Happy Monday! I grew up during a time when many women believed you only wore black to funerals.  I am an avid lover of wearing black all of the time…even in the summer. Of course, one of the best ways to do that is to wear black & white…which is always in style and so easy to pull off. I think the old fashion rules about wearing certain colors or neutrals at certain times is gone.  I even see those who attend funerals wearing all colors now.  Of course, if you are in doubt, black still is a good choice.

We are entering that part of the summer we call HIGH MEANS DRY.  High pressure will sock us in for long periods of time with high heat and no moisture.  So, a lightweight blouse like this one is a great choice.  I keep a shawl in my office in case the air conditioning is really cold…we never seem to know what days that will be.  But this is a look I wear to work for the summer.

The necklace is one of my favorites and it is paper-mache so very lightweight and artistic.  I have seen more paper-mache pieces in this last year and I love what jewelry designers are doing with these.  So much fun and not heavy at all.  This top is part of the IC Collection I get at Dillards.  I think it is long gone, but there are many fun IC Collection tops…also an artistic brand.

Black and white in different combinations is a go-to style for me and can be done on casual or dressy levels.  So, what do you think about antiquated fashion rules…do you believe some still have merit?  Which ones?  Would love to see a discussion on the topic.  Please comment, look over the slide show, and always


I had so much fun finding these paper-mache accessories for you.  Enjoy!



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