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Happy Saturday and welcome to the first Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer in the month of August!  Most of you know the routine, but in case someone is new, here is how this goes.  Jennifer and I find fashion displays that attract out attention (that can be good or bad) while we are out and about.  Then we bring it to you to find out if you personally would wear the style and ask that you thoroughly explain why or why not. The comments are key to this particular post.

On my selection today, you are, of course, free to comment on all of the mannequins, but the one I am most interested in is the orange tunic look. The design of the garment made me want to seek your opinions.  After you comment on mine, head over to A Well Styled Life and give Jennifer your thoughts on her selection for the week.  Of course, I hope you will return for the fun slideshow at the bottom.

So, what do you think, WOULD YOU WEAR IT???

Thanks for being here and participating.  I have some fun items in the slideshow below…make sure all of you…..



  1. I like it with the white crops. A darker crop/legging takes away from the look. I would definitely wear it. A long statement necklace would complete it.

  2. I probably would not wear this. The top is so long, and too long for me even if it came in petites. I wondered about using it as a dress, but then saw the very sheer bottom section, so no. I do not wear capri pants. I like the color of the top, but that sheer panel wrecks it for me. If it was just a basic tank, I’d wear it. The dress, to me, is dark and just not attractive. The hemline hits at the widest part of the leg which really hurts the overall look. The “too much beige” outfit, as shown, looks aging. This whole display lacks imagination and looks bland. I’d be passing it by!

  3. I would not wear it. I don’t wear anything that shows my arms. Even if it had sleeves, I am not fond of the sheer material at the bottom.

  4. Is this a top or a dress? I don’t like the style, the color, the low armpits or the pants. The wispy skirt part seems unnecessary, and I don’t like the lace on the pants. No!

  5. I like this outfit. The sheer bottom of the tunic is interesting & it looks very summery paired with the white crop pants.
    (And I’m not the same Cindy as above! ?)

  6. This shape would not suit my body type, nor would the colour. There are some great choices in the slide show Pam.

  7. It is a cute top, unfortunately for me it is a no. The colour is not one I can wear at all, and the sleeveless look is past for me without something else on top. Now is the time for me to sit back and wait for cooler colours to reappear.

  8. I love tunics, but this sleeveless scoop neck is a tad too plain. Don’t care for the chiffon-y lower layer. Looks mismatched, and difficult to launder etc. I’d chop off that lower layer, or make the whole piece the same flowy material and add sleeves. Love the color!

    1. I would not wear this look. Proportions are wrong with the top being too long while the capris are too short. Material of the top with all the little nubby lines looks scratchy and the quality is suspect given the poor stitching of the hem. The color is summer perfect though.

  9. I love the color of the tunic and the style is really cute, but I think longer skinny jeans or leggings would be better than pants. Or if one were younger, tights and ankle boots. For me to wear it, I would also have to have a light, short sleeve maybe, ,jacket or sweater, because The Arms.

  10. I would wear the orange top but I’d want white jeans and maybe even a short short jacket but not sleeveless alone, my upper arms have seen better days.

  11. I agree with Ellen that it would look better with longer skinny jeans or pants. I like the tunic but wouldn’t wear that color. I’m a blues & greens girl.

  12. Agree with Ellen as feel the top would visually not be as ‘choppy’ if worn with leggings, skinny jeans or tights. Also would slightly alter the under arms as appear somewhat low in cut. Do love its citrus colour though. -Brenda-

  13. I usually like Alfani and INC, and wish this top was V-necked. Scoop necks do nothing for my full bust and broad shoulders. And I would wear it with leggings or white cigarette pants. The armholes are cut very low, so that might be a deal breaker, would have to try on and see. I love orange and white, or khaki.

  14. I wouldn’t wear it. The capris are cute but pairing with this top ruins the look of both. I also thought the tunic was a dress at first, and if it the bottom layer wasn’t sheer, it would look better as a dress in my opinion. The color of the tunic is beautiful.

    What is considered creative today tends to look jarring or overwhelming to me. When my eye “flows” over an outfit, it is often much more attractive to me. And on that note, that is why I WOULD wear the outfits on the other 2 mannequins. They both look cool, comfortable and attractive.

  15. All the wrong places…top going to sheer at hip accents that part of the body & pants with cuff shorten legs at wide part of calf. Find the white blouse with peach figures more attractive.

  16. I wouldn’t wear the tunic – wrong colou and the length would not ve flattering on me. Of the three outfits, I would likely try the dress. A black dress is good for work and this one has interesting colours and patters,

    1. It’s not my style. I think it’s too long to wear over capris or leggings. It needs jewelry or something along the top, or neckline. I’m only 5’4″ and cannot imagine me in this. No, this time.

  17. None of these outfits rock my boat. The orange top is polyester so I’m staying away from that, especially in summer! The beige pants I might consider as a basic item if it was made in a decent material and fit.

  18. I wouldn’t wear the orange tunic. One, I don’t wear orange and, two, the proportion of sold to sheer fabric looks off to me. The top would look better styled over leggings or slim-cut pants.

  19. This is a no for me. Orange is not a flattering color for my skin tone. The length & the way the garment is broken up would make my short legs look shorter. I don’t wear sleeveless tops without a jacket or topper of some sort, & I can’t imagine would what topper would look right with this top.

  20. Yes for me. I’ve been looking at color fashion theory on you tube (Jen Thoden for those interested), and this fits my palette. She goes beyond seasons, and I’ve found her videos most helpful. I bought a simple tank in bright watermelon pink, and that top, no matter what it’s with, gets me multiple compliments, including from the Talbots clerk this morning. Bright orange would do the same thing for me, I think, as in her system, I am bright, warm and require deep contrast. I like the sheer detail … I think it’s interesting and builds in flattering layers without adding bulk.

  21. I really like this silhouette. I would take note of a woman wearing it on the street. You have the ease and comfort of pants and a tee, but taken up a notch. I agree with Nancy above, the leg needs to be slimmer because the top is already flow-y. I’m not sure if any of the colors offered would be good with my coloring.

  22. Though I do wear orange I would want a softer peachy shade or blues or greens as Beth mentioned. The pants are okay but I would like to wear my soft blue skinny jeans. Loved many of the items in the slideshow btw! Thanks, Pam, for today’s selections.

  23. This would never work for me – the color would make me look like death warmed over! I don’t like the gaping armholes on the tunic, which would be too long for me. I also don’t like the lace on the crop pants.

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