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Oh my goodness, it has felt like the beginning and end of summer here in South Texas!  I am so glad to take my mind off the heat and talk fashion with the girls…it is time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer… Who is blogging..moving in and out of homes…and about to take off on a trip…a busy lady.  All you need to do is to look at the displays we have posted and tell us if you would wear the look or not.  Make sure to explain your answers and keep it personal to you.

Then go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her display.  I hope you will return for some fashion fun in my slideshow.  The summer sales are beginning to be more widespread.  So look at this mannequin and tell us


I hope you all have a cool day planned…literally, cool!




  1. I would have to try the jacket with a very critical eye. I had one similar years ago and did like it, but would only wear it if the plaid was not taking over the whole look. No, to the button pants. Too much hardware makes for a lumpy front unless you are tucking the top. The top……in a way I like it, but it would not get a lot of wear so I’d pass on that too. The bag is nice. I think this outfit would look better with a clutch as opposed to the chain cutting across the top. Too much going on there with the flashy top. The Hoodia in the background looks really cute! I’d wear that!

  2. No, this is not an outfit I would wear together. For me, the sequin top with the plaid jacket is just too much going on at once.
    I think the jacket is nice & the top is pretty, I’d wear them individually with other pieces like plain black pants. I wouldn’t wear the button pants at all as I don’t like to fuss with buttons.

  3. I like it, but not for me! I’m 72! I see this worn by a young, slim, tallish 20 to 30-something. I’m only 5 ft 4 and of average build. This might make me look shorter? The sequin top? Not for me.

  4. No to all of this. Plaid jacket – the print is big and ugly, sequin top really NO, jeans with horrible buttons NO. I would be so self conscious in this outfit.

  5. I like the plaid and have been wearing them since my teens. If I got it, I might feel younger, always a good thing when you’re 68! Not keen onthe under tee but have orange, blue or a white tee to wear with the jacket. Would rather wear formal black or navy pants or blue jeans with it.

  6. The jeans with the buttons are a definite no for me as the first thing I noticed was the buttons and that is not where I would like the eye drawn first, or at all. The blazer is really pretty but would wear a more subdued top under it. Sequins and myself do not have a friendly relationship.

  7. This jacket speaks to me. I gravitate to plaid for its color combinations and geometric organization. This color combination is nice and the openness of the stripe size feels summery. I would rather wear a white tee and a coral necklace with straight leg black jeans or pants.

  8. Disco momma meets prepster comes to mind first, which isn’t a bad thing. I love how the plaid picks up the color of the sequin top. The button fly is a no go for me. I find them difficult to open and close, plus it draws the eye to visually to a body part I don’t want to highlight. I could
    wear this with a zip fly jean, smaller plaid and cooler color pallet, but I wouldn’t because it’s not my style.

  9. Peachy colors look good with my coloring–I’d wear the jacket and top. I like some bling with my casual outfits. Normally not a fan of big plaid (red/black, blue/black seems masculine, lumberjacky)but this is pretty and I like the fit of the blazer.
    I would wear it with plain front pants, though. As others have said, buttons would call attention to my menopot tummy and they are fussy to get on and off.

  10. I love the jacket but would have to try it on to make sure it was properly cut and not overwhelming. The sequin top is fun and a nice juxtaposition, though I would like it better with something else. I don’t like the button fly, but like denim as a bottom layer. The color combo is a bit unusual, but I think would be flattering to many skin tones. I do think I’d like it better with a plain tee and city sneakers.

  11. I really like the look. But I must say, these are the tiniest jeans that I have ever seen, lol! I would definitely try it if it was available in my size.

  12. I love the jacket! The colours are perfect for me. I’m not fond of the sequinned top though, so I’d pass on that. I’d also choose jeans without the button front. As others have said, it draws too much attention to an area I don’t want to show off and also, as a woman of a certain age, I sometimes need to make quick trips to the bathroom and I definitely don’t need those buttons slowing me down!

  13. I’m usually don’t wear plaid but love the colors in the jacket so I would try it on. Shirt no and pants not my style either.

  14. I look best in cool, saturated colors, so the color palette is a no. I would pair the jacket with something other than sequins—a tee or blouse. Button jeans worked when I was younger, but in addition to drawing attention to a body part I don’t want to highlight they are a bugger if you need a bathroom quickly ?

  15. The outfit looks nice but it’s not for me. I’m not a fan of plaid. The button front jean would, as others have said, call attention to my tummy. The sequin top might work with something else but I wouldn’t get enough use of it to justifiy the expense

  16. I love the color palette. I think button front jeans would be cute on a young girl but not me. Same with the sequined top. I would love to try on the jacket but would tone it down with plain jeans and a nice basic color T-shirt. Maybe some statement earrings to bring the attention back to my face

  17. That sparkly top is a huge no! Button front pants would drive me crazy in the ladies room. The jacket is good, but I’m not sure those are my colors.

  18. I like the general silhouette, but I wouldn’t wear the sequined top. Also I would prefer not to have button-front pants, and I would need to see if the colors in the jacket worked for me.

  19. I love the jacket. I like plaid & the colors make it very versatile. The top is a little too much for my taste. The jeans with the buttons aren’t practical for me at this stage of my life. Too time consuming for quick bathroom trips.

  20. I like the jacket (but would need to see the seams to see how well it’s matched). No on the sequin top (sequins are more evening/night wear while the jacket is more day: work, casual, etc) The cut on the pants is fine but the buttons are an immediate eye catcher and that doesn’t seem like a part of my body that I want to be the first thing you notice.

  21. Love the plaid jacket. I would shorten the sleeves to where I want them finished. Dislike folded up sleeves…but I’m a sewer and really dislike seeing the cheaters way seeing the lining. The plaid jacket give so many choices for color on the bottom, capri or slim skirt. Buttons on my tummy would not be what I want to flash. Besides at 83 yrs, tummy is not my best feature. Why do I like to look at this website? So I can relate and not look like ANY other 83 yr old. Think I would love a softer handle on purse for summer. Also I like non metal necklaces for summer as you can rinse them off with mild soap and water to freshen them up. Makes me feel clean. No sequin top with this outfit. Nothing sets it all off better than a bright white top. Thanks.

  22. The checked jacket classic style is fine but the fabric is just ugly in my opinion.
    So no on that.
    Don’t like sequins for day wear. Plus a sequined too is very scratchy on underarms! So I rarely wear an all sequined top.
    Don’t wear black.
    So no on it all.

  23. I would wear the jacket, if the fit was right. I would also wear the top, but I wouldn’t wear them together. Big no on the pants. I would wear them both with Jean’s, but hate those buttons.

  24. Sorry, but I don’t care for this look. The colors in the plaid jacket are not my colors and I don’t like the sequin top at all. I agree with the other ladies that the buttons on the pants are a bit much.

  25. I like the jacket and the bag. Loving the blush color this year. The top is a pretty color but just not me with all of the sparkles. There is nothing I like about the pants. I use to have several blazers but got away from them when I quit working in a dressy environment. I haven’t bought one yet but am enjoying seeing the style again.

  26. The look is fun and current and the colours are a fresh combination. I would wear it although I’m not sure I’d get much use out of the top.

  27. I would wear the jacket but not the other two pieces. Top is too shiny and the pants look heavy. The jacket would go with a number of pieces already in my wardrobe and would be good for weekends, as well as work.

  28. Loved this look. – almost.The pants and little jacket have a nice trim fit. Nice muted color scheme. And then there’s that top. A LITTLE bit of sparkle is nice for special occasions. This piece doesn’t make sense, here to me.

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