Happy Saturday and welcome to the first Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer in the month of August!  Most of you know the routine, but in case someone is new, here is how this goes.  Jennifer and I find fashion displays that attract out attention (that can be good or bad) while we are out and about.  Then we bring it to you to find out if you personally would wear the style and ask that you thoroughly explain why or why not. The comments are key to this particular post.

On my selection today, you are, of course, free to comment on all of the mannequins, but the one I am most interested in is the orange tunic look. The design of the garment made me want to seek your opinions.  After you comment on mine, head over to A Well Styled Life and give Jennifer your thoughts on her selection for the week.  Of course, I hope you will return for the fun slideshow at the bottom.

So, what do you think, WOULD YOU WEAR IT???

Thanks for being here and participating.  I have some fun items in the slideshow below…make sure all of you…..


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