Would You Wear It With Pam & Jennifer

Happy Saturday, everyone and welcome to our regular collaboration called Would You Wear it with me and my good friend, Jennifer.  We locate fashion displays where we are and bring them to you for your thoughts.  We ask that you tell us if you would or would not wear what you see on the display and explain your reasons.  Readers love to see what the other ladies have to say.

First tell us what you think of my display above, then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her display.  Then I also hope you will enjoy the slide show below.  So, what do you think?


For those who are celebrating Father’s Day, I hope you have fun with family.  I will be here tomorrow to tell you what I think of this display.  Lot’s of fun ahead!



  1. No I wouldn’t wear either outfit. They do not look very summery to me. I am only 5’6” and I need a dress that’s a little form fitting that would look terrible on my shape. The black top and wide leg crops look hot and not much fun to me.

  2. I would try the dress. I do like the color and the style, I just don’t like how her fashions are always shown with such clunky shoes. I think it spoils the look. I do see the message she sends with her styles. It’s not mine in particular, yet I appreciate the quality. My sister is am EF collector, and it does suit her. The dress is beautiful, with other shoes! I would wear it as is, adding another piece of clothing would interfere with its simplicity. The other outfit, probably would pass. I did try EF wide leg crops in the store and actually loved how I looked in them. They were slightly longer than shown here. This appears more as a skirt. While the top is nice, the neckline is not flattering for me. I would be more inclined to wear it with slim jeans, or even wide leg pants. My solution for the neckline would be a long necklace to create a “v”, as shown. I do appreciate the simplicity of EF styles. That is appealing. I’m going to make sure my sister sees this! She will love it!

  3. I would not wear this. I don’t see the appeal of Eileen Fisher clothing and this is a good example. Too baggy for me. I like the fabric of the green dress, but too baggy. Happy Saturday.

  4. I like the pieces on the left, but I wouldn’t wear them together. The dress on the right would make me look like a slumpy potato sack!

  5. I’m not a huge fan because her clothes don’t have much shape to them and the one organic linen top I own has been the worst piece of clothing ever. But… I would try the dress because of the colour and the fabric. Topped off with a jean jacket and different shoes. I’d also wear it with a thin knit top or tee underneath with a cool pair of booties. Make it more stylish, not so frumpy.
    I’d also try the cropped pants, one could have fun with those.

  6. I appreciate the quality of Eileen Fisher and wear her … at least 2 sizes down from my normal. The boxy midsections suit my apple tummy, but as shown are just too baggy. I would definitely try on the black top and dress. I’m hoping the baggy crop is a flash in the pan for fashion, as it’s awful on me (yes, I did try a pair or 2 on to make sure). I think the color combo is interesting and seasonless. These could be ramped up with big necklaces and scarves.

  7. Sorry. I would wear neither of these outfits. In fact the dress looks like a nightgown to me. Green I love but not paired with black and not this shade. The top on the left is boxy and I think, unflattering on most shapes.

  8. Eeeek. Nightgowny and dowdy. The color of the dress is pretty and the fabric looks nice, but who could realistically wear that dress? The outfit with the black top and bottom piece (what IS that bottom piece?) doesn’t look as though it would be flattering on anyone.

  9. Sorry, it’s a no to the top and dress. The pants are similar to the post of Jennifer’s, however, which I liked, it in a different color. I would like these in a different material – something more sturdy.

  10. I prefer more fitted styles so the pieces do not tempt me to try them on. The green is one of my colors and I might try the dress, it looks comfortable for a hot summer day but would wear a shrug or t shirt with it (can’t go without a bra!).
    The skort and top on the left need something to pull it together- it looks like someone put them outfit on the mannequin and forgot the accessories. I might wear the pieces in fall with some gold accessories or a multi color scarf and jacket.

  11. Yes, yes, yes! I LOVE the dress and would pair it with one of my mesh-like sweaters since I never show my arms above the elbow. LOL Eileen Fisher is a favorite of mine, as I live near one of her Company stores in the Chicago area and purchase the pieces at a substantial reduction from regular retail prices. ?

    The fabrics of Eileen Fisher are absolutely wonderful, and I consider her pieces to be timeless. Her pieces constitute the backbone of my wardrobe, and ai particularly love the color of this dress.

  12. None of these pieces are appealing to me. They’re too dark & those aren’t good colors for me. They’re also a bit too shapeless.

  13. Not my color…but wouldn’t the dress be super on a tall voluptuous redhead??!
    The black shirt looks so useful for fall. Would be good with grey will skacks or skirt and pearls.
    Satin in summer is too too for me!

  14. Yes, I would wear it. The dress I would wear with a denim jacket, blazer, cashmere shawl, silk kimono or a lovely sweater to add structure. The flow of the silk can not be seen in the photo. It is quite elegant. This dress would fold up to nothing. I like the shoes too, but a flat sandal would work as well. A panama hat and flip flops would be cute for the toned woman. The black top I would wear with pants. I am not certain about the skirt. It does not fit my lifestyle.

  15. I would not wear either as they would not flatter. I have a few EF pieces but find I have to be careful. Some pieces are just shapeless. I do like the quality of her clothing and shoes.

