Good morning, ladies and welcome to News for Women of a Certain Age.  I spend time curating articles that I believe will be of special interest to women over 50.  I do want to say that so many articles I discover are health related…makes sense.  But, when it comes to your own, personal health, you really need to talk to your doctor before implementing big change.  If one of these stories is interesting, discuss it with your doctor.  Do whatever you can to take care of YOU.  So, let’s begin….

I have had people ask me how I keep active and so involved with literally two jobs.  I think this article reveals the secret to my success.  ROUTINE TO MAKE YOUR BRAIN FEEL HEALTHIER, YOUNGER, SMARTER.

My husband adores blueberries.  We have already talked about this article, How to Grow BlueBerries in the Backyard.

I think this article caught my attention because I feel like I need to do this.  Natural Ways to Cleanse the Liver, Kidneys, Colon

This is so controversial.  Some say do and some say don’t.  I am on the do side only because it helps me feel better when I do.  Get it?  Drinking Coffee Does Something Absolutely Amazing

In case you have more summer parties planned, here is a good read about party etiquette.  Tips for entertaining.

Finally, I found this woman to be so inspiring because I very likely could be working until I am 99 and most likely would chose to do so.  She Worked for Her State For 76 years!  Now, that is impressive.

Hope your Friday day and evening is amazing.  Thanks for being here and feel free to comment on one or more of the articles.  I have a fun slideshow below. It’s August…summer is trucking right along.


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