News for Women of a Certain Age

Happy Friday, ladies!  It is time for News for Women of a Certain Age.  I bring you news stories I have seen online and think Women over 50 may be interested to read.  Sometimes they are informative, sometimes quirky, sometimes funny, and other times head-shakers.  Please feel free to comment on one or all.  I hope there is something here that interests you.

This article is from scientists in the UK about a few lifestyle changes that can help us feel younger.  Do you know what Inflamm-aging is?  Read about it in the Daily Mail HERE.

Maybe you are like me, and love to work in coffee shops or coffee shops in bookstores (even better).  Did you know it can increase our productivity?  Well, sort of.  Learn about Coffee Shops and Productivity.

I know so many people who suffer with anxiety on some level.  Including myself at times…if I am going to be completely honest with you.  So, this article about how to help a partner with anxiety caught my attention.  Here is a report on anxiety from NPR.

I love fresh herbs and love to grow them even more.  So, I thought it might help some to read about the Best Herbs to Grow Indoors. Bon Appétit!

I like to give you at least one new recipe I have discovered.  Here are my five stars for Peruvian Roasted Chicken.

Finally, one of you wrote to me recently that you wanted to lose weight and not pay to join a program.  So, How to Lose Weight on a Budget caught my attention.  Hope it helps!

Can you believe that next Wednesday, July is over?? The July sales were incredible, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going.  I am very pleased with my purchases this year including three special Christmas gifts.  I have some new items in the slide show below and hope to see you here tomorrow for Would You Wear It!



  1. You always find interesting articles! That chicken looks delicious! I have a real problem with anxiety and feel better just admitting that I do, rather than trying to pretend otherwise. Some triggers are things that can’t be helped right now, but having someone who understands is a huge help. That person for me is my sister, as we are currently walking the same path. We try to do things each day to minimize or divert from the triggers. For me, getting outside is very beneficial. The first article on inflamaging, while full of common sense, is encouraging in that she isn’t saying you have to be perfect and on your game 100 percent of the time. Her 80 percent is much more reasonable.

  2. Life gets complicated even for those of us who are calm by nature. You just have to take a deep breath and know that too shall pass. Life is composed of moments in time. Some are happy, some are sad. I like the bible verse that says “To every thing there is a season”

    Good old chambray and denim. Where would we be without it? Blue chambray shirt, white pants is perfect summer dressing here on the Coast.

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