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Happy Friday and welcome to News for Women of a Certain Age…where I curate headlines just for us.  Some of these my inspire, motivate, or encourage new ideas.  But , I do hope you will find something of value here and, of course, comment on any or all of what you read.  So let’s get a cold drink and sit down for some reading time.

Are you tired?  I know that I am often tired?  So this headline, Why Are You So Tired?  really got my attention.  See what you think of this article by Consumer Reports says about fatigue and older adults.

I do not know why I am surprised to discover that Bill Gates is 63.  I just thought I was much older than he is! I realize he is a guy…in a news post for women…but we all know of him and can learn from him.  But, here are some things he has learned along the way. Read At 63, Bill Gates says he now asks himself these 3 questions that he wouldn’t have in his 20s.

Along those same lines, CNBC also brings us What do 90-somethings regret the most? Here’s what one says leads to a happy, regret-free life.

I had to toss in one article with some exercise tips.  It is my way of motivating more of you to get moving and be healthy.  Read The Midlife Exercise Trick: How to Get Fitter After Age 40 from Britain’s The Telegraph.

When you read this article about walking, do not let the number of steps intimidate you…it is really not that many.  My FitBit taught me that.  But, researchers have connected a possible link between walking and dementia.  Read the article HERE.

We all know we would eat less if we remained full longer.  From The comes this article 10 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes that will actually Keep You Full.  You can bet I am going to test a few of these out.  I will report back when I do.

And the winner for the funniest, most inappropriate, yet intriguing article of the week goes to ACCORDING TO A STUDY, WOMEN WITH BIG BUTTS HAVE MORE INTELLIGENT CHILDREN!  I will say…all three of my children are pretty intelligent!  Now I know why…

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.  Any thoughts as you read these articles? Please share.  Also, the slide show below are some amazing garments from Chico’s 70% off sale.  You will love the prices!




  1. Great curating of articles, Pam! The Bill Gates article and reading about the 90 year old regrets spoke to me. I’m 65, retired teacher, and I agree that the years that our children were growing up were the best years. Lots of coming and going. As for the big butt theory – nope. Highly intelligent children of a small-butted mother! Have a relaxing weekend, Pam!

  2. Thank you for the article regarding fatigue.
    I get upset because I am fatigued. I do try to keep going despite that.
    I was diagnosed in the early 90’s with fibromyalgia (had never heard of it then) and then two yrs later with chronic fatigue.
    I was able to kind of put them to the back and keep on going. Then other aspects of life come into play. Now I am trying to finally take care of myself after years of helping others and putting my needs to the side. (It is not sitting well with some others that I am doing so). I am now in my mid 50’s.
    There are so many things that come into play when one is fatigued.

    1. Just tell the unhappy ones that you can eventually do more if you take care of yourself today. So glad you have decided to do that… it is important to put you at the top of your priority list!

  3. Fun articles Pamela. The fatigue one I found very relevant. It’s very hot and I’m suffering from a bit of heat exhaustion. Not desperate but just don’t feel like doing anything.

    I feel for Maureen. It is so hard to deal with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. You just feel you’re being fobbed off by the doctors when they can’t help you. One of those situations where going alternative can be of help. Good luck Maureen.

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