Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Happy last Saturday in June!! Can you believe the month flew by and it is time for another Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We find fashion retail displays around our towns that we want to now what you think.  Just tell us…would you or would you not wear the looks and please explain why. The comments are what the readers love to read!

After you tell us what you think of my display, then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her’s.  Now, I realize that I have three mannequins in my display today…you do not have to comment on all three.  That is up to you!  So, look above and tell us…………………………………

Would You Wear It?????

Thanks for being her and I hope you enjoy the slide show below! Dillards is has some great items on sale right now and some of the prices are incredible.  I gave you a little taste below. Have a great Saturday everyone…….

Keep Smiling!


But, Wait There’s More (smiling here)…Today begins one of my favorite sales the Talbot’s Red Hangar Sale.  Here are some great considerations…


  1. I like the style of the dress. I don’t like the confusion of 3 fabrics so not for me. I would wear the white top in another color — navy, purple, army green, hot pink. I like the black trim and the 3/4 sleeves. Wearing tights for pants is not my thing.

    1. I just noticed the floral top mannequin with the skin tight white pants (or no pants?) I avoid floral tops especially when the flowers are huge and those tights pretending to be pants nope.

  2. The black and white, absolutely would wear that. This is my favorite fit for pants and can’t go wrong with black. The top is flattering with the v neckline, and the zipper keeps it interesting, yet easy…no necklace required! I like it! The florals in the other two outfits are much too loud and busy for me. The floral skirt and top, or maybe it’s a dress, make me tired looking at it with all that is going on. It’s also too memorable. The white pants look invisible in a bad way, and again, the top is too loud and memorable. No on the florals.

  3. I love the style of the dress & the fact that it has a self belted waistline. I also like the dominant print in the dress, but wish they’d kept to that print only. I’d probably try it on, but I doubt that I’d buy it. It has that ‘I made it myself’ look to it with the multiple fabric print skirt.

      1. I think the skirt looks like a patchwork quilt. Although I like floral prints, some of them look very “old lady” to me. Perhaps they remind me of my grandmother’s aprons or wallpaper! This is one of those prints that looks “old lady.” The flowers are too large and spread out for me. I would definitely not wear white leggings-they would accentuate every bulge. I like the black leggings and I would wear the top if it didn’t have that statement gold zipper. I would have liked that zipper to be in silver instead.

          1. I’ll try. I had to think about where my reaction comes from. I think it’s more a sense of what my grandmother and her friends wore when I was younger in the 1960s and 70s.My grandma was pretty stylish but sometimes they would wear certain color combos or style their outfits a certain way that really wasn’t stylish for the time period and was just worn by her generation. I think styles had much more distinct age brackets back then. When I see items today that remind me of that, I think “old lady” in my mind.

  4. No to the outfit in front (no sleeveless or long skirts for me)! However, I do like the floral top with longer sleeves to the right but would wear black wide leg crops or pants with it. On left, I don’t wear white on top and definitely don’t wear skin-tight leggings/pants? in any color.

  5. The dress in 3 fabrics is interesting and if I were taller I Might try that on! I’m not tall, so I would pass.
    I like the black and white outfit, summer leggings and top. That’s more my style!
    It looks super comfy!

  6. I would wear the black and white outfit. The top is simple, but the zipper makes it a little more interesting. It looks like it’s a little sheer. See through? If I were tall and willowy I would for sure wear the dress. Alas, I am not. I would look like a hot mess.

  7. I wore a dress something like that when much younger (in the 70’s) so would not wear it now. As for the other two outfits, the bottoms are so tight on the display that I can’t imagine getting them over my ankles. Also with a very slim bottom I wish more would wear a longer top to cover their own bottoms. Just my opinion. Thanks Pam.

  8. I like all of these looks on the right person and for the right occasion but personally don’t wear sleeveless tops so would avoid the dress. I see it as resort, beach and drinks on the patio or by the pool wear. Maybe add a lightweight shawl and it would work. I think most of us of a certain age look better in slim pants rather than tight leggings, even those with still svelte figures. Otherwise I like the two tops, one for a more traditional look and the other to add cheer to a summer day.

  9. I love the floral prints! the vibrant colors appeal to me, so yes I would wear them. I would modify the leggings to jeans.

