More Fall Fashion Trend 2019 Inspiration from the Runway

Yes, there were many fabulous moments on the Neiman Marcus Fall Fashion Trend Runway, and also many looks to inspire me (and you) to step up our games and have some fun this coming season.

I would wear this entire look…except for the heels and my feet are the ones stopping me there…because, I believe it to be amazing and very wearable in my off-the-runway life. Pay attention to the layered necklaces.

Not only are they different lengths, they appear to even be different brands…but somehow, it all goes together.  I also like the bold bangle added in and the “fuzzy” coat.  There are actually many different ways to wear a dress like this.  The thicker empire waistline can be very flattering.

I plan to wear my faux leather leggings always, and this unique top is so much fun…I love the design of the sleeves and while I would wear something underneath, this is a great piece.  I was also glad to see burgundy still on the runway.  A look similar to this with booties would be fun.  When shopping for yourself, look for those special details in clothing design that may not be in your closet currently.  This is another way we can step out of our comfort zones is to try different designs such as this top.  It is a cape…yet it is a top.  I love the cape style…kind of a Wonder Woman vibe.

As I said yesterday, it is time to step out onto our every-day runways dressed in such a way as to greet each day as the occasion it is.  I consider each and every day a blessing, so I want to feel fabulous and fun.  I think summer is so hot and draining in South Texas that it is easy for me to slip into boring.  Maybe that is one of the reasons I love fall…I am ready to blossom again.

Check out the cool garments in today’s slide show.  What are your favorite garments to wear in fall?  Tell us and then make sure you…………………..



  1. I’m excited to see the long necklaces returning! Love burgundy color, and bring on the capes! Hate to see the lazy hazy days of summer go, but I am getting excited for the fall fashions!

  2. How did they step up on that small block wearing those heels? I would be afraid of falling off that small block!

  3. Am adding some chunkier necklaces to my wardrobe as love the styles this year and the idea of layering them. As for bracelets; unfortunately can never find any to fit my small wrist. Also am glad to see the various hues of burgundy on the runway, as well as the return of capes, shawls, wraps and gilets. In respect to ‘look for special details in clothing design’; totally agree with your perception right down to its buttons. Last but not least; thank you so much for sharing these fabulous photos and your words of encouragement ‘to step out of you comfort zone and have fun’ with your wardrobe.

  4. I’m glad to see burgundy-tones on the runway. I bought several pieces in mulberry last winter including a duster-style sweater. I loved seeing the hot pink too–it’s one of my favorite colors! I wear layered necklaces but they’re mostly lighter pieces. I”ll have to experiment with my heavier ones! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I really like the burgundy cape/top with the leggings. I’d wear that in a minute! The way the sleeves work is very flattering, and I can see this top layered over a long-sleeved layer for cold weather. Jewel tones work with my coloring, and this as well as the green top from yesterday are colors I look for when shopping.

  6. Love burgundy! Love deep green, love camel with black, and intrigued to try the newer copper with black too. But, have to see the shade of copper fabric before committing . I’m one shopper who must try on, must feel the fabric and must like what I see! Online shopping, other than for books, is a waste of time. Returning is not my style! ‘

  7. I absolutely love that beautiful gown, the layered necklaces and fuzzy coat. I would wear that look in a heartbeat! I’ve been layering necklaces and bracelets for years and love the effect.

  8. I love the first black evening gown … in the unlikely event I ever have to walk down a red carpet, that would be my gown. Is there anything more elegant than black and gold? I also love the dress and how it’s accessorized. Count me in as one who is going to try layering chunky necklaces this fall … will have to start looking toward the bottom of my stash for those big 80s chains that are in there somewhere. And I just ordered a leopard sweater blazer from J Crew, and a faux suede jacket in caramel from Chico’s. So I guess I’m hitting chunky necklaces, leopard, shades of brown, and suede/leather as my nod to the trends. I’m going to pass on the capes. Anything like that has me fretting, tugging and straightening.

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