Ok, I know it has only technically been summer for two days…but it feels as though it has been longer!  I thought I would share a few of my favorites that get me through a long hot summer.

Let’s start with my hair.  My thick hair hates summer and it takes a lot of product to keep it tamed.  I received a conditioning treatment yesterday when I went in for my color touch up, so we will see if that makes a difference.  But, my favorite taming products right now are:

Kerastase Elixir Ultime 



TRESemme Compressed Micro Spray Boost


The reason my legs are no longer as white as they were is thanks to this wonderful product….Jergens Natural Glow, Firming 

I really like the new Firming version!  Goodbye to Cellulite pockets!

I have preferred all-natural deodorant for years now and I recently discovered Crystal Mineral Roll On.  It is light and fresh…and there is no white powder to get on your clothing.  Very nice.

My son commented recently that I needed a new hummingbird feeder...mine was very old.  So I went to Amazon and found this vintage glass style and love it. For some reason the hummingbirds coming to this one seem to be larger this year.  I am glad I switched it out. There are several “vintage” styles available.

I am really, really in to veggie sandwiches with the Kabaki Kenyan Purple Tea (pictured above).  My favorite meal right is Ezekiel sprouted grain bread,  garlic hummus, and a little concoction I cook of veggies with broccli sprouts on top.  Do you know why it is good to eat garlic in the summer?  It repels mosquitoes!

My vegetable concoction for the top of the sandwich is a little olive oil in a skillet, some chopped onion, a minced garlic, red bell pepper and spinach leaves.  So good on top of the hummus.

Finally, I got this Little Tikes Basketball Set for the backyard and my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves it!  It is great for toddlers to keep something around which helps them be active and happy!

Hope this gives you some summer ideas for staying cool and fun!  Enjoy each moment and by all means…..


Disclaimer:  Just a reminder, there are links within this post which can provide compensation.  The words and the opinions are my own.

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