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Happy Friday, everyone! Welcome to News for Women of a Certain Age where I find news stories on various sites that I believe may be of interest to some of you!

Please remember if I post health articles and you are interested in the information to discuss it with your doctor first.  Just to be on the safe side.  We need to be so careful with everything but there is some interesting information out there.


It is always good to be reminded of the ways we waste our money.  I hope this article about MONEY WASTERS will help some of you.

I am always looking for ways to speed up my metabolism, and some have even worked.  So articles about metabolism catch my attention.  So here is one about Myths in the Metabolism Discussion. 

One of the things of I do to boost metabolism take vitamin B 12 before breakfast every day…actually before I go to the gym on weekdays.  This article is about Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Edema. My mother in later years had badly swollen ankles, so that is why this one hit my radar this week.

Always encouraging are articles like 5 Habits that Can Add More Than A Decade to Our Lives.  What does wine have to do with it?  Read On…….

Let’s end with some fun….How does your name shape what people think about you??  Any ideas?

Hope you enjoyed today’s selections.  Please feel free to comment on one or more.  I hope you will join us tomorrow for Would You Wear It…and that you will check out the fall fashion items below now hitting the racks.  Have a great Friday and make sure you



  1. Interesting articles!! My takeaway is that right now I’m doing the right things for my health. Certainly I mess up now and then, but overall doing well. I enjoyed reading about the metabolism myths. Makes a lot of sense! The name article was interesting too!

  2. Eat healthy. Drink lots of water. Exercise at least 30 min. a day. We all know that is the basics. So easily said, so hard to do.

  3. Totally enjoyed Quartz article about names. My sister is like you, a Pamela. Associate the soft sounds ‘p’ ‘m’ ‘l’ with gentleness & kindness. Or is it to do with my knowledge of a person called Pamela? Food for thought & plentiful over meal discussions from the article.

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