Fall is almost exactly one month away, and between now and then I plan to introduce you to as many fall trends for 2019 as possible…just to give you and your confidents-style a boost.  Today, I went to my closet to find a garment which is on trend this fall…a long denim jacket.  Here is an example of how you may have the trend already in your closet and just need to update it a bit.


I began to notice from several retailers they were featuring the long denim jackets for fall, and I remembered that I have one in my closet I have not worn very often.  The way I am going to update it is with a touch of animal print.  Animal print has exploded…it is everywhere.  My preference is the leopard prints, but, really, all varieties are fun.

I know the short denim jackets never go out of style so continue to update and wear what you have.  Many times we can participate in a trend and not spend a dime. You just need to know what the trends and the trend colors are for Fall 2019.   But, for those looking for some fun new fall garments…just go to my slideshow below.

Has anyone begun to inventory their wardrobe for fall and review what you already own?  There are many fun ways to update your style.  Please share and, as always………………………………………………..


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