Make Every Day an Occasion even the Weekend

Yay! It is Friday….could not have arrived at a better time! This has been a fun week focusing on how to Make Every Day an Occasion. I know for many of us still working, the weekend is the time we want to dial it down!

I still think we can take it down a bit but look great!  It takes just as much time to look nice as it does to look …well, let’s just say relaxed!

In the summer, I especially love little airy toppers and kimonos.  I can put on a pair of pants or jeans or crops, a tank top and place one of these jackets on top and it looks like I really took a lot of time to get ready!  Nope, just as much time as I would’ve spent with jeans and a top.

It is easy-sheemsy…the toughest part of this whole look is my makeup and sometimes my hair.  I will say, my shorter hair, takes much less fuss than it did.  I do like that about it. You guys have been so incredible supporting me with this change this week.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciated all of the kind words.

Well, you know me, I have to toss on a necklace for any outfit (no matter how casual) to be complete.  This jacket loves these hand-blown beads by local jewelry artist, Susan Butler.  I first introduced you to Susan HERE.  She is super talented and her work can be found online at Con Brio Beads or in Texas boutiques and museum shops.  Her contribution makes this outfit a special occasion look for every day.

I truly hope this week has given you some inspiration to go out and enjoy your every day life looking fabulous!  It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, or fuss a lot, or feel uncomfortable.  But, it just might bring some added joy into your life.  I know it does to mine.  Since my reinvented style, I am uncomfortable in frumpy, ill-fitting jeans or oversized tee shirts and flip flops!

Enjoy some of the great sales out there, ladies, in the slide show below and…..






  1. What a beautiful topper and beaded necklace! I remember you mentioning this artist and boutique and will have to take another look. Those beads are amazing and I like that they are on a cord as opposed to a chain. So true about dressing nice even on the casual days. It takes the same amount of time as you pointed out, but the big payoff is how it makes you feel. The simple additions do have a big impact. I really like this outfit! Happy Friday!

  2. I’ll say it again, I love your hair cut!!! We are spending our weekend moving and as Jennifer at A Well Styled Life said, the reality of moving isn’t glamorous! I did take a few minutes to order some sale items at J Jill, 40% off sale prices! So I can look forward to a delivery at our new home (if I can find my way through the boxes to the front door!) Happy Weekend..

  3. Pamela, would you share where this colorful, Kimono topper is found? What store? Thanks

    1. Suzanne, this is a past purchase from a local boutique. I wear my older clothes to inspire you as to how similar styles can work. I wish I could link to something new every time! There are beautiful jackets similar to this out there.

  4. Love this topper along with all of your summery statement tops That pop of color on navy or black or white ! Fabulous! And this airy cool look should work well on all sizes and shapes, I wound think. Very nice!

  5. Love your hair…I now have an appt. Monday for a cut! I also wear sheer kimonos and toppers with tanks and capris during the summer. They make me feel as cool and breezy as they look….and of course they cover my bat wing arms!

  6. Another beautiful top and the beads go so well. I hope you are enjoying your new hair style, it looks so cool and fresh, especially with this heat. This weekend is especially lovely, we are looking after my youngest granddaughter, aged 10, and are planning a shopping trip to the local shops. Her mum is in the Netherlands for a University conference and Dad is working. School is finished now and the summer camps will begin soon.

  7. You look fabulous Pam! Love the outfit! I can’t believe how perfectly the kimono matches the necklace! Do you remember where you got the kimono?
    Thanks for featuring my work! Have a lovely weekend.
    Best, Susan

    1. I do remember, Susan. It was at Andie & Barbara, a wonderful boutique in Carousel Courts. After many, many years in the San Antonio fashion industry, Barbara has closed her doors and retired. While I am happy for her…I am sad for the rest of us. Her boutique will be missed…she targeted women over 50 and it was a very special place. I love how this topper works with your necklace…an amazing pair.

  8. You look wonderful! I love those lightweight toppers, too. They’re the perfect summer layering piece, especially on a Midwestern summer day when the heat index tops 100 degrees. Happy summer, Pam!

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