Hello friends…how is your week going?  I hope it is a colorful one.  I cannot help but be in a colorful mood in this gorgeous silk kimono from Shepherd’s Fashions.  I first introduced you to these lovely ladies who have a store front in Canada last October HERE because they are so enjoyable online.


You can count on them to have a Fashion Show for you to watch every Friday, and often sit down Coffee Talks with Style tips and fashion information.  When you go to their website, make sure you sign up for their newsletter.  I would love to live near this boutique because I really believe they are doing retail the right way.

Shepherd’s Fashions Youtube Channel

Shepherd’s Fashions on Facebook

What’s on Sale at Shepherd’s Fashions

Shepherd’s Fashions on Instagram

You can also take a Style Personality Test on their site.  It is a lot of fun and if I was at home during the day, I might have a Friday Watch Party with some of my friends.  That would be fun.


Back to the kimono.  I love this.  Perhaps because it looks like the colorful artistic city I live in…San Antonio.  I also like that while it is flowy, it is not too oversized.  But just right.  Gives me something to enjoy in the heat!  Here is an example of what you typically see in our city.  This is a theater painted by a popular local artist, Jesse Treviño.  You can see in my kimono how I celebrate the culture and color.

So let’s have a watch party right now!  Here is last week’s fashion show. We can get so many styling ideas from these ladies and great current information.  Enjoy it and as always


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