Girl Talk: Fall Fashion Trends, Fall Makeup Trends, and Confidence

Hello, ladies.  Grab a coffee, tea or wine and sit down with me…let’s have a little girl talk!  This week I am going to bring you lots of fun for fall.  But, I am here today to encourage you to have open minds.  I can remember looking through the old fashion magazines and loving every minute of it…though the styles were way out of my price range and not for my lifestyle.  But, I always learned something in the magazines…something I could style or do differently in my own wardrobe.  I was always inspired and I miss those day of when fashion magazines were about fashion.  However, attending fashion shows does the same for me now.

I am always inspired by the beauty and creativity of the garments, just as I am inspired when I visit an art museum.  Fashion design is just another form of art, and it captivates me.  I attend the Neiman Marcus Fall Fashion Trend Show every year at this time and have done this for several years.  I am inspired by the fashion on and off the runway.  This year we were even singing to the 80s music.  It was such a great evening.

This show has consistently pushed me a little out of my box, and shown me ways to have more fun with my style.  The show has particularly influenced my accessories…because of it, I have had more fun with accessories and made bolder decisions.  Every year I walk away with ideas to apply what I learned and experienced to my own wardrobe.  So, what I have decided to do this year on the blog is share with you some of the looks which inspired me the most.  I will tell you what I saw and how I see me applying it.

Also, later this week I will bring you tips for Women over 50, and new fall products from one of the top beauty lines in the country.  It is going to be a fun week.  So, let’s get started.

Dusters are very big this year and even more so in animal print.  (I am featuring a beautiful animal print duster in the slideshow below from Soft Surroundings). However, please note that these dusters are actually dresses which are unbuttoned and worn like jackets. This one is a snake print available at Neiman’s (also in my slideshow below) and I would wear it in a heartbeat.  I love dusters and really like this one with the green sweater, and double necklaces.  I already have a bag which looks just like this.  Some of you are wondering about wearing white after Labor Day…the rule is dead.  No longer applies.

This is a lovely pre-fall look which would transition easily into the cooler weather.  I was inspired to keep my eyes open for a similar duster and how great it looks with the green.  I would wear this to work, on a date with my husband, to lunch with the girls…it would get a lot of wear.  I already have a subtle pair of snake-print leggings, and a handbag.  It is a great print to use with color. And speaking of color, the runway showed us how prevalent “hot pink” will be into winter.

I would also wear this!  See how great the pink looks with the snake-print leggings?  This is a fun style that takes a workwear day up a level and makes it so much more fun.  I need a pair of these “not-so-subtle” snake leggings.  The ones I already own are black on black and look neutral from a distance.

Many times stepping out of our comfort zone can be done by re-mixing items we already own.  Life is so short, I want to enjoy each moment feeling bold, strong, fun…confident.  I do not mind if I attract attention…in fact, it’s time to attract a little attention.  Wearing things I love just puts a brighter smile on my face.  When I stayed with my grandchildren recently and worked with my daughter to get their household ready for school, it was exhausting and took me back to those days when I was so wrapped up in parenting and working outside of the home that my confidence waned…because I based it on my parenting performance and lack of self-care.  It is so great now to be able to be confident with who I am without having it founded in work or performance of any kind.  When I look and feel my best, it makes me smile and I can walk out of the house smiling.

My love of fashion and trends is just a little icing on the cake…something I enjoy.  I hope I always want to be bright and bold and adventurous with my style. So, I have been inspired the past couple of weeks and hope to step things up a bit.  I have to do it without spending a lot, so bring on the creativity.  Remember these posts are not about our budgets…set that aside…these posts this week are about using trends to be youthful and current and enjoy what we wear and how we look.  The posts are about inspiration for a new season just a month away and entering it as a bold, confident new you.

Has anyone stepped out of your comfort zone recently?  What did you do and how did it turn out?  Let’s have some girl talk…and I truly hope you enjoy what I will be sharing this week.



  1. So glad to see hot pink trending. I have been wearing that shade for years and love it, and also have a few things already in my closet! For those of us who fall into the petite height range, dusters and really long cardigans are challenging and all about proportion. Must shop petites for those! I’m on the lookout for snake print pumps. Looking forward to the things you will be featuring this week!

  2. Thanks, Karen. I like how you look for ways to make the trend work for you such as the snake print pumps! Have fun with it!

