Hope you are ready to begin a great week! Today I am sharing 10 Steps Toward A Successful Shopping Trip.  In my life I made too many unsuccessful trips which have resulted in wasted time and money and led frustration.  It took me awhile to learn how to have success, but I finally learned it.  So, let’s begin.

  1. Before going anywhere, have a plan.  Know your wardrobe.  Where are the places you would like to made additions and know why?  What is your reason for the trip.  Shopping therapy is one thing, but a plan keeps it under control.
  2. Then clear your schedule.  Successful shopping takes time and really cannot be done in a quick trip.  With me, the quick trips usually lead to quick returns.

4. Then phone a friend!  This is my friend, Iris, and she was game to go to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with me.  I like shopping with someone and bouncing questions and ideas off of them.  Also, when I am with a friend, I often will be more willing to take a bold step and do something new.

5. Start with food and good conversation.  Share your plan or vision for the trip…then your friend can help you locate what you are looking for.  We started this trip at the Bistro in Nordstrom.

6. Be purposeful about what you are wearing, and begin by dressing light.  No matter the time of year, shopping is work and you can get easily overheated. So be prepared to be warm.  On this day, I wore one of my favorite toppers from Soft Surroundings.

7. I like to layer and were a topper with a tank or top underneath.  That way if I try on jackets or cardigans then I have a top underneath;  in case I do not want to try on a top. It works best for me than wearing a tunic or just a blouse.

8. I like shoes that are comfortable and easy on/ easy off.  I do not like to wear shoes that are high maintenance when I am trying on clothing.

9.  The best places to shop are the ones with three-way-mirrors.  I cannot tell you how many pieces I have left at the store because of the way they looked from behind. Always take time in the mirror looking at all angles.

10.  Finally, I ask myself if the garment communicates the five adjectives that I want to say with my clothing.  When I stay consistent to my adjectives, then I am staying within Pam-style.

These steps will help me to have a successful shopping trip.  I do not like to have to make a lot of returns because of the time factor….and I want to come home successful and not deflated.  Does anyone want to add to this plan?  Something you do for a successful shopping trip?  Please share…..and….


Remember, if you have a Nordstrom card, you can shop the Anniversary Sale until Thursday, July 18.  On Friday, it opens to everyone.  There are great selections in the sale this year.  Enjoy the slide show below.

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