For Over 50 Fashion Choices, Animal Prints Are Always In Style

It is time to get a new week underway and in deciding what to wear this week, I was reminded that for over 50 fashion, animal prints are always in style.  Animal prints are almost a neutral now…you see them paired with every color, in every style, and now for all seasons.  There are lighter versions…like the top I am wearing…and darker ones, which we see more of during fall and winter.

I found this top during the most recent Chico’s 40% off sale and loved it.  I can wear it all year round and style it with or without a jacket.  It will go with most of the pants in my wardrobe.  This particular print is more subtle than ones I have worn in the past and that is why I was drawn to it.  I do not have a similar one in my wardrobe currently.  I also checked to make sure animal prints are on trend for this fall…and they are.  But, they really have been in style all year round for a long long time.

I usually go simple on accessories when wearing an animal print because the print is the story and too many accessories are exactly that…too much!  Today I selected my older Soft Surroundings leather bracelet just to add a touch of shine to the look.  I do like my current nail color with this softer outfit…it is OPI Cajun Shrimp…they have had this color for a few years and I have liked it the entire time.

I want to say I picked up a current edition of one of the top fashion magazines recently and I was so disappointed.  I know the magazine industry is suffering…perhaps, I know that better than most since I was editor of a local women’s magazine for two years.  Despite that it is still possible to provide good content.  I am not sure who they consider their audience to be now…probably not women over 50 (which is a mistake)…but the magazine was so poorly curated that it was difficult to tell exactly who the audience is.  None of the styles or layouts made any sense at all.  Usually it is in July I begin to anticipate the fall editions of the big three fashion magazines.  I use to rush to the stands to get them when they are first released, but I do not see that happening this year.  It makes me sad.  I miss how creative and inspiring they use to be.   Do any of you still read them or look forward to them?

So, how about wearing animal prints all year or just for fall and winter. Are you in or out?  I hope you will share with us, look over the slideshow, and as always,




  1. This is a VERY flattering outfit on you, Pam – and especially with the shorter hair! You are looking great!! LOVE animal prints and wear them all year!

  2. This blouse looks really nice on you, Pamela… it lights up your face! I just saw Betabrand’s Leopard RBG print shirt on Instagram and thought it was pretty clever design… looks like leopard but it isn’t.

  3. I bought the same blouse, Pam! For the same reason–the background is cooler colors and it is just very nice and subtle. I’ve worn it with white and khaki pants so far. I think it would also be nice unbuttoned over a white tank with white pants. Many possibilities! Love animal prints but love this one the best of all I’ve bought!

  4. I do like the blouse on you Pam. I wear animal prints quite a bit but only in the black/grey/white range as the browns do not flatter. I am glad they are considered a neutral as I have a few that are in constant rotation. As for the magazine situation, I too am more than a little frustrated and have dropped my subscription to Vogue as it is nothing like it used to be. I still have Harpers and Marie Claire and a great British one called Woman and Home. I do also like Porter for the inspiration. Have a good day.

  5. Beautiful blouse, Pam! I’ve had to put my shopping on hold because we’re in the process of packing and moving. I’ve passed by so many good sales! I used to be a magazine junkie, but I don’t buy things like Vogue or In Style anymore. The audience certainly isn’t my age group. Then they got rid of More Magazine which was geared toward older women. I stick to Good Housekeeping and For Women First now. If I want to look at fashion ideas, I rely on blogs like yours and Jennifer’s as well as Pinterest.

  6. I love that blouse. I like the lighter animal prints, as they look better with my white hair. I don’t buy any fashion magazines anymore. They left me behind several years ago. I do subscribe to BH&G & Midwest Living. I find that the AARP magazine usually has interesting & informative articles for me.

  7. I love that top!! I think it appeals to me so much since it is subtle. While I like animal prints, especially on other women (!!), I do tend to go with the more understated versions for myself. The one you are wearing is just beautiful! I see them as classics and think they will always be stylish, even when they aren’t trending. As for the magazines, I know what you are saying. Not sure who they are geared to, but they are missing a huge audience with all the baby boomers. Not very wise! I stopped buying them too, and now rely on catalogs from my favorite brands to see what the upcoming fashions will be. Too bad too, because I love magazines and still like to hold a real copy as opposed to everything being digital. With the catalogs, I often remove the pages I’m interested in and take them to the store with me so I don’t forget to look for certain things. Just too bad about magazines. I still enjoy decorating magazines and those don’t disappoint!

    1. I am sad with you, Karen. I love to have an occasional magazine in my hand or on the coffee table. Will always miss them!

  8. I read “Woman and Home” and also the British “Good Housekeeping “. These magazines have a much more inclusive attitude regarding age. They frequently feature photos and fashion for older women. Don’t know why our magazines in U.S. have not picked up on this.

  9. Love the animal print look on you. As for fashion magazines, I have not bought nor looked at them for years. The models look like sick anorexics and the clothes are like nothing I ever see much less would wear.

  10. I love animal prints, too. My favorite scarf is an animal print and I wear it all year round. That blouse is perfect on you, Pam!

    I buy the big fashion magazines — September issues only … they’re usually huge in size and are so fun to page through. It’s been a tradition of mine for many years to take the day off, curl up in my favorite chair and look through these magazines. Some years are better than others (especially when they focus more on celebrities which is not so interesting) but I always enjoy this special day!

    1. I think you just convinced me to give them one more chance with the Fall issues. Thanks Beth!

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