Fall Fashion Trends: Long Denim Jackets

Fall is almost exactly one month away, and between now and then I plan to introduce you to as many fall trends for 2019 as possible…just to give you and your confidents-style a boost.  Today, I went to my closet to find a garment which is on trend this fall…a long denim jacket.  Here is an example of how you may have the trend already in your closet and just need to update it a bit.


I began to notice from several retailers they were featuring the long denim jackets for fall, and I remembered that I have one in my closet I have not worn very often.  The way I am going to update it is with a touch of animal print.  Animal print has exploded…it is everywhere.  My preference is the leopard prints, but, really, all varieties are fun.

I know the short denim jackets never go out of style so continue to update and wear what you have.  Many times we can participate in a trend and not spend a dime. You just need to know what the trends and the trend colors are for Fall 2019.   But, for those looking for some fun new fall garments…just go to my slideshow below.

Has anyone begun to inventory their wardrobe for fall and review what you already own?  There are many fun ways to update your style.  Please share and, as always………………………………………………..



  1. I have been looking at my fall and winter clothes with an eye for what can go to consignment. I need to unload what I rarely wear. Funny thing is that my classics always have a place in the closet, while trends do not (speaking for myself). Classics can always be updated with accessories to avoid looking boring or “the same old thing.” I think the important thing is to know our own personal style. Some women love trends and always look current that way. That’s their style. It’s all about knowing ourselves. Your idea of finding something you already have means that you can have fun with a trend without making a big investment in something fleeting. I’m very much interested in seeing what you are finding out about fall trends. Like your brown with black that I just saw. Easy to take pieces we have in those colors and put them together, and there you go! This is an interesting series!

  2. Woo-hoo! I have long denim jackets in my closet! (denim & deep red). Thanks for the update on the trend Pam! Love the leopard accessorizing too!

  3. You look fabulous! I have a long denim jacket in my closet and can’t wait to wear it when the weather turns cooler. I love yours with the scarf….a great look for fall!

  4. Love the long denim jacket. You look great in it. I also loved some of the brown/black outfits that you posted yesterday. Thanks. Love the Autumn and all its glorious colours.

  5. Living in Canada, I have three closets. One for spring ‘n summer, fall ‘n winter (which I edit on a regular basis) and a ‘I am not ready to part with it yet’ …. ☺. The latter of which for this season I retrieved four wool ‘n blend blazers (shall belt two of them for sure), three suit jackets, (various lengths), a light fawn seasonal Fall casual yet tailored cut suede jacket (was a tad too tight but fits me now … score!), three pieces of leopard print tops as well as a few scarves (leopard/snake both with brown tones) plus a leopard print hair-handbag and a black suede one. As for recent purchases it has only involved a russet long-sleeved v-neck sweater, pair of black leather ‘n suede flats, a reversible black/brown leather belt (for the blazers) and a large multi colored light-weight woven scarf (black/white houndstooth small print with camel/red/purple stripes) the latter two being bargain finds from a large department store. As for bottoms; a few from my summer wardrobe namely being black/ankle length pants (of specific fabric blends) including darker jeans I feel should carry me through for a street-style look until temps really drop. To conclude as I hope to be doing a bit more shopping; I am really looking forward to your 2019 Fall Trend List.
    P.S.: Re the blazers, I have already replaced their shoulder pads as prefer something not as defined as what they were. Also, I am currently looking for a pair of black velveteen slim leg trousers (that I can dress up or down and will take me through the winter) so am hoping you come across a pair and provide a link to them. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. I have a long black denim jacket in my closet that would look great with the Vince Camuto oblong scarf. Thanks for another idea for my fall shopping trip!

  7. Love the longer look for fall. Keeps them cheeks warm and helps protect from them wind blasts that sneak up the back of your shirt.

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