  3. Good morning Pam, I love the duster, unbuttoned dress look. Would never have thought of that, great idea! Love the snake print on everything but leggings, I’m not ready for that yet! Pink is one of my colors and glad it is an “in” color for this fall as I have a lot of it. I think after my coffee I’m off to rearrange my jewelry and scarf collection to see what I haven’t worn in a while and to transition into the fall. Sitting out back as it is a beautiful morning here with a nice breeze. Enjoy your day. Betty

  4. Wish I could join you, Betty! It is 93% humidity here and will feel like 105 this afternoon. How I would love cool breezes for morning coffee. Enjoy playing with your wardrobe. I just might hit my scarves later.

  5. I too am so glad that hot pink is ‘in’ this fall as it usually goes by the wayside in the cooler weather. I tend to wear it as long as possible. I kept a pair of snake pumps from a few years ago and they just might make an appearance again. Snake fits my colouring much better than leopard does anyway. I like the direction of your week coming up, sounds like fun as fashion, skin care, makeup etc. is always something I am up for. Looking forward to more.

  6. Great Post!!! I too am loving dusters, hot pink and animal prints! Over 50 is a time to stretch ourselves and have FUN with dressing, to take time for ourselves and live our best lives! Thanks for encouraging all of this! We are not getting older, we are getting BETTER!!! XO

  7. I’m loving loving loving the trend off layering -chunky- necklaces vs the very dainty ones we have seen for a few years now (though liked that one too). I’m all about my accessories, which contribute to several of my style words, plus can be stored without taking up much space, and fit even with my fluctuating weight. Pam, I’d love to see a post about layering those chunky pieces. One thing that surprised me was seeing the model with the big tote: almost all the runway looks I see are featuring smaller, top handle bags. I recently took advantage of the huge Kate Spade sale to buy one in cognac, and am looking forward to styling it. I love runway shows. I study each outfit, and as an exercise for my brain and style, try to find one (and only one) takeaway that I can wear in some form. I have learned a lot about fashion in general and my style in particular by studying an outfit much as I would evaluate a painting. I’m an amateur at it and always will be, but it is a lot of fun.

  8. Love your excitement, Kimberly! I know you are having fun! Let’s keep it going!

  9. That’s also how I have learned, Linda. It is fun…Isn’t it? I also really like to layer the necklaces. It is a great look. Thanks for joining in the conversation.

  10. I will be anxious for the makeup trends!!!
    Thanks for ideas! I have a hot pink blazer that’s fun to wear but would not have thot to wear in fall! Glad to know!

  11. Super fun post!
    I do love hot pink! Just bought a sheath on the big summer sale…how to style for fall???
    Also I’m , too, digging into the archives for some snake skin tees and scarfs!
    Now, if I only had the snakeskin pumps and handbag from my going-away outfit circa 1969! LOL!

  12. I hear you! It took me a long time to understand these trends come and go and come again. So many things I wish I had held on to.

  13. You’re getting me inspired for fall Pam! I love when you attend fashion shows and share with all of us. There is so much creativity that goes on behind the scenes to make fthose look work! I work in a thrift shop and always find wonderful items that others overlook. What comes around goes around. This season I seem to be attracted to unique vintage belts and long chain necklaces. I found a belt with a big butterfly buckle for $5! I wore it with my $3 thrifted animal print skirt and a new T shirt with a leopard on it. Was fun and good for end of summer. There is good stuff everywhere as you remind us! Off to find a long chain.! Thanks again for posting this

  14. I can tell you are having fun Susie! I love thrift shopping and your end of summer style sounds perfect. Thanks for being here!

  15. Hi Pamela,
    I’m new to your blog and really enjoying it. I’m 5’3 and find that even petite dusters need a touch of tailoring.
    There’s a challenge I wish you’d address. Proportion being as important as it is to executing a look,
    we could use some guidance on Pant length and acceptable shoes (heel height). Thank you!!

  16. Thanks for letting me know Robin and thanks for being here. I will think about this and do something for you soon.

  17. Have always had an interest in fashion and have attended my fare share of shows and like yourself, do enjoy both. (As mentioned in an earlier previous comment, I have a son who is in the industry who is also a fashion/couture designer and sewing is my favourite hobby.) Do like the pieces you featured but strongly feel that climate and region can also influence what one chooses and how they wear it. For example; for the Fall season and the climate I live in; the black ‘n white reptile pattern might be exchanged for one in tones of black/brown/tan (similar to that of the Burmese Python) and be worn in the winter months and into the early Spring to accommodate all three seasons. Whereas wearing white ‘in street-style’ is more often reserved for summer and/or very dependent up their fabric type. Enjoying and fully appreciating your inspiration. -Brenda-

  18. I just discovered you today. The snapshot of the long ,column dress is stunning! Is this currently for sale?

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