  10. Though I like the fit of the dress, there’s just too much going on with the mix of patterns so I would say no to that one. I like the look of the black and white/cream outfit, but if it fit me as it does the mannequin, I’d pass on that one too. I’m of the firm opinion that leggings are not pants and that the top should be long enough to cover my backside! The third outfit is definitely a no. The bright colours and loud pattern are a bit too much for me and I can’t imagine ever wearing white leggings.

  11. No, to the pattern mixed dress. Just not into boho. Love the white top but with skinny black pants, no leggings. Like the floral top but just don’t know if it would be worthwhile in my closet.

  12. Love the dress, the different fabrics give it a boho feeling, if it was in fine cotton or silk it would be the perfect summer dress for evening events. Both tops were nice and I would were both happily with the black pants or even better wide pants. The white pants…I would avoid them, they don’t look like they would work with my lifestyle.

  13. Talbots doesn’t carry my size. So frustrating, because I know they have my size south of the border. ?

  14. I like it all. I would wear the tops with skinny pants. The dress illistrates something I’ve been trying. Ive been pushing myself to put florals or other prints with dots or stripes. I like the look of it. I have some plaids I’m going to do it with. The style of dress is one I would try.

  15. I would wear the dress, it looks cool, comfortable and fun. I love the white top and would wear it a lot. I also like leggings but both of these tops are too short to wear with them. Great finds this week.

  16. I love and would definitely try on the black and cream outfit. I would size up on the black leggings so they don’t pull across my rear, but still highlight my best feature, my legs. Add some big hoops to balance the statement zipper, and some black mules and it would be an easy 3 season look. I love highly contrasting outfits and black/white or khaki/white. The white leggings would be a no go for me, but slim white jeans would work for the flowered top. That said, I’m not much into florals so I would likely pass. The prairie style outfit in the middle does not meet my personal style goals (Polished, Confident, Classic, Aware, Interesting). While it might score points for interesting, my version of that feature is usually accomplished with accessorizing. I have a friend with amazing boho style who would look great in it though.

  17. No to the dress, only because I don’t have a need for long dresses. Yes to the material, and I like the pattern mixing. At first I thought the black/white gore was lace and this was like some Kim Kardasian outfit with a slit skirt, but then I saw they’ve achieved that flattering vertical effect with their pattern match. I like that and if it were something with a shorter skirt and the same matching I’d probably be trying it on.

  18. I like the dress (although I rarely wear sleeveless) but the pattern mixture doesn’t appeal to me. The floral top is pretty but the white leggings almost make the mannequin look like she’s not wearing pants at all so I would avoid that combo. The black pants with white top looks more classic, more like a look I would actually wear.

  19. The blouse is too much of a contrast for my coloring.the dress is too busy for my liking, the dress would be wearing me and the light top and pants are boring.
    I like your Talbots choices.

  20. No to the dress because it is just too busy, & maxi dresses make me look & feel like I’m dressing up in someone else’s clothes. I would wear either top with different pants. Very tight pants are not a good look for my short wide bottom half. I think the floral top is fun, & I like the simplicity of the white top.

  21. I like the floral pattern on the dress and top on the right, but don’t care for the mixed patterns on the dress. The style is flattering and I could picture it being worn on many occasions this summer.

    The outfit on the right is great — not sure if it would be right for me but I find it very attractive, especially that zippered top.

    I love your new, short hairstyle Pam. I didn’t get a chance to comment earlier this week. You look amazing!!

  22. I would wear the white top, but with black bootcuts or trousers. No skinnies or leggings for me. I would try the patterned top with black pants. I like the colors but would have to see how the print looks on my body. The maxi dress is a no—I’m not a fan of boho.
    P.S. I wish you would give the name of the store or the clothing brand.

  23. I like the top although I’d want it to be longer if I wore it with what appear to be leggings! I like the style of the dress but I’m not a fan of multiple prints so I wouldn’t buy this particular one.

  24. I wouldn’t wear the dress as the print is too busy & loud for my taste, plus it’s sleeveless, which I don’t do.
    The black & white outfit is ok, I’d prefer the top in a blue or pink. I could wear that outfit when I’m a little closer to my goal weight!

  25. I wouldn’t wear it…simply, the bright flowers on a dark background doesn’t particularly appeal to me :(.

  26. I would wear the dress with a jean jacket and neutral wedges. I think I have seen some of the young fashion bloggers wearing a dress similar to this.

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