Drumroll, please!  I have now been working out for six years, and I have personally discovered that age has nothing to do with working out or not. The ladies above are my friends from our gym.  We have been working out together for a long time and it is their encouragement that has kept me coming back even through two injuries.  But, you are looking at women who have also persevered through injuries, and some who have discovered such a true love for exercise that they join in competitions of all type.  One of these ladies just joined me in our 60s, otherwise, I am the oldest in the group.

I started just days before my 60th birthday, and right after a diagnosis of Osteoporosis.  When I began, I could not even push up from the floor.  I was a mess.  But, six years later, I have reversed the Osteoporosis and remained clear of any medications for it.  Strength training is incredible as to how great you feel and how much more you can do.  The news has been filled lately with women over 70, even over 100 doing amazing things because they workout.  Winning medals running at 102, or deadlifting 200 pounds while over 70.  I could actually see myself doing the latter someday once my shoulder has completely healed.  My shoulder injury was my cat’s fault and not incurred at the gym!

So, what has seen me through the past six years?

  1. My sense of humor…I try to bring a laugh or two to our strength training classes.  Helps me to keep going!  I just do not take myself too seriously.
  2. Modifications…our trainers have always been willing to give me a modification if something is too tough to handle.  You know I have hammer toes and they make balance exercises a challenge, so I am given modifications.  In fact, I have many modifications!  My life is a modification.
  3. I do not compare myself to the ladies above or to the ones younger or the ones working to compete.  I do my own pace and do what I can.  It is amazing the results you see from just a little work.  No matter what you do, just do something.  I gently push myself one day and then gently push the next.  The low impact strength training has a huge yield.
  4. I take occasional rest days.  I can tell when my body wants to rest and I adhere to it.  Many injuries occur from pushing too hard too fast.
  5. I listen to the trainer and follow what they say.  Doing my own thing can lead to injuries.  Your form is very important.  The woman who does that 200 pound deadlift needs to know what body parts she is lifting with and the right way, or it is a back injury or knee injury ready to happen.  I was injured early after beginning on the treadmill, because I did not listen to the trainer.  It was a hip injury which affected my knee.  But all is well now and I am a good girl when given instructions.  He also told me to stop watching what video and TV trainers were having people do.
  6. I rejoice in the results.  I do not have anyone carry out my groceries…I do it.  I use the muscles I have worked to build during the rest of the day.

I want to thank my gym peeps for the past six years.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.  I do not think I would still be going without all of you! I look forward to seeing you at 5AM every morning during the week.  You are an inspiration.

One of the ladies who was in the news recently for her running success did not begin until she was 100.  No matter your age, if you have not started doing something, begin now.  How will you get off the ground if you fall down?    Will you need help to get out of a chair?  You will be so glad when you finally start and you just might make incredible new friends like I have.  At least, we are all still hanging around (that’s a pun, look at the picture)

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