always little bits to take away and try to interpret my own way. I love that silk scarf casually tossed over here shoulders.

    1. I’ve always worn “too much” jewelry, and have been stacking my gold bangles since the 80s. Nice to see them on Xitlalt and see them back in fashion again. I also love a bracelet or two on the same wrist as a chunky watch. The latter is a way to stay current without having to buy a whole new outfit. It’s super interesting how Xitlalt takes the delicate, layered necklace look that’s so popular now and ramps it up with such thick, statement pieces … fashion genius. But while I wear scarves a ton, and many are large enough to be wraps, I can never get the hang of them worn that way. They feel fussy, draggy, off balance, in the way. If you have ideas for how to do this, I’d love to see what you come up with.

  3. I have been admiring the style of a lady at church. She has interesting jackets, & her accessories are always just right.

      1. Yes I love watching other women’s fashion picks to get ideas. I also check out how clothing stores display outfits!

  4. I love being a part of FGI Saint Louis and have enjoyed meeting Xitlalt and a few of your other board members at the annual FGI director’s conference the past few years!

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