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Welcome to Would You Wear It Saturday with me and my friend Jennifer…who is on vacation, but still wants to bring us a mannequin.  This is the day we post fashion displays which have caught our attention, and we ask you to tell us if you would or would not wear it and why or why not.  Please explain your answers, because it helps other women to know if a similar style would work for them.

After you comment on my mannequin, then head over to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s selection.  So, let’s look at the one above and tell us. I neglected to take an image of the pants on the side, but there is a red stripe down the side ….you can see a little of it in the first picture.

Would You Wear It??

There are so many sales right now…it is crazy.  I have started my Christmas shopping and some fall shopping for me!  It is time for savings.  Tomorrow, I will bring you my first post on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which is open to card holders tight now.  I did find a couple of items I will be so excited to wear when cooler breezes blow. And I am pondering a couple more.  Top quality for a savings…plus it takes my mind off the heat…until I walk out of the store.  I hope you will join me tomorrow.  Until then….



  1. For someone who doesn’t usually go for big colorful prints I love this top and cropped pants! The cut of the shirt will be flattering on me I Believe, and the classic feel of the entire outfit suits my taste. Right now we are heading into a heat wave (several days in 90s) so if I owned it, it would sit awhile until we got back to more normal temperatures in the Northeast. But I do like this outfit! It would flatter, and fits my taste for the classic lines in clothes.

  2. I would not wear the top. The neckline would not flatter me as it is so high and looks very tight. I don’t care for the red stripes. Those, to me, appear harsh. The necklace is not needed with the print, but that’s not important. I think the neckline is the problem, along with those red gashes across it. The pants are something I’d wear, probably. I’d like to see the flowers in the print on the top in a vase. They look very realistic!

  3. I like navy but not here. I avoid flowers and the red trim on the top is confusing and unnecessary. The pants look big. I have jeans with a thin red stripe down the sides that are very flattering. These are not. Happy Saturday.

  4. Love this outfit. I like the pattern on the top and I think the stripe down the side of the pants is cute, very ‘in’ right now. Looks like a very comfortable outfit that is also fun and chic. Yea, I would wear this.

  5. I like the floral portion of the top. The red accents aren’t especially appealing to me. I could go with the stripes around the neck, arms & hem but the red “V” across the bust takes away from the attractive floral.
    The pants are fine, except for the stripe down the side. To me, that makes it look like part of some kind of uniform.
    So as is, I wouldn’t wear this outfit, even though I like some of the individual elements.

  6. Yes, I like this the floral top and pants would be great for a lunch or office. I like the small scale print with the stripes.

  7. I like this! Very basic & classic with just enough sass&spice tossed in! The red accents mixed with the dark flowers adds spunk & interest in my view! I love the slim & trim overall look here. The pants are versatile and neat appearing for casual &/or dressy wear. The cute top can be paired with cropped denim. I am infatuated with the whole ensemble.?

  8. I would try it on. While I’m not a big lover of florals, this one, with the larger plain areas of background and the sculpting stripes, feels more current and fresh. I also like the pants. They would be a way to dip into a trend but still be able to wear the piece for more than one season. All that said, it would entirely depend on where that striking “v” over the breasts lands. In the right place, it could make me look lifted and take away from my thick middle. In the wrong place (just a little lower), it could be an arrow pointing to my tummy! Fit would really matter in this piece.

  9. No, I wouldn’t wear it. I prefer a wider neckline or a V-neck. But moreover, it looks like the designer was a bit confused as to what style they were going for. The floral print would be pretty on its own but then they added stripes which looks sporty. To me they clash. And pants with the stripe down the side need to remain in the military or drum line.

  10. It would not be my first choice as I don’t like the dark print but it is interesting enough that I might try the style in another color. As someone else mentioned it would also depend on where the v stripes fell on me – above the girls would definitely be better than below!
    I’m not sure about the side stripe on the pants but I would at least try them on – the contrasting stripe might lengthen my legs which would be a good thing on someone who’s heavier and only 5’2”.

  11. I do like the chic and sassy top. Would have to try it on to see if it fĺatters me.I would not wear the pant with the stripe; it brings attention to many figure flaes. Would pair it with a solid colour formal pant in navy. I have a similar set and hardly ever wear it.

  12. I would definitely wear this because I like to feel uncluttered in an outfit and this one is so streamlined, I’m sure it would be comfortable. Slimming too. If those are bright orange flowers, it would be a nice way to incorporate a bit of that trendy color into my closet without overdoing it.

  13. Absolutely not! The red stripe on the pants would limit what I could wear them with, so I wouldn’t choose them. The top is too short for my liking and it has way too much going on. I don’t mind the floral print on navy background, and I could even handle the red stripes on the borders, but definitely not the ones across the chest.

  14. For me, the stripes cheapen the look of the outfit in both the top and pants. I like the style of both and the smooth way they hang on the body. Adding a light weight cardigan when needed would add another dimension.

  15. Buttons on the back of the top? Polyester? Woven fabric in a fitted top with no give? Not for me, if so.

    This outfit is too boxy for my shape as a pear. It would do me no favors. There is no waist. Maybe this would work on a rectangle shape.

  16. I recently read about a designer who picked and photographed flowers from his garden for his fabrics. So this top looks very expensive/designer to me. The pants look too full in the hips. I would prefer a slimmer fit and that side stripe is too faddish for my taste.

  17. My first thought was “I’d wear that!” but as I looked at it further I realized I wouldn’t! I’d wear the “look” of a pretty top over coordinated crops however I don’t like crew necks and the stripes across the bust are not a good look for someone with a bigger bust. Not to mention that the stripes are orange! The stripe on the pant leg is limiting and I prefer crops I can wear with multiple tops.

  18. I like this outfit. I don’t wear sleeveless tops, but I like the print & the cut. I would likely wear it with a light jacket or sweater. I think these crop pants might work for me. They are not wide legged & would likely be ankle length. The side strip would lengthen my legs.

  19. I live floral tops and this is very pretty except for the red stripes at the top. It makes it look very busy and imho, distracts from the pattern. A good pair of navy pants is tough to find, but the stripe would limit what I could wear it with. So no to both pieces this week.

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