Christopher & Banks Offers New Fit Options in Denim for All Sizes

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Today I am featuring a discussion from Christopher & Banks about new fit options they are offering in jeans and pants. We all know the importance of fit…it is the one thing that will give us confidence immediately with our wardrobe.  If we have great fit, we can rock classics or bohemian and love it all.

But, fit is challenging.  I understand this more than many.  As I have gone up and down the weight loss train, the fit of my clothes has changed often and varied.  Someone commented on my baggy pants recently…well they are baggy, because I have been toning and strengthening muscle and losing some weight.  Thank goodness a brand that understands the importance of fit options like Christopher and Banks is ready to come to my rescue.

One of the reasons I like this brand so much is that they have options for every woman and every size.  You can find what you need here, and the options are great for plus size and petite ladies…which is not always the case with some brands.

Let’s begin with pants today and three different fits and styles.   In this look, I am wearing a very comfortable pant, Relaxed Restyled Pull on Ankle Pant.  This is a good look for retirement, casual nice, lunch out with the girls, family dinner at home….and I am really loving this Paradise Palms Printed Kimono with it. Isn’t the print great?  The pant is a very flattering comfort pant and I like the ankle length in this warmer weather.

This next look has me flabbergasted, because I could have ordered a smaller size in the Tropical Toile Printed Tie Sleeve top…I am still getting use to the changes in my body.  So, this top is a great blouse but a little loose on me.  The Every Day Straight Fit jeans are very comfortable with a little give in them. They are more slender through the hips and thighs than the relaxed fit. They do not fit super tight but fit very well.  If you are not into the skinny jean look, then this is the jean for you.  I know how difficult it is to find jeans with great fit and these were a very pleasant surprise.  They fit so well and are comfy too.

Finally, I absolutely adore this fit because I do like skinny jeans!  This is the Every Day Slim Leg Jean and despite the tight fit, it is also very comfy.  This is a casual look that is Pam-style.  The Linen Blend Anorak Jacket is a keeper for all seasons, though it is a lightweight linen.  I could wear an outfit like this all of the time.  I am now considering ordering the Relaxed Restyled Woven Anorak jacket in the autumn red (Red Sequoia) available now. Love how it looks online.

I hope you will visit Christopher & Banks online or in-store and check out all of the fit options.  They’ve got you…no worries about your body shape…you can find a flattering style no matter who you are…and ALL of you are beautiful.  Find confidence at Christopher & Banks!  Then





Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. I visited Christopher and Banks when I was out of town and was pleasantly surprised. I had avoided it for years since it was my mom’s go-to store and that made me feel old when I shopped there. Glad I gave it another chance. I got some nice things for work for good prices at a time when I was trying to scale back on spending on work clothes. This is a reminder to go check them out again. Looks like they have a good variety of jean styles!

    1. Lots of fit options which make it easier for so many women. Glad you gave them another try, Karen!

  2. The third outfit with the skinny jeans is very flattering on you! It fits very well and is slimming and youthful.

    1. I am a Christopher and Banks shopper. I am not a petite, but need a shorter length in pants . C&B offers the short length which fits great.
      I do have to travel 45 minutes to the nearest store since the one in our city was closed. This saddens me, but gives my friends an I an excuse for a day shopping.

  3. I have noticed your body changes and applaud the hard work you have been doing. You inspire us to be to be the best ME we can. I like the last pair of jeans on you. They are leg lengthening and slimming. I bet we would all love you in more body conscious tops also. There’s a new Pam in there!

    1. Thanks Sue! The top and especially the middle are still a work in progress. I am not a fan of tops that cling to the rolls! ? but I continue to try options on and seek new shapes. Hopefully those new options will be seen more going forward. I do all of this to inspire and encourage others!

  4. I love the looks of the jeans. I have never had any of C & B jeans fit me but I will try again. I have to tell you I got a giggle at my first look at the tropical print shirt, the first. For a second the palms on your left side looked like the head of a Trex and I thought “what in heaven’s name is Pam wearing a Jurassic Park shirt for?”
    Just look at it quickly! Dale

    1. I think it must be like the ink blot… everyone sees something different. But my grandsons would love me to wear a Jurassic Park kimono!! Thanks Dale…you made me smile!

  5. I have had success finding nice casual items at the C & B Outlet in Illinois when we travel that way a few times a year. Our local store closed several years ago, unfortunately. I love your new hair style. It is so becoming and fresh.

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