My Birthday Shopping Trip to JJill and The August Collection

One of my wonderful sons gave me a JJill gift card for my birthday, so I was excited to head to The Shops of La Cantera for a birthday shopping spree. In the picture above, you are looking at the new Quinn pant.  I needed some new pants which fit my changing body better.  I have lost a few pounds and done some toning in the gym…so it is time to retire the baggy pants and bring on the fit.

While I was there, I decided to also try on some pieces from the August collection just released.  August is when clothing retailers begin to nudge us gently toward fall with some lightweight autumn-like garments which will transition easily.

You can see why I am not going to wear this vest sleeveless!  However, the vest and the pants did come home with me.  I actually purchased the petite version of this vest (not picture here) so that I got a slightly shorter length.  It is going to be a great transition piece for me.  And, the pants are lots of fun and I can do a lot of different styling with them….also the Quinn.

I also wanted to show you this top.  I really like it, but I did not purchase it because I already own one very similar to this style.  But, for those who don’t have a similar one,  this is worth the consideration.

I think this outfit would look so good with a black scarf and be perfect for work.  If there are any teachers out there…JJill does offer a discount to teachers.

They had some beautiful jewelry pieces.  The store manager said she cannot keep this necklace in stock.  As soon as it arrives, it sells.  The beads are lovely.  I love this blue & White bead with brown.  Ladies began looking at it while I was there and I cannot find it online.  So you might want to check your local JJill if you are interested to see if they have one.

However, I also liked the beading on this necklace as well…

This is not a sponsored post, but I do wear a lot of JJill items, and since my son provided the gift…I wanted to share the journey with you.  All of these things are featured in the slideshow below.  Thanks to my son for bringing this post and some new items my way.  He is really a fashionista himself…but maybe he won’t read this!  It’s our secret.



  1. This is one of my favorite brands for so many reasons! It’s good to know the Quinn pant is a winner. I don’t really need pants at the moment, but when I saw that one I tried to think I just might (need a pair!) That long vest is so nice and looks good on you. I often get their petites because of length, and can imagine all kinds of ways to style that vest! They do have creative, pretty jewelry too. The ones you feature here are especially nice with the beads. Now you’ve got me thinking ahead to fall! I’ve been asked to come back to the cancer center as a volunteer to work one day a month in the wig salon, something I used to do when I worked there full time, and I’m thinking of work-appropriate clothes again. J Jill is a perfect option for this situation! (Maybe I do need those pants…!)

  2. Love the pants and vest combo. Like you, I’m petite in stature and find that too much fabric overwhelms my body, and not in a flattering way. Good son: he gave you the gift of shopping pleasure as well as actual clothing items!

  3. Each of these look very nice on you. I was glad to see you style the black top with the white trim. I saw it in the new catalog and that it was interesting and after seeing it on you I think it may find it’s way into my closet.

  4. How exciting for you Karen. What a fun, fulfilling way to serve. I also bought the Quinn pant in the checks and love it!

  5. I love the outfit with the plaid top. It would be good for a professional setting or a more casual lifestyle.

  6. I got for work and plan to style it with a black or red knit scarf. Thanks Becky!!

  7. You are looking FABULOUS in these pieces that are more suited to your new and changing body. I am wondering if JJill has a program for extra savings and sales like one of their competitors does…it is a store you shop often, also…no name mentioned. I find I am shopping one store only because with their program there is never any shipping cost…and I shop almost exclusively online due to living in a small town.

  8. I think you will love your vest. I just bought one and it is going to help me wear some of those a little too sheer tops. that I avoid wearing because I never find the right color cami for underneath.
    Money is always a good gift?

  9. Lovely. I especially like the black and white pants and the yellow plaid. You look great in warm, autumnal colors. JJill has always been my go-to for pants. Their cardigans are usually high quality, but style wise, some years are better than others. After what I felt was a lackluster collection last summer and fall, they knocked it out of the park this spring and summer. I have been eyeing this vest myself. Even in Ohio, I think I could get three seasons out of the right color. I do like my arms, and could wear it sleeveless in summer, and under sleeves of varying lengths in other seasons. I am trying to curate a wardrobe as I contemplate retirement in a very few years, and want to find things I can wear on repeat.

  10. Thanks Dell Ann…you should write them and let them know. While I hope someone from the brand sees this, I think it would be great for them to hear from you!

  11. To reply to a comment just posted: if you have a JJill card, you always get 5% off. If you order from the store (I call one, as I often shop on line, and let them order what I picked out), you get free or discounted shipping, depending on whether the item is full price or clearance. The store tells me they get credit for the sale this way, and since all my favorite shops are perpetually on the brink of closing, I do try to help. They do not have a reward system otherwise, but with periodic 30% off, or the seasonal clearance, I find I can do quite well there.

  12. I LOVE these pieces! Especially the checkered pants, vest and black top with white trim! You look great! May I ask how tall you are?

  13. I’m a diehard Talbots shopper but I like all of the outfits you modeled for us. I might have to give J Jill a try!

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