  16. Good morning, I have to agree with Janet as I am also an EF fan. Both outfits suit my taste. I actually have the dress from the Company store in a sage green that I wore with a black fitted EF jacket for a work fundraising Gala and received many compliments. I wore it with black mules and I’m barely 5”5’. I also like that EF recycles all their clothing. You can return any EF item to them in any condition, moth holes, stained, etc. and receive 5.00 off any other item. I returned 15 old items to them and purchased a pair of jeans, win, win in my book. Look on line to see how this program works. Enjoy the weekend. Betty

  17. This does not feel like a summer color to me. I’m only 5’ 2” so style is not proportional for my height. The spaghetti straps would mean you’d probably have to go braless or buy a strapless bra to accommodate such skinny straps and I just don’t know too many ladies over 50 that would do that! It is shapeless and looks more like lingerie. The crops and too are another shapeless outfit I wouldn’t wear. To me the black and green combo is very severe. I do like EF clothing but they do tend to be shapeless and boxy. I get frustrated with seeing displays in the stores cause I look to them for guidance on what’s new and fashionable and wonder if this is their best representation of their line. This display would not catch my eye other than to wonder who the heck put it together! Love your posts!

  18. I wouldn’t wear the dress or the crop pants as neither the colour nor the shape suit me. I like the black top and would try it on in a store. EF tends to be boxy and loose on me but the occassional piece works. I have a friend who wears lots of EF and it works for her.

  19. My first reaction to these outfits was no and no, but then, I tend to look through the prism of my petite frame. I do like the black top (nice sheen to the fabric) and would wear it if it came in a petite size. I like the soft green color of the pant/skirt, but not the shape. I would change it to a skinny pant, and add a mid-size heel. As for the dress, the more I looked at it, the more I liked the fabric design (but not the shapelessness). Watching the Nordstrom video suggesting that this dress could be belted was a revelation! Perhaps I could wear this dress after all. I would add a topper like a shrug sweater

  20. I’m really liking that color of green this year. I’m short and over weight so I believe both of these styles would not be complementary on me.

  21. I love the dress, color and shape, but in the last years I don’t wear sleeveless stuff, at least, not so “nude”…
    I don’t like my arms anymore 🙁

  22. No to both. I don’t wear shiny fabrics in the summer.
    I’ve tried and failed with the slip-dress look. I think they’re cute when I see them and the model has layered something over or under them -most of us need to layer something under them to cover up bras and underarm rolls- but it’s one of those things that looks good on a hanger or a skinny-minnie, but not me.

  23. I struggle to find EF pieces to like. However, I am considering investing in a pair of the system pants if I can find the right size simply for the benefit of traveling with them. These pieces don’t look very appealing to me. Too shapeless and bulky. I do like the color/material of the dress, but not the style. And, at their price point, buying the dress, even to wear a jean jacket over it, just won’t be worth it. So, no. Not for me.

  24. Looking at it once more, I would belt the dress and see how that looked. I’m liking it more and more as I accessorize it in my head… lots of stuff in my wardrobe would go nicely with this dress. Thank you.

  25. No on the dress—it requires a strapless bra and it’s shapeless. I would wear the black top with a more fitted bottom. I’d try on the pants–which I’d call a culotte! If they worked on my body, I’d wear them with a top that skimmed my shape. I love quality fabrics and construction but EF doesn’t really design for my body type.

  26. I don’t understand why designers insist on making slip dresses. They work better as slips! I do love this shade of green from EF, and I’l probably be getting something in that shade at some point.

  27. I just don’t find EF to be suited to my shape, and I prefer a more structured look. I have tried on the crepe pants everyone raves over and cannot see how superior they are as opposed to the same style crepe pants from Chico’s or Macys for about a hundred dollars less if you buy them on sale. (Chico’s has the crepe pants in Travelers. which are NOT the same fabric as standard Travelers. I don’t like the acetate/spandex blend at all.) I love the green, as I am a tall redhead and there’s never enough green clothing. But the dress looks nightgowny to me-and it’s too hot here to constantly wear a sweater or jacket over stuff. I’d try the full leg crops, but leave the black top alone. Too shapeless.
    I guess my main gripe is the cost. I could buy it, sure, but I don’t need to have investment pieces as a retired woman. All that I bought when I worked, and still have a lot of it, especially the purses, coats, etc. I want fun pieces that can travel and last a season or three or four. That’s what I buy.

  28. The only piece I would consider wearing is the black top. I’m not quite sure what the bottom piece is but know it is wrong for my body type. The dress is so shapeless that it does remind me of a nightgown, & spaghetti straps on any garment always seem to fall off my shoulders.

  29. My first impression was that the black top looked a bit too severe — I think it is the shiny fabric. I think the outfit on the left would be much nicer with a patterned top instead of the black (perhaps with the fabric of the dress on the right).

    I like the dress but I don’t care for it paired with those clunky shoes. It makes it very bottom heavy. And I do think it could use a necklace of some sort to really show off the neckline.

    This is beautiful color mix, but I don’t think it was displayed very well.

  30. I agree with a lot of the comments concerning EF. Her clothes do not accent my body in a flattering way. I love most of her fabrics. I wish more companies were like her in that respect as I find most fabric not suitable.
    I don’t think many women could wear that dress. I bet the fabric is nice??

  31. I’d pass on these outfits. The colors look more like fall than summer, the dress wouldn’t be flattering to me at all and black is a bit harsh near my face.

  32. I love the color scheme but, the dress is too long and what does one wear under it for a bra?
    The outfit on the left is too shapeless for my taste.

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