It is time to get a new week underway and in deciding what to wear this week, I was reminded that for over 50 fashion, animal prints are always in style.  Animal prints are almost a neutral now…you see them paired with every color, in every style, and now for all seasons.  There are lighter versions…like the top I am wearing…and darker ones, which we see more of during fall and winter.

I found this top during the most recent Chico’s 40% off sale and loved it.  I can wear it all year round and style it with or without a jacket.  It will go with most of the pants in my wardrobe.  This particular print is more subtle than ones I have worn in the past and that is why I was drawn to it.  I do not have a similar one in my wardrobe currently.  I also checked to make sure animal prints are on trend for this fall…and they are.  But, they really have been in style all year round for a long long time.

I usually go simple on accessories when wearing an animal print because the print is the story and too many accessories are exactly that…too much!  Today I selected my older Soft Surroundings leather bracelet just to add a touch of shine to the look.  I do like my current nail color with this softer outfit…it is OPI Cajun Shrimp…they have had this color for a few years and I have liked it the entire time.

I want to say I picked up a current edition of one of the top fashion magazines recently and I was so disappointed.  I know the magazine industry is suffering…perhaps, I know that better than most since I was editor of a local women’s magazine for two years.  Despite that it is still possible to provide good content.  I am not sure who they consider their audience to be now…probably not women over 50 (which is a mistake)…but the magazine was so poorly curated that it was difficult to tell exactly who the audience is.  None of the styles or layouts made any sense at all.  Usually it is in July I begin to anticipate the fall editions of the big three fashion magazines.  I use to rush to the stands to get them when they are first released, but I do not see that happening this year.  It makes me sad.  I miss how creative and inspiring they use to be.   Do any of you still read them or look forward to them?

So, how about wearing animal prints all year or just for fall and winter. Are you in or out?  I hope you will share with us, look over the slideshow, and as always,



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